Ensuring security is paramount for every gated community. It ensures that residents are safe in their homes and surrounding. To ensure a high level of security, gated communities must switch over to tech-first solutions. Digital society visitor management systems are designed to address the challenges of legacy systems.

Technology can help Management Committees (MCs) and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to optimise their resources. But with so many digital visitor management systems in the market today, how do you pick the right one? 

App supported

In an increasingly mobile world, a society visitor management system must be deployable through an app. ApnaComplex Gatekeepers app connects the society guards directly with the residents. The guards send notifications for visitor entries through the app which the resident must approve. This creates a seamless and touchless experience that is not dependent on landlines, allowing a resident to approve visitors from any location. Read our article here to learn more about an app-based visitor management system.

Enables pre-approvals

A security system allows only approved visitors to enter the society. However, repeated approvals in some cases can be a needlessly time-consuming exercise. For instance, approving your domestic helps or when hosting multiple guests. Many homes also have multiple deliveries in a day, from groceries to apparel. It can be irritating to approve each visitor. 

ApnaComplex Gatekeeper allows you to approve a visit prior to the date. In other words, you can pre-approve multiple guests or delivery people in one go. Similarly, staff has a separate seamless system where the residents have to register their help to auto-approve their entry.

Records visitor data

Approvals are only one aspect of society visitor management. We also need to record data, particularly contact details. Legacy systems relied on paper registers for recording this data. ApnaComplex Gatekeeper replaces this system with digital solutions for visitor management for a society. This ensures that records are safely stored and can be recalled with ease. 

Tracks visitor movement

How do you track a delivery personnel’s movements within the premises? Or which homes a domestic staff will be visiting? With ApnaComplex Gatekeeper, visitors have to record the units they will be visiting. In addition, visitors have to also inform their exit. This ensures that all entries and exits are recorded.  

Not just visitors, ApnaComplex also helps in tracking vehicles entering the premises. To know more, read our article here

Easy data recall

One of the biggest advantages of ApnaComplex digital society visitor management system is the ease of data recall. Digital data is nearly indestructible and highly accurate. This has implications that go beyond pulling up contact details for delivery people. Easy data tracking means that we can also trace the attendance of admin staff and domestic workers. 

Available in vernacular languages

For any visitor management system to be successful, it must be cognizant of language challenges faced by guards who are primarily responsible for recording data. To accommodate different language preferences, ApnaComplex Gatekeeper’s guard interface is available in eight languages – English, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, and Gujarati. This ensures that guards can easily navigate the app and record accurate data. 

Enhances monitoring 

An effective society visitor management solution should strengthen the security of the premises. ApnaComplex Gatekeeper enables comprehensive monitoring to ensure a high level of scrutiny. For instance, it helps in tracking guests, visitors, staff, delivery people, and vehicles on the premises.

One of the key features of ApnaComplex Gatekeeper is the guard patrol tracking. Guards have to scan QR codes in specific locations during their patrol. Effectively, this means that their movement can be tracked by checking if and when they scanned and recorded the QR codes. 

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