Asset management is the key responsibility of every community facility manager. The manager’s job is to ensure optimal functioning despite the inevitable breakdowns and depreciation. Well-maintained assets like lifts are also key in ensuring optimal living conditions for the residents. ApnaComplex digital asset management enables facility and management committees to simplify this task while reducing costs. 

But asset management is more than just ensuring a long asset life cycle. Here are some hidden benefits of ApnaComplex asset management that you may be missing out on:

It helps in identifying usage trends

The asset tracker can help identify trends in the usage of different assets. Frequent repairs tell us if the asset is near the end of its lifecycle or if it is not being used properly. Similarly, it can tell us if a particular piece of equipment needs frequent repairs and if it is not being used properly.

It offers instant access to asset data

A digital asset management solution frees you from paperwork. As an online system, it makes data, such as asset service history, accessible instantly. Innovative solutions like QR-based management mean that you only need your phone to access the entire asset history. In short, you don’t have to worry about improper filing, lost information, or damaged documents. 

It accelerates maintenance planning

Maintenance planning is key to reducing asset downtime. With ApnaComplex, you can schedule the servicing of different assets and set up reminders to ensure that you don’t miss a critical deadline. A proactive maintenance approach minimises the need for emergency repairs, thus reducing breakdown costs. It also increases the life expectancy of assets and reduces their downtime. 

It enforces policy compliance 

Management committees set up policies for the optimal use of resources. The main challenge then lies in struggling to ensure compliance with these policies. A digital system creates a more accountable system where every entry has to be logged in and can be traced. Similarly, maintenance policies have a better chance of being followed when there are set schedules and regular reminders.

It facilitates accurate forecast

Accurate forecast depends on data like precise spending on repairs, usage patterns, and the complete history of assets from acquisition to end-of-life. This information can be extracted easily through the asset management module. Moreover, these reports are available in an easy-to-read and understandable format. 

It optimises ROI on assets

With ApnaComplex digital asset management module in place, you can understand the role of each asset, its usage, and its capabilities. With an accurate record of repairs and maintenance, we can also evaluate the optimal way to operate available resources. For instance, frequent repairs can help us decide if it is worth keeping an asset. Proper maintenance also ensures that assets are running optimally. For instance, well-maintained lifts are less prone to breakdown. This means reduced repair bills and a longer lifespan. 

If you want to learn more about ApnaComplex asset management, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use for facilitating asset management in your community to reduce downtime.