There is little doubt that gated communities are among the most coveted addresses today. According to a recent study, the demand for gated communities will increase by more than 2.5 the current levels to reach $500 billion by 2026 covering at least 24 million households. With many such residential developments now coming up in almost every city, gated communities are also driving the revival in residential sales. 

There are multiple reasons for their increased popularity. Gated communities offer a superior living experience in cities that are often plagued by crumbling infrastructure. With amenities like clubs, healthcare and sports facilities, these residential complexes also offer a strong spirit of community. One of the biggest contributing factors behind this is the hard work put up by Management Committees (MC) and Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) who are responsible for the overall administration of these residential areas.

SaaS-based Enterprise Resource Planning solutions like ApnaComplex have emerged as powerful tools for these MCs and RWAs in discharging their duties. With end-to-end digital solutions for community management, ApnaComplex has empowered MCs to optmise their resources, improve performance and cost efficiency. 

Role of MCs and RWAs in Raising Market Value

What puts gated communities at a higher premium than their non-gated counterparts? Even in developments that are coming up in peripheral areas, the market value often exceeds the property rates in the same locality by at least 10% to 20%. In many cases, it can even be double the rate. This higher market value comes from the quality of life that many MCs have successfully managed to maintain within premises. 

These governing bodies have increasingly taken on the mantle of delivering a higher standard of living in direct contrast to the state of affairs in most of our cities. Many of the leading gated communities today boast of state-of-the-art facilities like clubhouse and wellness facilities. They have also actively implemented sustainable practices like setting up waste segregation, rainwater harvesting and wastewater processing. 

In the process, these gated communities today offer an exceptional way of life that often raises the market value of the property. As a result, buyers are now increasingly willing to pay the extra buck for the facilities and ease of living in such complexes. 

How ApnaComplex is changing the game

Apartment management solutions have emerged as game changers in this endeavour. Through extensive digitalisation and automation of their functions, MCs and RWAs have been successful in improving the efficiency of community administration while delivering greater value to residents. 

As pioneers in community management automation solutions, ApnaComplex has been an intrinsic part of this journey, helping MCs and RWAs through innovative tech solutions. Via a central platform, it has helped these bodies through the following measures:

  • Digitalisation of billing and collections
  • Online payments 
  • Swift complaint resolution
  • Digital visitor management system
  • Establishing sustained two-way communication
  • Efficient asset management through timely maintenance 
  • Digital facility management including an app-based reservation system 
  • Involving residents in policy formation through multiple channels, including surveys and polls

These digital solutions are a vital part of initiating a smart living ecosystem in our urban areas. Empowered by ApnaComplex’s cutting-edge digital solutions, MCs and RWAs have managed to outpace the government in creating a higher living standard among gated communities. These benefits have, in turn, been instrumental in raising the market value of gated residential complexes. 

If you want to know more about our community management and security solutions, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use for improving efficiency through digitalisation and automation.