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5 Ways To Decide On A New Year Resolution That Doesn’t Need Work

It’s that time of the year when almost everyone around you is coming up with ways of making the incoming year more productive. Some people have been planning their new year resolutions since the latter half of the year. Piling on one promise after another with a failed attempt at each is not the way to go, is it? Well, ApnaComplex is happy to lend a helping hand. Here are 5 easy new year resolutions in case you haven’t got on to the ‘change is good’ wagon yet. Trust us, these are more helpful than you’d know.


  • Save water –

With all the global warming signs getting bigger and bigger, doing your bit for the planet will only make you feel good about the next year. Tracking water usage levels and avoiding water wastage is one option. ApnaComplex provides you with Water Monitor, a water tracking app that allows you to track the volume of water being used by your society. A plus point is that it tracks the billing as per water usage too. Find out more about Water Monitor here.

new year resolution


  • Avoid preventable theft –

This one leans towards those who have faced theft issues in the past. Why offer a chance when there doesn’t have to be one? One aspect of this problem is vehicle theft. ApnaComplex’s solution to that is Vehicle Sentry, a vehicle tracking system that lets you stay aware of your vehicle’s whereabouts. Know more about Vehicle Sentry here.

new year resolution


  • Family safety –

For all those who believe that safety in any form can never be enough, ApnaComplex has Gatekeeper, a visitor tracking app. Gatekeeper lets you know about your visitor beforehand and lets you verify their entry. Be aware of who knocks on your door. Stay alert with Gatekeeper here.

new year resolution


  • Spend less –

Everyone can cash in on this new year resolution. Spending less is never an idea that is unwelcome. One way of going about with this is by holding less change in your pockets and using cashless services. Collection Gateway by ApnaComplex is another such service that lets you pay maintenance dues via NEFT or RTGS. Here’s why Collection Gateway should be your new year resolution this year.

new year resolution


  • Make lives easier –

Why not have an easy management system in place for those who work hard at settling the books in your society? Get some good karma under your belt by getting ApnaComplex for your society. Keep track of reminders, bill and maintenance payments and vendors of your society in a more automated manner. This is one of the most easiest ways of fulfilling a new year resolution, don’t you think?

new year resolution


So, this time, let’s all make a promise to ourselves to move forward with the new year resolutions we choose. Good luck chasing the new life! – A new looking Online Help Portal for ApnaComplex

We are happy to announce the launch of new looking self-service and online Help portal for ApnaComplex.

With the new design, its far easier for you to search for answers for the questions you might have when using ApnaComplex. The new design also ensures the help is easily readable over smart phones.

New Help portal of ApnaComplex

New Help portal of ApnaComplex

This portal will also stay up to date based on various queries we keep receiving from users and based on the new features we keep releasing from time to time.

Do check out the new looking ApnaComplex Help at

New User Interface. New Beginning.

We are super-excited to announce the launch the completely redesigned the user interface of your favourite portal.

The new interface is modern, sleek and takes into account of the web UI patterns that has changed a lot in last 4 years when we launched ApnaComplex. The new UI is also responsive – which means it works well on tablets and phones and other smaller sized screens – which was an issue in the past.

We have provided an option to switch back and forth between to the old “classic” UI and the new UI for few weeks till our users take time to adjust to the new UI – post which the new UI will become standard for every one.

We have intentionally retained the familiarity of the menu structure and all the internal navigation for now. We will gradually change the interfaces of various modules so at we can ease you into the new way of doing things. In other words, its just beginning of the new interface with more and more changes coming your way as we move forward.

We have received several positive reviews already with the new UI and here is a sample we just received:

I honestly feel that ApnaComplex has gone to the next level with its new UI.

We are happy to be associated with you. I am now extremely happy (both as individual and as President of Manar Elegance Owners Association).

The usability in mobile browsers is now nice and intuitive. Thanks for the work and congratulations to the developers and support team at ApnaComplex in achieving this significant milestone.


Discussion Forums and Groups now on ApnaComplex Android App

One of the most awaited features on our pioneering android app – ability to participate in Community Forum Discussions and Groups is now available!

Members can now reduce their email clutter and use the mobile app to access the forums and discussions on the go!
Even the implicit smart mailing lists that ApnaComplex offers for owners and committee members are available on the mobile app.

So, what are you waiting for? Download/Upgrade the app from Google Play NOW!

New Feature: Enforce Acceptance of Bye-laws Electronically in your Housing Society

Here’s a question –  you know bye-laws are the constitution for your complex – but, how do you know all members of your association have indeed read bye laws? Tough? Next, how do you ensure every one acknowledges the amendments made to the bye-laws in last AGM? Tougher? Help is here now from ApnaComplex in the new feature that is released.

We are happy to announce the release of an innovative feature in ApnaComplex using which Administrators can configure any terms & conditions that every member must accept before members gain access to their complex in the portal. Administrators can put your complex bye laws as the content of terms and conditions. Once the content is configured and enforcement is enabled – when any member logs on to ApnaComplex, they will be presented the terms and conditions page with contents configured by the Administrator. These Terms and Conditions must be accepted by the member in order to gain access to the complex in ApnaComplex. This makes it extremely easy to ensure all members including tenants indeed go through the bye-laws when they move-in.

What’s more – Administrators can update the terms and conditions, reset the status of all users who accepted and request to accept the reivsed terms and conditions again. Total flexitbility in your hands and makes it easy to all members to know the new amendments in the byelaws.

Benefits due to this feature

It is not very uncommon that most residents in any residential complex are not aware of all bye-laws and the fact that there is constant flux in the tenants makes it even difficult to ensure every one is in fact aware of all bye-laws. In addition, getting an acknowledgment that members have read the bye-laws or any important amendments is even difficult. The ignorance on bye-laws keeps causing problems of non-compliance quite often. This takes away precious time from committee members to resolve these problems.

Go to Community –> Settings and click the link “Confiure T&C” link available to get started.

ApnaComplex is a web based apartment management software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by brining in more transaparency and accountability in manging the complex. Sign up your complex today and get the benefits!