A human-centric workspace puts people at the centre of the business, whether it’s in deciding on strategy or designing a shopfloor layout. It acknowledges the importance of employee physical and mental wellbeing.

As a commercial community and tenant management solution, ANACITY Business is designed to facilitate a human-centric workspace. It empowers facility managers to improve their operational effectiveness while ensuring that employees have access to critical information and services. 

What is a human-centric workspace?

A human-centric workspace is built around the needs of employees. It focuses on creating an inclusive culture that welcomes different ideas and views. Unlike other workplace philosophies, employee wellbeing is the focus and not a strategy to increase profitability. 

The evolution of a human-centric workspace is relatively more recent. In the capitalist-industrial society, the sole focus of a business is towards profits and productivity. The rise of worker unions and associations forced industries to include safety and fair practices. The human-centric workspace takes this further, encompassing employee mental wellbeing and inclusiveness. 

A 7-year research by IBM found that a human-centered organisation 

  • focuses on creating better human experiences
  • builds resilience and de-risks innovation through continuous iteration and learning
  • cares as much about the experience of its diverse, empowered teams as it does about its customers
  • intentionally, actively embeds these principles into the fabric of the organization

People first with ANACITY Business

ANACITY Business offers facility managers an easy-to-use platform that helps them reach out to employees, improve operational efficiency, communicate and collaborate. Read here to find out how it helps facility managers leverage tech to improve work environment.

Improving workplace experiences

A human-centric workspace focuses on creating a positive environment for employees. They should have a conducive work conditions with easy access to amenities. Employees must feel physically and physiologically comfortable in carrying out their daily tasks. 

Large office complexes today spend lakhs in developing a premium workplace experience – from recreational facilities to fully-equipped conference rooms. However, lack of awareness and a cumbersome booking process often hinder people from using these facilities. 

ANACITY Business resolves this challenge by improving access to services at every touchpoint. For instance, employees no longer have to rely on office cards or wait in the lobby. With ANACITY Business’ smart access technology, one can open turnstiles and flap barriers with just a phone scan. Read more ANACITY Business Workplace Visitor Management.

Similarly, they can view and book any facility on the app. This includes amenities like meeting rooms and recreational facilities like an on-campus gym. 

Open communication

Open and transparent communication builds the foundation of a human-centric workspace. However, establishing a communication platform is always a challenge in large commercial complexes. 

The lack of any common messaging platform means that most facility managers rely on notices, emails, or manual calls to establish contact. Notices and emails have limited visibility and are often ignored while individual phone calls can be time-consuming and inefficient. 

ANACITY Business offers a more effective app-based alternative that doubles as the workspace social media. Facility managers and admins can upload notices with maximum and long-term visibility. It also enables intra-office communication. 

Quick complaint resolution

A human-centric workspace prioritises listening to and resolving employee concerns. Complaints like lift breakdowns, broken window panes, or damaged equipment create an unpleasant, demoralising, and suboptimal work environment. Not only does it have a direct impact on employee productivity, it can also lead to unsafe working conditions. 

In contrast, prompt resolution of grievances builds trust and loyalty. An empathetic compliant resolution system helps employees feel valued and respected. Additionally, it also ensures that every breakdown and damage is addressed promptly, thus slowing down the rate of asset depreciation. 

The complaint management module in ANACITY Business centralises complaint tracking. It includes an escalation matrix that bumps all unaddressed complaints to the next supervisory level, ensuring timely resolution. Find out more about Challenges in Workplace Facility Management & How to Resolve these with ANACITY Business

Establishing a feedback loop

One of the principles of a human-centric workspace is to build resilience through continuous iteration and learning. Continuous feedback from employees and office managers is critical in achieving this goal. It helps facility admins and managers to anticipate changing expectations and get honest reviews and suggestions for improvement. 

ANACITY Business offers multiple means for gathering feedback – from surveys and polls to comments on complaint management. The constant feedback loop offers an invaluable opportunity to learn and improve. 

Fostering collaboration

Collaboration is the bedrock of a human-centric workspace. It is also necessary for fostering diversity where each person’s opinion and views are counted. It can lead to closer interactions between different businesses in commercial complexes, office parks, and large workplaces. 

ANACITY Business provides a platform where different businesses and professionals can come together. As an app, it doubles as a search engine where you can reach other professionals or businesses. You can also use the platform to look for resources and information or market your organisation, product, or event.

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