ApnaComplex covered in Times of India

ApnaComplex is featured on Times of India today under the apps that are making a positive impact to urban living in cities like Bangalore. We are happy to see the recognition we have got. Click on the image below to read the entire story.

ApnaComplex in Times of India

ApnaComplex in Times of India

Link to the ToI article – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/Heres-how-to-make-modern-living-easy-and-appy-for-busy-Bengalureans/articleshow/50005484.cms

Product Enhancement: Pay Society Dues on Mobile

It can’t get easier than this for Apartment Owners and Tenants to pay their society dues.

Owners/Tenants on ApnaComplex can now pay all their society dues using Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking from the latest version of our Android App. You can download the latest version of app from Google Play Store.

In case your society is not yet utilizing the Payment Gateway feature and want to start using the same, please reach out to us to enable the same for your society. The payment gateway setup charges are completely waived off for a limited time.

Product Enhancement: ApnaComplex now supports Printing on Cheques

Tired of writing cheques for your society expenses? We now support printing directly from the portal onto cheques.

This helps to ensure there are no data entry errors or cheque writing mistakes. Saves time for you.

You can find the “Print Cheque” icon on Expenditure->Expenses and on Expenditure->Bills->View/Record Payments screen beside the payments entered.

New Dashboard for “Request Approver” Role

We are happy to announce the availability of a new “consolidated” dashboard view for “Request Approver” role.

As you know “Request Approver” role in ApnaComplex can approve several types of requests – including Request Box Requests, Purchase Requests and more recently Expenditure Bills. You had to go to each of individual menu items to be able to see the requests pending for your approval. It was confusing for most users to navigate to different menu items to be able to go to each type of approval.

We have now consolidated screen for all requests pending approval for the “Request Approver” role. As soon as you switch to the role you can now notice a view with 3 tabs that lists requests pending for approval under Purchase Requests, Bills and Request Box Requests. Makes approving/rejecting requests super easy.

Request Approval Dashboard in ApnaComplex

Request Approval Dashboard in ApnaComplex

In case you navigate away from the dashboard doing other activities in this role, all you need to do to click on Home->Dashboard to be able get back the consolidated view. Do note that this view is only visible for Request Approver roles.

Launching India’s first Collection Gateway for Housing Societies to automate NEFT Collections

We know how critical Maintenance Due collection is to your Housing Society.
And we also know how much more troublesome it is to reconcile NEFT payments made by members!

Usual troubles include – Members transferring funds and do not update the records, you have to wait for bank statement to be able to issue receipts, bank statements does not have name or flat numbers, suspense entries etc. – the issues are endless resulting in delay in book-keeping, calculating penalty, issuing receipts, publishing defaulters.

Its far too common in almost every society to send a list of “Suspense” NEFT transactions to the entire community asking members to identify their payment.

We are launching India’s first “Collection Gateway” for Housing Societies – where receipts are auto-issued by ApnaComplex when the member does NEFT transfer! A member need not even login into the portal or send mails to society office indicating the payment – ApnaComplex magically knows when the NEFT is done, makes accounting entries and issues the receipt to the member! A comprehensive end-to-end integrated solution.

Zero work for treasurer in issuing/reconciling NEFT receipts.  Zero Suspense Entries.  100% Automation.

For those members who prefer to pay using Credit Cards / Debit Cards we already have Payment Gateway.

With help of both Collection Gateway and Payment Gateway – members have more choices to pay and treasurers have more time to play!

Its high time your managing committee spends their week ends with Family than struggling with NEFT reconciliations and issuing receipts.

Contact us and get rid of your maintenance due collection worries!

Testimonial from Vasanth Vihar AWHO to ApnaComplex

There is no better way for ApnaComplex team to celebrate the festive season than receiving a glowing testimonial from Major Ramesh Ramachandran, Joint Treasurer of Vasanth Vihar AWHO – a 424 unit residential complex in Bangalore.  Vasanth Vihar AWHO has adopted ApnaComplex around May 2015 and has instantly experienced the benefits of the powerful accounting capabilities of ApnaComplex.
Here is what Major Ramesh Ramachandran has written to us:

Having used other Apartment Management software I can vouch that ApnaComplex is India’s No 1 Apartment management Software. The accounting module does not permit the Accountant to manipulate the accounts without the appropriate permissions being given. Details of every individual making an entry is logged. The ease of use and automation of the system cuts the accounting costs by 50%. The various reports that can be generated with the click of a mouse has been appreciated by the not so tech savy members. Members can check their payments online without having to contact the RWA office.

Other than Accounting, every other feature that you can conceivably think of for communication, facilities management and other aspects of society management, have already been incorporated in ApnaComplex.  I stand by every word the company has stated in their “Details of Features and Benefits” pages.

Last but not the least, their exemplary support makes life so much easier.

Thank you Major Ramesh! We are happy we are able to help your society!

Want to manage your apartment easily and financials transparently in your Housing Society? – Get on to ApnaComplex – Today!

ApnaComplex is India’s #1 mobile and web based Apartment Management Software.

ApnaComplex is designed to make the life of residents and owners lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out why we say ApnaComplex is Best Apartment Management Software and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer ApnaComplex – Free Edition with awesome capabilities which you can use free of cost forever.

Announcing “Bill Approval Workflow” to streamline Expenditure Approvals in your Housing Society

We are pleased to announce the release of Approval workflow for Bills.

Almost all societies have the process of bills submitted by vendors to be approved by one or more committee members before the payment is released to the vendor.  With this new feature, accountants will now be able to trigger a approval workflow when ever a new Bill is received. The approvers can approve / reject the bill with comments. A bill can re-submitted for approval with updated data to the approvers. Unless a minimum number of approvers  approve the Bill, no one would be able to record payment against that Bill.

The approver list is same as PR Approvers and Request Box approvers and thus can be reused.

To enable the approval process, please go to Complex->Settings – Accounting Settings – click on the setting “Should bills be approved before being paid?” to enable the same

Once this is done, when a new Bill is created, you have to select the Approver List to trigger the approval work flow. When ever the setting is disabled – the bills will be treated as automatically approved. To see the approval history of a Bill, click on the ‘Print button’ in actions column to see the approval/rejection history with remarks.

Coupled with the fact that you can attach any number of docs with a bill, you can now easily create a Bill – scan the physical copies of the bill and then trigger the workflow. All approvers can see the physical copies of the bill and then approve/remark with their comments.

Yet another nifty automation by ApnaComplex to save your time and efforts!

Why ApnaComplex is more suitable for housing society accounting vis-à-vis stand-alone accounting software?

Stand-alone or offline accounting software have a history of being used predominantly for almost all accounting operations – both corporate and the housing societies. With time accountants/management associations handling the accounts of a housing society have realized that the accounting needs of a housing society are very different from the accounting requirements of a company.

Understanding this difference, housing societies have started adopting ApnaComplex, a mobile and web-based apartment management and accounting software designed especially for housing society accounting needs. In fact, ApnaComplex is that simple to use that it truly believes in and uses the tag line – “Who said Society Treasurers need to know Accounting?” The management committees of housing societies using ApnaComplex accounting software completely agree with this. ApnaComplex has helped them reduce their manual work and save costs in parallel.

Though both stand-alone accounting software and ApnaComplex offer some basic similar functionalities for managing accounting operations, there seems to be a huge difference in what they both offer to the end customer in terms of specific functionalities useful only for housing societies. Let’s look at some of the clear advantages of using ApnaComplex over stand-alone accounting software:

FunctionalityApnaComplex Accounting SoftwareOther Accounting Software
Ability to use the software anytime from anywheretick[1]cross[1]
Simple to use, even non-accountants can enter data tick[1]cross[1]
Easy to understand and pull out required reportstick[1]cross[1]
Provides periodic training to accountants to keep them up-to-datetick[1]cross[1]
Offers online services with self- service optionstick[1]cross[1]
Integrated with emails, SMS and online paymentstick[1]cross[1]
Provides flat-wise account statementtick[1]cross[1]
Offers readymade flat-wise, head-wise sub-ledgertick[1]cross[1]
Automates unit-wise due generation tick[1]cross[1]
Automates maintenance payment reminderstick[1]cross[1]
Automates calculation of late payment interesttick[1]cross[1]
Online Payment facility with automatic updation of all bookstick[1]cross[1]
Net banking facility for members and option to pay by credit or debit cardtick[1]cross[1]
Distribution of invoices/receipts as PDF files through emails, summary through SMStick[1]cross[1]
Automates allocation of collection to invoicestick[1]cross[1]
Create Purchase Request & Approval Workflow tick[1]cross[1]
Ability to download invoices of all units in one PDF file for printingtick[1]cross[1]
Option to mark and leave out units that don’t require hard copies while printing invoices – Save trees! tick[1]cross[1]
Provision to share accounting due status with maintenance staff rendering services to easily enforce no service for defaulters tick[1]cross[1]
Automatic head wise ledger for each unit with the system doing the heavy liftingtick[1]cross[1]
Generate one click balance sheet, income expense statement and trial balance. tick[1]cross[1]
Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to desired people on a defined frequency tick[1]cross[1]

The above functionalities clearly exhibit how ApnaComplex is more suitable for housing society accounting in comparison to stand-alone accounting software. However, there are some common functionalities that both ApnaComplex and stand-alone accounting software offer mentioned below:

  • Facility to export the entire accounts data to excel.
  • Generate expense/income statements and final balance sheets.
  • Record cash expenses entries and generate payment vouchers.
  • Reconcile bank account statements.
  • Make journal entries.

Stand-alone accounting software are useful when it comes to corporate accounting but management associations of a housing society need a software, which is custom-built for them. ApnaComplex realizes this need and is attempting its level best to help management associations achieve their aim of becoming not just any committee but an “effective management committee.”

ApnaComplex – Better Apartment Management. Guaranteed.