The festival season is here. With Navratri, Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali, and later Christmas coming up, the last quarter of the year is packed with festivals that we all look forward to. As people enter the celebration mode, gated communities, apartment complexes, and cooperative housing societies are also preparing to put up with grand events. 

As a community management platform, ApnaComplex offers multiple avenues for Management Committees (MC) and Resident Welfare Association (RWA) to collaborate and plan for events. These modules are designed to aid the MC and RWAs to budget for and organise large-scale events, bringing together residents for a common cause. 

Planning Events

The first step lies in planning for the event. This can include a carnival, party, puja, or a feast. With thousands of attendees, there are often multiple issues to consider, from budgeting to sending notices and coordinating with different vendors. Here are just some ways ApnaCOmplex can help in planning the event:

Notifications: Every event starts with notifications. This is necessary to gather resident support and assistance. Notifications can be posted to invite volunteers, form event committees, invite suggestions, and post the details.

Discussion forums: Planning and coordinating for an event starts with the formulation of an organising committee. The challenge often lies in ensuring the smooth flow of communication within this committee. ApnaComplex Discussion Forum allows committee members to coordinate with each other through online discussions and mails. It also gives you access to historical data on similar topics, including minutes of previous meetings. This data can help the committee to anticipate challenges and plan for every eventuality. 

Invite feedback: A cultural or religious celebration is one of the most important community events. These occasions act as a powerful medium in bringing together different people, promoting community spirit. But this is not possible without wide-scale participation. ApnaComplex facilitates this by inviting feedback and suggestions from the residents through multiple channels, including surveys, polls, Discussion Forum, and suggestion module. 

Informing residents: When the event is finalised, residents should be informed well in advance of the venue and timings. MCs can post this information on the Notice Board in the Communication module. This is easily visible and can be accessed by the resident at any time and from anywhere. 

Tracking expenses

ApnaComplex’s highly flexible accounting ERP allows the MCs to create a special accounting category. This can be utilised to create expense reports, determine budget variance, and find out the budgetary outlay for different vendors or tasks. The accounting module is thus important in keeping track of every expense for a particular event. 

Ensuring security 

One of the critical aspects of a community festival is to ensure security. Many residents may invite their friends or family to attend. In case of an open event, guests from outside may also be allowed. There are other outsiders, such as vendors, technicians, or additional staff members who are often hired for such occasions. The ApnaComplex Gatekeeper module is a highly effective means to keep a track of outsiders in such cases. Visitors should be allowed only with a Gatepass. Vendors should also be registered and issued a temporary Gatepass. 

When it comes to community or property management, technology is mainly seen as an enabler of operational efficiency. However, it can have an equally powerful impact in easing social occasions, bringing together people and strengthening the community. ApnaComplex offers you smart solutions that are tailored for your needs, whether it is automated accounting or organising events. 

If you want to learn more about our event optimisation tools, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex. Our team will help you leverage ApnaComplex modules to plan and execute events.