Modern residential complexes today offer a slew of amenities and facilities that cater to almost every recreational requirement of the residents. High-end gated communities will typically include a swimming pool, banquet room, gym, and sports facilities like skating rink, and tennis or squash courts. 

Traditionally, most gated communities have managed facilities on an ad hoc basis, granting access on a first-come approach. However, this would result in chaos whenever there was heavy traffic. Being a fairly basic system, it was not designed to monitor usage patterns or handle facility and asset management. 

As a society management Enterprise Resource Planning solution, ApnaComplex resolves these challenges through a comprehensive digital facility reservation system. As part of its award-winning ERP platform, it facilitates process automation while providing us with invaluable data insight.  

What is a Digital Facility Reservation System?

A digital facility reservation system automates the process of reserving common facilities at a residential complex. Residents can reserve facilities for a certain time, date, and duration through the ApnaComplex app. However, its utility goes beyond simple record keeping to include improved efficiency and asset management.

As an automated digital system, it facilitates managerial overview through inventory and asset tracking, data collection and management, and access control. It can be leveraged to set up conditions for usage and generating invoices. By scheduling access, we can reduce any chances of duplicate booking or overcrowding. Unlike booking registers in most legacy systems, a digitalised system allows us to create additional functionalities, further improving operational efficiency.

Challenges in Managing Facilities in Gated Communities

The facilities in a residential complex include gym, swimming pool, event halls, and various sporting facilities. Managing these multiple facilities can include challenges like:

  • Scheduling bookings during peak hours
  • Controlling or blocking access during maintenance work or emergencies 
  • Tracking inventory to ensure accountability and availability
  • Asset management with timely maintenance
  • Communicating usage rules
  • Monetising and invoicing facilities 
  • Get data insight on bookings and usage patterns 

Digital Transformation with ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex facility management system integrates app-based reservation with invoicing, asset and inventory management. 

Seamless booking: Residents can book facilities at any time and anywhere through the app. These are automatically scheduled to ensure that there are no double bookings. 

Controlling access: The system can be configured to limit access as per time and the number of users. This can be particularly useful when we want to avoid overcrowding or close down the facilities for a short period. 

Predictive maintenance: ApnaComplex facility management system maintains the service history and details of all assets, allowing the management to keep a track of in-service equipment. You can further improve asset management by scheduling regular maintenance and setting up a notification system to ensure adherence. 

Inventory tracking: Keep track of purchases, consumption and stock level of each item in the inventory. The customisable tracker allows you to setup and organise inventory in an easy-to-follow manner.

Inventory optimisation: Advanced inventory reports can reveal purchase and consumption patterns. This information can be leveraged to optimise inventory, ensure stock availability, and cut down on over-consumption. It can also be critical in tracing unexplained or unplanned purchases. 

Optimal usage: To ensure proper usage of all equipment and assets, residents must be made aware of the relevant regulations. For instance, pool usage rules must be clearly communicated to all swimmers. These guidelines can be included in the reservation system to ensure that residents are kept aware. 

Automated invoicing: The system automatically generates invoices wherever applicable. The invoices are posted to the resident’s account. The automated system saves time and reduces any chance of errors.  

Data insight: You can get valuable data insight through comprehensive reports on booking, revenue and usage. This information can be used to tally consumption, monetise facilities, evaluate the performance of equipment, and take strategic decisions on improving sustainability. 

The digitalisation of the facility reservation system is undoubtedly one of the most efficient utilisation of ApnaComplex’s award-winning ERP. Apart from automating functions like scheduling and invoicing, it offers residents an easy-to-use format while allowing MCs to derive multiple functionalities. During emergencies like COVID, its ability to control access has been invaluable in reducing any chances of overcrowding in common areas while ensuring that normal operations could continue seamlessly. 

If you want to learn more about our facility reservation system, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use for streamlining your reservation process while improving asset performance.