Visitor management is often the biggest concern for gated communities. Most Management Committees  and Resident Welfare Associations spend lakhs of rupees a year in overviewing visitor entries. However, vehicle management rarely gets the same attention. Traditionally, they have relied on manual systems which can be both time-consuming and ineffective. Quite often guards miss or make mistakes when noting the number for each vehicle.

ANPR or Automatic Number-Plate Recognition solutions have emerged as a more viable and efficient tech-first alternative. By automating vehicle tracking functions, it makes it both efficient and effective. ApnaComplex now facilitates ANPR integration at society gate for easy vehicle tracking and management. By integrating it with the society ERP, the admin can effectively monitor vehicles that enter the society.  

What does ANPR mean?

ANPR stands for Automatic Number-Plate Recognition. This technology uses optical character recognition to read registration plates. To simplify, ANPR captures the vehicle’s image, detects the number plate, and then recognises the characters. Thus, it can read the number plates of vehicles. 

Originally ANPR was aimed at creating vehicle location data. It was widely used in traffic management and law enforcement for surveillance. In recent years, it has adapted as part of parking or vehicle management systems in areas with high vehicular traffic. This can include gated communities and public buildings like hospitals. 

Why go for ANPR integration?

ANPR cameras are installed at society gates to monitor vehicles entering and leaving the society. Although it makes the system more efficient, we still see unwillingness in adopting the technology which can stem from general hesitation towards new technology or reluctance to spend the money. However, this is a short-term approach that ignores its considerable long-term benefits, such as:

Real-time tracking: With ANPR integration, you can track vehicles entering the society in real-time with residents receiving notifications. Since this data is stored digitally, both residents and the admin can access it at a later date. 

Automatic entry: ANPR integrated with gates and barriers reduces wait time at the society gates. It ensures that the boom barrier is lifted whenever a registered vehicle is detected. At the same time, the data is stored automatically and without any manual intervention. This reduces both time and effort in vehicle management. 

Better security: ANPR technology has been used for decades to detect vehicles for law enforcement purposes and this also makes it useful for vehicle monitoring at the gate. It can be configured to ensure that boom barriers open up only on the approach of a registered vehicle. With real-time tracking, it also informs residents if their vehicle is entering or leaving the premises without their knowledge. 

24/7 tracking: Unlike a legacy system that relies on guards at the society gates, ANPR ensures that vehicle tracking is 24/7. As a mechanised and automated system, it does not depend on human monitoring to ensure that vehicles are tracked at all times. 

Integrating with ApnaComplex 

With ANPR integration, ApnaComplex offers a single platform to track all vehicles. The ANPR cameras detect and read the number plates. The ApnaComplex ERP then informs residents through real time notifications. This integration ensures that ANPR solutions can be adopted with minimal disruptions. It automates vehicle management systems, strengthening the security of the premises.  

If you want to know more about ANPR integration, write to us at support@apnacomeplex or call at 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand how you can integrate ANPR to improve vehicle tracking in your society.