A piece of age-old financial advice in India revolves around investing in real estate. It is considered the ultimate financial goal and still holds for many people. Yet, with property prices soaring in metro cities, buying a house can be simply too unaffordable for most people. For young professionals, particularly, renting is often the only option. 

Both renting and buying have their own advantages and disadvantages. Often it comes down to finances or particular requirements at the time. Young professionals and first-time buyers should weigh these pros and cons before making a decision.

Why buying is still preferred

Real estate has held its value as the preferred asset class. There are multiple reasons why buying can be beneficial. At the same time, it may not be a viable option for others.

Emotional connect: As a roof over their head, a home represents a safe haven, especially during difficult times. The pandemic underscored this further as homeownership regained its worth during an uncertain time. The sense of security associated with homeownership saw housing sales spiking in the top seven property markets in India. The current economic uncertainty is further spurring this demand. 

Valuable investment: Real estate is one of the most valuable investments because of assured returns. Property can appreciate by more than 10X and rarely ever suffers from loss. In contrast, other investment options are often a toss-up between stability and high returns. In an uncertain global economy, real estate is one of the most stable investments. 

No disruptions: Owning your own home means that no one can evict you on short notice or be forced to move because of a rent hike. You can settle down and avoid the disruption of packing up and resettling after every few years. 

Asset ownership: Given property values today, EMIs can be considerable. However, it brings you closer to owning a physical asset. This is in contrast to rents that are pure expenditures with no long term returns. 


The biggest roadblock in real estate investment is soaring property costs. With high EMIs, homeownership is often unaffordable for many people. For people with high financial liabilities, low income or lack of any monetary support, the monthly EMIs can be impossible to meet. Homeownership also involves additional expenses such as taxes, maintenance, and utility costs. 

When renting makes sense

There is an increasing move towards renting, especially among younger professionals who want to avoid long-term financial commitment.

Affordable: It can seem more affordable since rents can be lower than EMIs. This can be the decisive factor for those with limited income and other financial liabilities. 

Choosing a location: Renting allows you to live in a prime location near your office or school where property prices may be too high.

Freedom to move: A rented home is ideal for people who want to stay on the move. It allows you to relocate without any hassle. You can simply pack up and leave when you wish. 

Convenience: In a rented property, your commitment is limited to paying the monthly rent. It frees you from the hassle of paying taxes or other additional expenses. 


Although rents can be lower than EMIs, ultimately they are expenses without any long-term returns. With a rented home, you may also be forced to move after every few years which can be expensive and highly inconvenient. The temporary nature of a rented home also makes redundant any investment in improving or changing the interiors. 

Making rentals easier

There are advantages and disadvantages attached to both renting and buying. ApnaComplex Rentals resolves these challenges by bringing them both on the same platform to create a smooth and seamless process. As an end-to-end rental management service, it offers homeowners multiple benefits, including:

  • Tenant scouting 
  • Tenant KYC and background check
  • Key management 
  • Move-out assistance
  • Documentation support, including assistance with rental agreements 
  • High rental yield

At the same time, ApnaComplex Rentals makes the process equally seamless for the tenant. With a unique insight into gated communities, it eases their rental journey with multiple benefits, including:

  • Ensuring verified landlords
  • Assured supply
  • Move-in assistance 
  • Rental agreement support
  • In-app rent payment through credit card or UPI
  • Timely reminders for rent payment
  • Access to home services, such as home cleaning and interiors.

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