What makes a community? By definition, it is a social group with a shared characteristic, such as location, religion, custom, or identity. It is where we feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. For gated communities inculcating the ‘community’ part of their nomenclature is often easier said than done. While we can get the ‘gated’ part easily enough, creating a spirit of community and belongingness can take a longer and more sustained effort.

ApnaComplex apartment management solutions offer multiple avenues for residents to connect and interact with each other. Apart from dispensing critical information, these communication channels help Management Committees (MCs) and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to engage with residents, thereby creating a community.

What is community engagement?

People engagement or the attempt to bring together different individuals and families living in a residential area plays an important role in developing a community. Long-term engagement helps residents to find like-minded people within their community. Over time, they form deep interpersonal relationships that further develop their sense of belonging. 

Most communities grow organically, bound by a common factor that can be driven by their heritage, race, or common interests. In a gated community, this can be hard to come by as it comprises people from different backgrounds and interests. In such cases, an MC or RWA has the onus of finding the common ground between people.

Why do we need Community Engagement?

Community engagement is one of the most important aspects of involving every individual in the activities and governance of a residential complex. It creates a harmonious social environment that is critical to a positive living experience. Involving residents in social and non-social activities also helps in gaining their trust. 

An engaged community can also make a crucial difference in the governance of the complex. New policies have a better chance of being accepted if we can build consensus among people. Wider acceptance can also make a significant difference to the chances of people adhering to new policies or developments. This is only possible through sustained, multi-layered engagement. 

How to Drive Community Engagement with ApnaComplex

As an apartment management solution, ApnaComplex offers MCs an ideal platform to lead community engagement activities. Different features can be leveraged to reach out to and involve the residents of the complex:

Information repository: Access to information can go a long way in instilling trust in the MC and its functioning. Members can post important documents such as rules and regulations, Annual General Meeting reports, audited financial statements, bye laws, regulatory documents, old and new policies. These documents also form the basis of various decisions or in execution of social activities. 

Communication platform: ApnaComplex communication module brings together all residents on one platform. In larger societies, this module resolves the member limitations usually found on other chat platforms. Consequently, we can include all the residents on a single communication channel. It can then be leveraged to dispense important messages or in coordinating social activities, such as organising festivals or carnivals. 

Announcement: On ApnaComplex the MC can post notices to inform people about important events or activities. Unlike physical notice boards, the in-app announcements are visible to all members for a specified period of time. Higher visibility ensures that residents are well informed about various events and occurrences in the premises. 

Suggestions & feedback: One of the best ways to involve residents in society governance is by asking for their suggestions and feedback. ApnaComplex Online Society Helpdesk allows residents to leave their suggestions and requests. They can also track progress of their requests on the app. 

Democratic governance: With ApnaComplex you can hold surveys and polls to gauge residents’ opinion on key measures. This process allows the residents a say in the management of the society, thereby boosting their overall involvement. 

ApnaComplex is an apartment management software that aims to build communities by leveraging technology. Our modules are designed to help MCs ensure a wider involvement of the residents in community governance, build trust, and help garner support for their policies and decisions.