The new AVATAR of ApnaComplex is finally here. The app boasts a highly intuitive User Interface (UI), and it is 2x more efficient and quicker compared to the previous version.

And as icing on the cake, some additional exciting features like the superbly done in-app Social Page are sure to keep you engaged than ever before.

Below are the major modifications of the ApnaComplex app. These specs and modifications were done specifically to improve the user experience.

The smarter app, quicker actions

In the updated version of ApnaComplex, you can effortlessly find vital features right on the home screen and 90% of actions are only two clicks away. The new application is not only extremely intuitive but also will show you the important features and notifications when you need them.  

Simplified Search 

We have significantly simplified the search tool in this newly updated ApnaComplex, compared to the older version. Using very few keywords, now you can search your requirements effortlessly and instantaneously.

An interactive social page

The upgraded media page and its interactive features add an exciting element to the new ApnaComplex application. The new features boast an elegant and lively design specially designed for gated societies. Using this feature, residents can interact with their neighbours more easily and effectively. 

More power to the admin

With the new ApnaComplex, admins and the Management Committee members can enjoy more control. With just a single click, they can send SMS, emails, and notifications at once. Likewise, all the household and community-related documents such as lease agreements, maintenance documents, etc can be found in a single place.  

In-app Vaccination Tracker

Additionally, the Vaccination Tracker feature will be available on the new application, unlike the previous version. Using this, the Management Committee can track the vaccination status in their society in just a tap. 

Comprehensive payment details

Now you don’t have to spend hours sifting older transactions. The new ApnaComplex app allows you to view all your payment details, including history, transactions, detailed invoices, dues, etc in one place. This saves you ample time and reduces effort.

To boot, the new ApnaComplex is SMARTER, SIMPLER, and FASTER. It is carefully designed and modified to simplify actions, and also, enhance the overall user experience. 

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