Big Data is now widely recognised as one of the most powerful assets in the Corporate world. Yet, its importance in gated communities like apartment complexes has been largely ignored. Part of the reason lies in the fact that management committees and resident welfare associations had few means to collect data. Information analysis posed another challenge as few, if any, MC members or admins have the required proficiency.

ApnaComplex is an integrated platform with in-built data gathering tools that are immediately accessible and easy to understand. It offers MC and RWAs the opportunity to collate and interpret data without any additional infrastructure investment. With incisive data insight, they have the golden opportunity to empower decision-making, improve operational efficiency, and deliver a higher standard of living for residents. 

Gated Communities and Big Data

With thousands of residents, gated communities generate a sizable amount of data. This includes sensitive information, such as personal contact details, rent agreements, and more. This information is vital to the execution of key functions like validating new residents and collecting maintenance dues. Large residential complexes generate other data as a result of their daily operations. This can include information about visitors or patterns of utility consumption. 

As a community, MCs can also gather vital information like asking for residents’ suggestions or holding surveys and polls to collect consensus. Typically, this information is kept in silos and rarely taken beyond its original intent. With ApnaComplex, this information can be a powerful tool in improving efficiency and delivering a higher standard of living for residents.

How ApnaComplex enables Data Insight

ApnaComplex offers multiple avenues for data collection which are further strengthened by analytical tools. Information is collected automatically and can be easily accessed. More importantly, in-built analytical tools allow data insight that facilitates decision-making. Some of the areas where data can make a significant difference are:

Asset performance:The facility management module tracks asset performance. It offers us a comprehensive view of each asset, including individual attributes and servicing history. One can also input a regular maintenance schedule with timely notifications. Data like servicing and maintenance history is vital in assessing the performance of an asset. It can be leveraged to take decisions on future purchase orders, maintenance budget allocations, and determine the overall state of the society’s amenities and facilities.  

Budget allocation:The automated billing and accounting module is an extremely useful tool when collecting financial data on society expenditures. Features like Expense Tracking provide an accurate picture of spending under every category. The Budget Variance Report tracks any variance in planned spending, thereby throwing light on shortcoming of the current budget outlay. This data can then be leveraged to identify areas of overspending and where the allocation may be falling short. 

Instilling accountability: The honest and accountable use of maintenance funds is critical to ensure that the entire corpus is used for its intended purpose. Accountability at every step ensures that there are no diversions of funds and you have sufficient funds for various development or upkeep activities.

ApnaComplex data collation has in-built mechanisms to ensure traceability of data. This includes time stamps and user credentials every time the admin makes an addition. The ability to trace this data creates a tamper-proof framework where fund allocations can be easily traced. It enforces accountability, ensuring that every expenditure can be justified. 

Increasing productivity :For the management committee to effectively execute its policies, the staff must discharge its responsibilities efficiently. Legacy systems rarely have any system to track employee efficiency other than gathering direct feedback from residents. It can be difficult to carry out regular feedback for each employee. There is also no system for data recall.

With ApnaComplex you can track the performance of the housekeeping and maintenance staff through various modules. You can assign tasks and track its progress. The ERP gives you a clear data overview at one glance of all pending functions. It even sets up reminders so that key tasks are executed on time. 

Other productivity tools include the complaint module where an escalation ensures that unresolved issues are addressed in time. Similarly, attendance tracking ensures that the staff logs in their entry. Other than processing payrolls, this data is useful in performance review.

Resident satisfaction:One of the measurements of a high standard of living is the level of satisfaction among residents. Legacy systems have almost no established system of gathering residents’ feedback, suggestions, and opinions. In such cases, society governance can seem completely one-sided where the planning, execution, and enforcement of various policies lies solely with the management committee.

ApnaComplex Online Society Helpdesk module addresses this gap by creating a centralised data-gathering platform to collect complaints, suggestions and requests from every resident. Polls and surveys can be carried out to gather opinion on a proposed initiative. This empowers residents to initiate a task, enforce follow-up, and leave feedback. Data transparency is also critical in gaining the confidence and trust of the residents. 

Ensuring Data Privacy

The flipside of data empowerment lies in ensuring its security. With a stellar record of zero data breaches, ApnaComplex offers the most secure apartment management solution. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification for Information Security Management systems is a testament to our continued commitment towards upholding the highest standards in preserving users’ privacy, meeting compliance requirements, and maintaining control. 

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