Most tenants pay their rent through cash or bank transfers with credit cards rarely seen as an option. When used wisely, credit card payments can have multiple benefits. However, a general reluctance to use credit cards, plus the lack of a relevant digital infrastructure has resulted in tenants failing to leverage the hidden saving potential in their rental transactions. This has been a major gap when it comes to personal and rental industry finances. 

ApnaComplex resolves these challenges with an easy-to-access Rent Pay module. Available on its app, it allows tenants to use their credit card for rent payments. As a common and reliable platform for tenants and landlords, it smoothens the monthly cycle of rent payments. There are other benefits that can be accrued through credit card-based rent payments. 

Why pay rent by credit card?

Credit card usage is still fairly low in India. Most Indians, more inclined towards savings, tend to use them only for bigger purchases. The lack of a suitable infrastructure to support peer-to-peer credit card transactions has further hampered their usage for rent payments. 

Overuse of credit cards can be of concern in tracking purchases. However, regular expenses are relatively easy to track, minimising any chances of running up debt. On the other hand, by avoiding card payments you may actually lose out on the opportunity to increase your earnings.

Earn rewards: Every credit card issuer today offers rewards to cardholders in the form of points, gifts, freebies, discounts, and other deals. Since rents today mean a fairly high spending on a monthly basis, you stand to rack up a substantial number of points or rewards in a short span. You can use these for rewards like air miles, gift vouchers, merchandise, and more.

Cashback: Check if your credit card has a cashback offer. These are generally offered on specific amounts. The cashback is credited directly to your account. This means that you actually stand to get back part of your rent!

Pay when you want: With a typical 45-day credit period, you have the freedom to make the actual payment at a later date. Just make the initial payment via your credit card and pay the bill within the credit period. You can free up your cash for any other urgent requirements or emergencies and pay when you want. 

Pay on time: The 45-day credit period is especially useful when you have an irregular income or when your rent payment falls before your salary cycle. Pay the rent via your card, making your credit card payment whenever you get your salary. 

Using ApnaComplex Rent Pay

ApnaComplex offers a reliable, trustworthy, and safe rental payment gateway where you can pay rent via credit cards. There are also other benefits that you accrue, which include:

Timely reminders: Avoid missing any payment when paying through ApnaComplex Rent Pay. Get timely alerts whenever your payment is due.

Instant receipt: You don’t have to wait for the landlord’s acknowledgment with Rent Pay. Get an instant receipt whenever you make your payment. Now you don’t have to wait for filing your tax returns or HRA benefits. 

Get value-added services: With ApnaComplex you also get access to home services to meet your every need, from painting to cleaning and pest control. 

Complete rental platform

The PropTech platform offers a one-stop solution for tenants with ApnaComplex Rentals. As the largest repository of verified landlords and tenants, it offers a wide network of options in the best housing complexes in your city. With a dedicated Estate Portfolio Manager, you can also avoid dealing with multiple brokers. Other than assured supply, you can benefit from move-out / move-in assistance, lease agreement support, and more. 

If you want to know more about Rent Pay, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex. For ApnaComplex Rentals, call us at 0120 71173344 or write to us at