Customer engagement has always been one of the most challenging tasks for real estate builders and developers. Most developers rely on brokers or real estate services to maintain contact with their customers. Apart from the luxury segment, most developers fail to engage in after-sale services. Sometimes, the engagement can pick up after possession when a developer is responsible for managing the community. 

The lack of after-sale customer engagement is a major impediment that can directly impact the developer’s ability to build their brand or accrue more leads. ApnaComplex white label solutions are designed to help developers build their consumer engagement from the moment they sign on the sales deed, creating a positive brand value, and generating additional leads. 

Why invest in customer engagement? 

Compared to most industries, in real estate, there is often a time lag between the actual sale and product delivery. This is when the property buyer waits for the construction to finish before moving in. Most developers maintain cursory connections via emails for sporadic updates during this time. 

However, this fails to capitalise on the positive sentiment among the buyers who are predisposed to the brand. When leveraged properly, after-sales customer engagement can help developers achieve the following:

  • Build brand value through regular contact
  • Gain the customer’s trust
  • Ensure that buyers are updated on the construction status
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Get further leads from happy customers

Post-sales customer engagement

One of the challenges in post-sales engagement is often the lack of connection between the developer and the buyer. In most cases, the builder or developer rarely has any direct contact with the buyer since the sale is handled by a third party. 

With ApnaComplex white label solutions, developers have the opportunity to establish a connection with the customer from day one. Buyers download the app as soon as they sign the sales deed, thus establishing initial contact. The app offers important post-sales information including construction updates and the status of installment payments. It also ensures that the buyer keeps using the app even before moving in. 

Post-possession experience 

ApnaComplex is an app-based community automation and smart security solution provider that leverages intuitive technology to enhance the residential and workplace experience in gated communities and commercial workspaces. The app-based community management platform is backed by an award-winning ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) web-based software. 

As a single platform, it seamlessly integrates different functions to strengthen security as well as simplify community and workplace management. 

With white labels, developers and builders have the opportunity to leverage these solutions under their own branded apps. It ensures that the customer continues to engage with the brand after they move in. In addition, it offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with tenants, a demographic that usually has no direct connection with the developers. 

Referrals through a loyalty program

The white label app has a special feature – a loyalty program. Property owners and tenants can refer additional leads to earn loyalty points. The user can check upcoming projects and refer potential buyers. Thus, the app can be a powerful tool for driving leads. 

In short, white labels ensure:

  • A unified platform throughout the customer’s post-sales to post-possession journey.
  • Ensuring consistent brand engagement from the moment the customer buys the property.
  • Unifying fractured solutions for different functions like communication, Payment Gateway, and billing & invoicing, on one platform.
  • A cohesive brand image and communication strategy throughout the consumer journey.
  • Ensuring that the consumer is kept updated on every development, including construction and payment status. 
  • Reducing chances of any payment defaults through timely reminders. 
  • Transparent and regular communication, ensuring a positive brand image. 
  • Driving further sales leads through a loyalty program. 

If you want to learn more about ApnaComplex white labels, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use for improving your customer engagement!