Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) have the uphill task of managing a gated community. Even a small community requires multiple functions that range from managing accounting to maintaining assets at optimal conditions. This can be even more challenging when we consider that RWA members work voluntarily. This is why the selection of an RWA management software is so critical. 

What is RWA management software?

RWA management software is a digital solution that is specifically designed for managing a gated community. ApnaComplex is a leading RWA management software that simplifies community operations by consolidating different solutions on one platform. It saves the time and effort of working with different software. 

ApnaComplex offers an app-based interface for residents backed by an award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Residents can register complaints, approve visitors and communicate with others. The ERP solution facilitates admin work through multiple functionalities. 

What should you be looking for?

The best RWA management software should contain: 

Mobile interface

A community management solution is meant to connect the resident with the admin. The ideal way to achieve this goal is through an app-supported solution where residents can approve visitors or lodge complaints. 

Visitor management system (VMS)

Residents should get real-time alerts on visitor entry which they can approve or decline. This ensures that only approved visitors can enter the premises. Residents should also be able to pre-approve visits to ensure that entries are smooth with minimal disruptions for both the visitor and the residents. 

ApnaComplex further facilitates visitor entry through a specially designed interface for society guards. Available in vernacular languages, it is easy to use. Read more about ApnaComplex digital VMS and its 7 key Features.

Billing & accounting

The platform should facilitate society’s accounting by simplifying the billing and collections process. With ApnaComplex, you can set up recurring maintenance invoices to be sent as per formulae or a fixed value. Auto-calculate late payment charges, reconcile accounts easily, track expenses, and have instant access to more than 100 financial reports.

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Asset management

Maintaining all the assets and equipment in a large gated community can be challenging given the scope of the work. An ideal solution should keep track of asset usage and depreciation while ensuring timely maintenance. ApnaComplex aids predictive maintenance by facilitating a single view of all assets. Managers can set up a maintenance schedule and get reminder notifications. 

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Facility booking system

Managing facilities like a badminton court or spa can be challenging, especially during peak times. With ApnaComplex, residents can book facilities on the app. You can also add usage rules and charges where applicable. Admins can get revenue and booking reports to understand usage patterns. 

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Community engagement

Engaging the community is critical for fostering a sense of fellowship among the residents. It also helps the RWA gauge opinions and gather public support for policies. However, it can be challenging to keep an open communication channel in a large society. 

ApnaComplex offers an effective solution through its communication module. People can join online forums and form special interest groups. The admin can post notices and upload important documents. The app also acts as a repository of important documents like society bye-laws and minutes of committee member meetings. 

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Complaint management 

Gated communities command a premium rate because of their promptness in addressing resident issues like repairing the plumbing or electrical fittings in their house. With ApnaComplex, residents can lodge complaints on the app and track its resolution. They can also rate the complaints or leave feedback. 

It is also a powerful tool for admins who can leverage the system for quick resolution. The ERP dashboard is designed for admins to get an overview of complaints and track their resolution. It allows them to set work timings. It also ensures that unresolved complaints are automatically moved to the next supervisory level through a three-layer escalation matrix. 

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You can find more details in our article on what to Expect from an Apartment Management Software. You can also book a free demo. Alternatively, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use to make your job easier and more efficient.