Plan your power cuts this summer!

How many times does the power cut happen just when you are planning to do some important work? Earlier, all one could do was wish that someone would have given prior information before the power cut so

How can the RWAs stop the increasing commercial establishments in residential areas?

Quite often it is noticed that there is burgeoning growth of commercial establishments in residential areas. More commercial establishments in a residential area results in residents getting disturbed day and night due to the commercial activities and

Should approval from area RWA become mandatory for running a PG?

Is an illegal PG (paying guest accommodation) being run in your neighbourhood? How many times do you get disturbed with the boisterous crowd staying in the PG and making a ruckus in your neighbourhood? Greater Mohali Area

Tool #1: Notify all residents in one go via ApnaComplex Notice Board

ApnaComplex Notice Board is used for communicating short-lived, one-way messages. You can post notices online and reach all the residents in one go. All notices will be emailed to the members (based on the notification settings of

Should maintenance of public parks be handed over to respective area RWAs?

In Delhi, there are quite a few pubic parks where one can get some fresh air and relax in the morning and evening time. However, out of around 6400 parks, most of them are in a sorry

Habit #6: Effective management committees create an inclusive culture

In this blog post, we are going to emphasize on the sixth habit of effective management committees to create an inclusive culture. Effective management committees believe and create an inclusive culture so that the residents also pitch

Habit #5: Effective management committees implement smart financial control

In this blog post, we are going to emphasize on the fifth habit of effective management committees of implementing smart financial control. Smart financial management is the key to success for any management committee. In our earlier

Habit #4: Effective management committees are highly disciplined

In this blog post, we are going to emphasize on the fourth habit of effective management committees of conducting committee meetings in a disciplined manner. Conducting and attending meetings in a disciplined manner is something an effective

Habit #2: Highly Effective Management Committees Always Communicate

In this blog post, we are going to emphasize on the second habit of highly effective management committees to always communicate. Communication can break all barriers and this is what effective management committees realize vs. the ineffective

Police registration for domestic help should become mandatory?

With the two brutal murders committed by domestic help in Juhu and Bandra, the whole issue of negligible numbers of police registration for domestic help across India has been unveiled. As per a Mumbai police official, prior