Safety is a defining feature of a gated community. Buyers and tenants pay a premium for multi-layered safety measures for apartment security measures. However, relying solely on security personnel is insufficient to ensure a round-the-clock foolproof system. Not only is it inefficient, manual systems are also prone to errors.

As a community automation and security platform, ANACITY offers smart solutions to bridge these gaps. It can be critical in enhancing the safety of the society’s premises, empowering security personnel with digital tools to check entry authorisation as well as track visitors, school buses, and staff entries. 

Secure entry points

One of the fundamental aspects of apartment security is controlling access to the premises. ANACITY secures access through a smart visitor approval system. Entries are allowed only when approved by a resident on the app. This ensures that there are no unauthorised entries. 

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Tracking visitors 

Every gated community sees hundreds of visitors every day. This includes delivery personnel, small vendors, domestic and maintenance staff. Their movement is completely unsupervised once they are inside the premises, which can be a potential security risk.  

ANACITY’s smart visitor management system tracks visitors as well as incoming vehicles, including school buses and cars. Residents are also notified when their visitors leave the premises. They can alert the security if a visitor overstays. This ensures a multi-layered apartment security tracking system.

Surveillance Systems

Implementing surveillance cameras in common areas such as lobbies, parking lots, and recreational spaces serves as a deterrent to potential intruders. But even with the best systems, there are still always blind spots that cameras cannot cover. Hence, camera surveillance is backed by security patrols. However, ensuring guard patrols in blind spots is always a challenge. 

ANACITY backs the guard patrols through a QR-based tracking system. Pre-defined checkpoints with geo-tagged QR codes are scanned by guards on their patrols. The supervisor gets real-time alerts which are also recorded digitally. 

Community engagement

Foster a sense of community vigilance by encouraging residents to look out for one another. Establish a neighborhood watch program for
apartment security with ANACITY’s Communication module. Residents can report suspicious behavior or incidents promptly on the online community platform. It can also be leveraged by the resident association to regularly communicate with residents about security updates, protocols, and crime prevention tips.

Emergency preparedness

Develop and communicate clear emergency protocols to residents, including procedures for evacuations, medical emergencies, and natural disasters. Conduct regular drills to ensure that residents are familiar with these protocols and can respond effectively in a crisis. 

It is equally important to ensure that this information is easily accessible by every resident. ANACITY acts as an information repository where all such data can be easily stored. As an app-based platform, it is easy and quick to access. Other than emergency procedures, it can be used to store and connect with emergency contacts. 

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Secure Parking Areas

Parking areas are vulnerable spots for criminal activity, including vehicle break-ins and theft. Install security cameras and adequate lighting in parking lots to deter criminals. Encourage residents to lock their vehicles and avoid leaving valuables in plain sight. 

ANACITY offers a Vehicle Sentry module that tracks vehicles entering or leaving the society. Residents get real-time alerts whenever their vehicle crosses the gates. Thus, it can be critical in minimising any chances of theft. Also read, Forget Visitors, Are you Automating Vehicle Tracking in your Society.

Background checks 

Prioritise apartment security measures by conducting thorough background checks on prospective tenants and staff members. Verify identity, rental history, and criminal records to mitigate potential risks. Additionally, train staff members on security protocols and procedures to ensure a proactive approach to maintaining safety within the complex.

ANACITY eases the processes by simplifying the tenant and staff verification process. The platform is used to upload important documents such as ID proof. As a communication platform, ANACITY is often used by residents to check reviews of domestic staff. 

Secure records 

Gathering information is not enough. It should also be easily retrievable. Visitor and staff data should be accessible when required. Legacy systems relied on paper records for this purpose. However, it is prone to damage or theft. Digital systems like ANACITY are foolproof since these cannot be easily tampered.  

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In conclusion, apartment security requires a proactive approach that involves implementing a combination of physical measures, community engagement, and preparedness strategies. By prioritising security and fostering a culture of vigilance within the community, ANACITY ensures that residents can enjoy a safe and secure living environment.

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