Every residential complex has a transient population. Residents moving in and out can include both homeowners and tenants. A society Management Committee (MC) or Resident Welfare Association (RWA) has the critical task of recording this data. This is important for multiple reasons, including invoicing and security. 

Typically, this would depend on manual verification by the MC. Even then, some gaps would often remain in recording the data. This could later cause problems in updating the resident database. ApnaComplex digitises the entire process with a new feature – Move-in / Move-out. It empowers the MCs and the admin to completely automate the process of recording and invoicing resident relocations from the society, thus increasing efficiency. Read the article to know more about the benefits ApnaComplex Move-in / Move-out.

Challenges in recording resident movement

Despite every effort, society MCs and admin often faced certain challenges in recording the data on residents moving in and out of the society, including:

  • Failing to add people who have moved in or removing people who have moved out from the residents’ register. 
  • Residents who have moved out still have access to the ApnaComplex app, including communication.
  • Residents who have moved in are unaware of ApnaComplex. Thus, they fail to leverage the app for booking facilities or when making payments. This can lead to chaos and confusion in overall operations. Lapses in digital payment through ApnaComplex can result in accounting gaps. 
  • The MC can miss levying moving charges in time. This can mean losing out on revenue or failing to recover from losses due to any damages. 
  • Security can be compromised by failing to record resident data.

Benefits of ApnaComplex Move-in/Move-out

The digitalisation and automation of the process have many benefits, including: 

Real-time dashboard: With ApnaComplex Move-in/Move-out, the admin has a real-time dashboard for all residents who are moving in or moving out of the society. 

Approvers & workflow: Create Approver Hierarchy Levels and the process of request approvals. This is essential in fixing responsibility and accountability. It also ensures that unaddressed requests are resolved quickly. 

Customisation: Every society has different rules for authenticating residents. Some may need just a verbal assurance while others may want documents like lease agreements. ApnaComplex Move-in/Move-out allows complete customisation to ensure that these different requirements can be accommodated. 

Payment automation: One of the most tedious and challenging tasks when managing resident movement from the society is the calculation of all pending dues. Any gaps in recording payments can result in missing payments and a drop in revenue. ApnaComplex Move-in/Move-out automatically calculates these pending payments, ensuring that the resident completes all payments before moving out. 

Move-in / move-out invoices: Without prior notice, admins can often miss out on issuing move-in / move-out charges. This fee is necessary to offset any damages that may occur during the resident moving out. It can be impossible to recover once they have already left. With ApnaComplex Move-in/Move-out, you can automate the process, ensuring the resident is billed the moment they send the move-out form. Similarly, moving-in requests are also billed at the right time. 

Automated data entry: Typically, the admin has to update all records with new data. This is often a manual process that has to be double-checked. With this feature, information is updated automatically, ensuring there are no errors or gaps in the data.

Digitised KYC: Knowing the details of each resident is a key security requirement. MCs and RWAs lay heavy emphasis on KYC for this reason. However, paper documents can get damaged or lost. ApnaComplex Move-in/Move-out makes documentation digital. These can be retrieved at any time to know the resident’s credentials. 

Need more clarity? Read here for a brief tutorial about ApnaComplex Move-in/Move-out. 

If you want to learn more, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call at 80886 11229. Our team will help you customise and leverage the feature to improve efficiency, ensure proper datakeeping, and increase transparency.