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Driving Customer Referrals with Loyalty Program

How ANACITY can help drive customer referrals

There is no greater advertising than a customer referring your product. Yet, this is one of the least understood or leveraged areas in real estate transactions. The developer’s connection with the customer usually ends the moment the sales deed is signed. In many cases, even this interaction is conducted through a third party, such as a broker. 

ANACITY offers developers a platform to strengthen consumer engagement at multiple touchpoints through its white label solutions. Developers can now have access to a specially-built app that is designed to maximise Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through an exclusive loyalty program.

Customer referrals & CLV

CLV is a metric to measure the total value a customer brings to a business throughout their entire relationship with the brand. Customer referrals are one of the strongest means of enhancing CLV. Referred customers are also more likely to have a higher CLV for the following reasons:

  • They are pre-disposed to like the brand. 
  • They show increased customer satisfaction. 
  • Repeat business as they are more likely to refer the product.
  • Brand loyalty as they also stick to the same brand in the future. 

Customer Referrals Vs other marketing channels

While developers rarely focus on running referral programs, they pour lakhs into marketing drives – from full-page newspaper ads to billboards and digital campaigns. However, customer referrals have some clear advantages over other marketing campaigns, including:

  • Driving referral programs requires significantly lower investment 
  • Increased brand loyalty since referring customers are more likely to be loyal. 
  • Better targeting for interested customers
  • An existing customer’s word is seen as more credible.
  • Referral programs have better conversion rates 
  • Referral programs also give us insights into what makes a consumer happy. 

Customer referral program through ANACITY white label

With the ANACITY white label, developers can run a referral program on their branded app. The referral program gives property buyers and residents (including tenants) the following: 

  • A platform to add referrals.  
  • Check the status of past referrals
  • Earn loyalty points which they can redeem later
  • Check their total loyalty points
  • Find out the developer’s upcoming projects 

User-friendly: The user-friendly interface ensures that customers have easy access to add referrals. 

Expansive reach: One of the biggest advantages of the white label app is that it is also accessible to tenants – a demographic that is rarely ever considered by developers. It helps them to reach out to all users without any glitzy campaigns. 

Retention: Referring users earn loyalty points that can redeemed through pre-decided special offers. This compels the users to keep returning to the app, thus deepening engagement.

Consumer insight: The white label app facilitates data analysis that gives developers valuable insight. For instance, they can find the property that accrues the maximum referrals. By cross-checking this data against maintenance and asset costs, they can determine their return on investment. 

For more details, also read Customer engagement: Unifying post-sales to post-possession experience. If you want to learn more about ANACITY white label solutions, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you leverage the loyalty program to drive customer referrals!

Picture with the text Workspace automation with ANACITY Business

5 Admin Benefits of Workspace Automation with ANACITY Business

The rise of workspace automation with technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, and advanced robotics has had a far-reaching impact. As embedded technology becomes the norm, it is changing the way we manage workplaces. Automation has become key to improving efficiency and productivity.

As organisations strive for efficiency, productivity, and streamlined operations, ANACITY Business emerges as a valuable ally in harnessing the power of workplace automation. The app-based offers tools that streamline the administration of workplaces, automating routine tasks. It facilitates data analysis, thus helping admins make informed decisions. 

The Rise of Workplace Automation

Workplace automation involves using technology to perform tasks traditionally handled by humans. The rise of automation has been predicted for some time with wild theories of robots taking over from the human workforce. In reality, it is a more collaborative exercise where technology is helping us bridge gaps in productivity, optimise operational processes for efficiency, and improve workspace conditions while building accountability. 

Another major factor for the galloping pace of workspace automation is the recent breakthroughs in systems and components, including mechanics, sensors, and software.

Benefits of workspace automation

Here are some of the benefits of workspace automation for admins: 

Enhancing administrative efficiency

One of the primary benefits of workplace automation is the significant enhancement of administrative efficiency. ANACITY Business facilitates the automation of routine administrative tasks. These include tracking guest entries, ensuring visitor approvals, checking attendance, and booking facilities like meeting rooms.

Admins can now automate these tasks through the ANACITY Business app. By reducing manual intervention, it saves both their time and effort. Additionally, it reduces the chances of any human error, while creating an accountable system.

For more details, Workplace Visitor Management: Challenges & Solutions with ANACITY Business.

Streamlining communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful organisation. While inter-office communications are often fairly efficient, quick, and streamlined, the same cannot be said about intra-office communication. It is one of the biggest challenges in large workplaces, especially office parks and commercial buildings.    

With ANACITY Business, admins have access to multiple communication tools that facilitate seamless interaction among different offices. They can send notices for important information, such as upcoming maintenance work. They can select recipients in the communication module for targeted messaging. In addition, they can hold polls and surveys to measure popular opinion.

Ensuring asset optimisation

Timely servicing and maintenance of assets is essential to ensure optimal asset performance. But tracking multiple assets, their regular servicing, and ad-hoc maintenance can be challenging. ANACITY Business facilitates asset management through the Asset Tracker function under the Facility Management module. 

It enables facility managers to maintain service history with AMC details in one place. They can set up a maintenance schedule and get reminder notifications whenevera service is due. 

Improving decision making

Data-driven decision-making is a cornerstone of every successful admin. ANACITY Business leverages workplace automation to collect and analyse data related to various aspects of operations.

For instance, admins can track maintenance data to track the performance and depreciation of assets. As a result of this insight, they can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Ensuring compliance and security

In today’s digital age, data security and compliance are top priorities for organizations. ANACITY Business incorporates robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Thus, it helps organisations create a secure and trustworthy workplace environment by automating compliance checks and data protection protocols. Also, read about How ANACITY Business Makes your Workplace Safe & Secure.

Read more about how ANACITY Business is revolutionising workplace management.

If you want to know more about workspace automation by ANACITY Business, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can leverage to streamline admin tasks.

ApnaComplex rebrand: Creative with half globe with text, ApnaComplex is now ANACITY

Towards global excellence: ApnaComplex is now ANACITY

With more than 13 years of leading community management automation, ApnaComplex has emerged as one of the dominant Proptech players in India. Today it has a strong presence, automating lakhs of households in gated communities nationwide. ApnaComplex’s growth has been mirrored, and even surpassed, by our global arm, ANACITY. The company has grown exponentially in the Middle East, emerging as the preferred platform for Owner Associations, developers, and residents. 

ApnaComplex is now going for a brand refresh as ANACITY, with a new logo to unify under a single global identity. This rebranding exercise incorporates our award-winning best-in-class tech solutions for society and household users in India.

What does the rebrand involve?

A host of benefits accompany this brand transition. Our clients in India can now get the advantage of the latest technology advancements that ANACITY has implemented within the international arena. In terms of usage, the rebrand will not impact access to the web portal or mobile app.

ApnaComplex icon will undergo an automatic transition to ANACITY IN on mobile phones. Users can log in at the backend web portal, with their current login and password. 

Award-winning platform

ANACITY has been widely recognised as a leading community management platform, sweeping top awards at the prestigious IRECMS Dubai Awards 2023, winning Proptech Company of the Year, Most Innovative Initiative of the Year, and Best Digital Transformation of the Year. 

A peerless jury selected ANACITY for its tech prowess, exemplary relations, commitment to innovation, vision, and direction. You can read about these awards in detail here:

What users can look forward to?

The new logo and name rebrand unify our domestic and international identity. For the user, it means:

  • A community platform that meets international standards of excellence
  • Access to award-winning Proptech
  • Best-in-class tech solutions 
  • Special features developed for select global clients 

If you want further clarifications, feel free to contact us at support or call 80886 11229.

Creative with a phone in focus and cityspace at the background with the text 360 degree customer engagement with ApnaComplex white labels

Customer engagement: Unifying post-sales to post-possession experience

Customer engagement has always been one of the most challenging tasks for real estate builders and developers. Most developers rely on brokers or real estate services to maintain contact with their customers. Apart from the luxury segment, most developers fail to engage in after-sale services. Sometimes, the engagement can pick up after possession when a developer is responsible for managing the community. 

The lack of after-sale customer engagement is a major impediment that can directly impact the developer’s ability to build their brand or accrue more leads. ApnaComplex white label solutions are designed to help developers build their consumer engagement from the moment they sign on the sales deed, creating a positive brand value, and generating additional leads. 

Why invest in customer engagement? 

Compared to most industries, in real estate, there is often a time lag between the actual sale and product delivery. This is when the property buyer waits for the construction to finish before moving in. Most developers maintain cursory connections via emails for sporadic updates during this time. 

However, this fails to capitalise on the positive sentiment among the buyers who are predisposed to the brand. When leveraged properly, after-sales customer engagement can help developers achieve the following:

  • Build brand value through regular contact
  • Gain the customer’s trust
  • Ensure that buyers are updated on the construction status
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Get further leads from happy customers

Post-sales customer engagement

One of the challenges in post-sales engagement is often the lack of connection between the developer and the buyer. In most cases, the builder or developer rarely has any direct contact with the buyer since the sale is handled by a third party. 

With ApnaComplex white label solutions, developers have the opportunity to establish a connection with the customer from day one. Buyers download the app as soon as they sign the sales deed, thus establishing initial contact. The app offers important post-sales information including construction updates and the status of installment payments. It also ensures that the buyer keeps using the app even before moving in. 

Post-possession experience 

ApnaComplex is an app-based community automation and smart security solution provider that leverages intuitive technology to enhance the residential and workplace experience in gated communities and commercial workspaces. The app-based community management platform is backed by an award-winning ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) web-based software. 

As a single platform, it seamlessly integrates different functions to strengthen security as well as simplify community and workplace management. 

With white labels, developers and builders have the opportunity to leverage these solutions under their own branded apps. It ensures that the customer continues to engage with the brand after they move in. In addition, it offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with tenants, a demographic that usually has no direct connection with the developers. 

Referrals through a loyalty program

The white label app has a special feature – a loyalty program. Property owners and tenants can refer additional leads to earn loyalty points. The user can check upcoming projects and refer potential buyers. Thus, the app can be a powerful tool for driving leads. 

In short, white labels ensure:

  • A unified platform throughout the customer’s post-sales to post-possession journey.
  • Ensuring consistent brand engagement from the moment the customer buys the property.
  • Unifying fractured solutions for different functions like communication, Payment Gateway, and billing & invoicing, on one platform.
  • A cohesive brand image and communication strategy throughout the consumer journey.
  • Ensuring that the consumer is kept updated on every development, including construction and payment status. 
  • Reducing chances of any payment defaults through timely reminders. 
  • Transparent and regular communication, ensuring a positive brand image. 
  • Driving further sales leads through a loyalty program. 

If you want to learn more about ApnaComplex white labels, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use for improving your customer engagement!