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One-stop Rental Management for NRIs

How Rental Platforms are Helping NRIs Monetise their Real Estate Investments

Real estate has always been one of the most attractive investments for Non Resident Indians (NRI). This interest has further gone up in the post-COVID phase with an ANAROCK report revealing that 71% of NRIs preferred investing in the Indian housing market. This was noticeably higher than the 55% of respondents who showed the same preference in the pre-Covid survey

The inclination toward property investments has remained despite the emergence of other avenues such as bonds and mutual funds. However, there are also many challenges, particularly in ensuring that the investment remains lucrative. Renting your home is the most preferable option since it ensures a passive income on the property, thus increasing its ROI. However, managing rentals can be extremely challenging in one’s absence. 

ApnaComplex Rentals offers an easy solution through end-to-end rental management. With a trusted Estate Portfolio Manager handling all your requirements, you can ensure that your property can accrue the highest possible returns. As a reliable and trustworthy rental platform, it is playing a vital role in helping NRI homeowners to manage and monetise their property. 

Attractive returns on real estate

There are good reasons for NRIs to pick property over other options. This faith was further renewed during the pandemic when real estate emerged as a safe bet in a turbulent global economy. Some of the reasons for this preference are: 

  • A home in India represents a powerful nostalgic connection for many NRIs.
  • As a retirement nest on their eventual return. 
  • Healthy ROI since the property is widely viewed as a safe investment with assured returns.
  • Other options like fixed deposits or gold are more susceptible to market volatility.
  • A reviving Indian economy means robust ROI. This prompts a renewed interest in taking part in the booming India story. 

However, owning a home is not without its challenges. It can be difficult to maintain a home for absentee owners. Vacant homes can fall into disrepair very quickly. Plus, even an empty home can mean indirect expenses, such as maintenance charges. 

A rental management company like ApnaComplex offers the most viable solution. NRI landlords can ensure regular maintenance of their homes by renting out their properties. The rent also helps in offsetting any loan EMIs or other expenses while ensuring a regular income. 

Rentals with ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex has emerged as the most viable solution for NRIs with properties in gated communities. As a one-stop rental management service, it can help them scout for tenants and ensure that all documentation is taken care of. 

Single point of contact: With ApnaComplex Rentals, homeowners have a single point of contact through a dedicated Estate Portfolio Manager for every gated community. This makes it easier for owners to coordinate and follow up on any new developments. 

Key management and site visits: The non-resident landlord does not have to worry about conducting site visits for prospective tenants. With multiple brokers, many owners also have the problem of leaving their keys with a trusted party. ApnaComplex Rentals offers key management where the key is entrusted to the EPM for safekeeping. All site visits are also handled by the EPM. 

Trusted tenants: One of the biggest concerns for non-resident owners lies in checking the trustworthiness of the tenant. Many people prefer to leave their homes vacant to avoid any hassles. ApnaComplex offers KYC and background checks to ensure that only verified tenants are considered.  

Maximum returns: Rental income ensures that non-resident property owners can earn a passive income on their investment. ApnaComplex ensures maximum rental yield, thus maximising your ROI.

All-inclusive services: With ApnaComplex you get access to a one-stop rental management service, from support with negotiations to rental or lease agreements. Many EPMs work with non-resident owners to ensure that all their requirements are addressed remotely and without any hassle. 

Payment services: As a complete society management app, ApnaComplex also offers a payment module for rent and maintenance charges. Landlords can collect rent, pay maintenance and common area charges. They can also check the status of various payables and get reminders in case of overdue. 

Move-in / Move-out services: With the ApnaComplex app, landlords can seamlessly manage their Move-in / Move-out requirements and ensure that all the paperwork is in order when a tenant moves in. With many societies now mandating move-in requests through the app, a homeowner can easily check all requirements remotely. You can read more about its benefits here

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New feature Alert: Rentals by ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex Launches Rental Feature. Now, Move within Leading Gated Communities with Ease

Going by the latest trends in India’s top cities, finding a suitable home is becoming increasingly challenging. At the same time, homeowners are also concerned about finding the right tenant and maximising their rental yield. Keeping this in mind, ApnaComplex has launched a rental feature on its app, empowering its users to easily find tenants or their dream homes within its partner gated communities. 

With ApnaComplex Rentals, landlords can list their property on the app and find tenants with ease. Tenants can check the inventory and select the most suitable option in just a few clicks. By creating a renting system within the ApnaComplex ecosystem, it also ensures verification and trust in these transactions. 

At the same time, the platform also ensures data security for all users. As an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified company, it is committed to preserving users’ privacy, meeting compliance requirements, and maintaining control. 

What is ApnaComplex Rentals?

ApnaComplex Rentals is a one-stop rental management service that can be accessed through the app. It combines a hybrid online-offline approach to provide homeowners and tenants with end-to-end rental services. Landlords can list their properties on the app while tenants can look for suitable options from the extensive inventory. 

The ease of online search and documentation is backed by offline services through a dedicated Estate Portfolio Manager who acts as a bridge between the landlord and the tenant. The manager offers personalised services such as safekeeping of key, managing site visits, and support in negotiations. 

Together, this hybrid approach ensures that both landlords and tenants can get the best from any rental transaction. To know more, read this article on the integration of data insight with personalised service. 

Features of ApnaComplex Rentals

Some of the special characteristics of ApnaComplex Rentals are:

  • Hassle-free property listing and inventory search
  • Safekeeping of keys
  • Property visits
  • Assistance with negotiations and agreements 
  • KYC and tenant/property verification
  • No subscription fees  
  • Data privacy 

Why go for ApnaComplex Rentals?

ApnaComplex Rentals offers several benefits that include: 

Verification: The feature can be accessed through the ApnaComplex app which ensures in-built verification. To list a property, homeowners have to select from their approved home in a gated community. Since a unit is typically added only after due diligence by the society Management Committee (MC), the landlord’s credentials are automatically confirmed. The same rule also applies to tenants whose credentials have been similarly verified. This verification is also backed by our team of dedicated estate managers. 

Convenience: With ApnaComplex, landlords can list their property with ease and find tenants without any hassle. Similarly, tenants can search for suitable options from an extensive inventory with just a few clicks. As a one-stop rental management system, it offers end-to-end assistance that includes tenant KYC, support with negotiations and drafting rental / lease agreement. The estate managers are also responsible for the safekeeping of keys and handling all site visits.  

Freedom multiple brokers: Typically, people have to deal with multiple brokers when finding a tenant or a rental home. This can mean a disruption in one’s schedule and a sustained effort. With ApnaComplex Rentals, you have to deal with a single estate manager. 

Home in gated community: The ApnaComplex Rentals connects landlords and tenants in the app ecosystem which includes gated communities by some of the leading developers. It means that your future home can be in one of the best-managed communities in India. Gated communities have emerged as a desired address because of the hard work of MCs and Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) that is further facilitated by ApnaComplex to create a high liveability index in these communities. 

Ease of Move-in / Move-out: With the Move-in / Move-out feature in ApnaComplex, landlords, tenants, and societies can manage their move-in or move-out smoothly and completely digitally. Read more about its benefits here. You can also know more about setting it up in this brief tutorial

Discounts on services: Now, save money when moving homes! get discounts on some of the essential services associated with relocations, from movers and packers to painting, cleaning, and pest control with the ApnaComplex app. 

In short ApnaComplex Rentals can help you manage all your rental requirements on a single platform. If you want to know more about ApnaComplex Rentals, write to us at

Forget Visitors, Are you Automating Vehicle Tracking in your Society

Visitor management is often the biggest concern for gated communities. Most Management Committees  and Resident Welfare Associations spend lakhs of rupees a year in overviewing visitor entries. However, vehicle management rarely gets the same attention. Traditionally, they have relied on manual systems which can be both time-consuming and ineffective. Quite often guards miss or make mistakes when noting the number for each vehicle.

ANPR or Automatic Number-Plate Recognition solutions have emerged as a more viable and efficient tech-first alternative. By automating vehicle tracking functions, it makes it both efficient and effective. ApnaComplex now facilitates ANPR integration at society gate for easy vehicle tracking and management. By integrating it with the society ERP, the admin can effectively monitor vehicles that enter the society.  

What does ANPR mean?

ANPR stands for Automatic Number-Plate Recognition. This technology uses optical character recognition to read registration plates. To simplify, ANPR captures the vehicle’s image, detects the number plate, and then recognises the characters. Thus, it can read the number plates of vehicles. 

Originally ANPR was aimed at creating vehicle location data. It was widely used in traffic management and law enforcement for surveillance. In recent years, it has adapted as part of parking or vehicle management systems in areas with high vehicular traffic. This can include gated communities and public buildings like hospitals. 

Why go for ANPR integration?

ANPR cameras are installed at society gates to monitor vehicles entering and leaving the society. Although it makes the system more efficient, we still see unwillingness in adopting the technology which can stem from general hesitation towards new technology or reluctance to spend the money. However, this is a short-term approach that ignores its considerable long-term benefits, such as:

Real-time tracking: With ANPR integration, you can track vehicles entering the society in real-time with residents receiving notifications. Since this data is stored digitally, both residents and the admin can access it at a later date. 

Automatic entry: ANPR integrated with gates and barriers reduces wait time at the society gates. It ensures that the boom barrier is lifted whenever a registered vehicle is detected. At the same time, the data is stored automatically and without any manual intervention. This reduces both time and effort in vehicle management. 

Better security: ANPR technology has been used for decades to detect vehicles for law enforcement purposes and this also makes it useful for vehicle monitoring at the gate. It can be configured to ensure that boom barriers open up only on the approach of a registered vehicle. With real-time tracking, it also informs residents if their vehicle is entering or leaving the premises without their knowledge. 

24/7 tracking: Unlike a legacy system that relies on guards at the society gates, ANPR ensures that vehicle tracking is 24/7. As a mechanised and automated system, it does not depend on human monitoring to ensure that vehicles are tracked at all times. 

Integrating with ApnaComplex 

With ANPR integration, ApnaComplex offers a single platform to track all vehicles. The ANPR cameras detect and read the number plates. The ApnaComplex ERP then informs residents through real time notifications. This integration ensures that ANPR solutions can be adopted with minimal disruptions. It automates vehicle management systems, strengthening the security of the premises.  

If you want to know more about ANPR integration, write to us at support@apnacomeplex or call at 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand how you can integrate ANPR to improve vehicle tracking in your society. 

Looking for a home? Follow our tips

LinkedIn Profiles & Rising Rents: How to Hunt for a Home in a Landlord’s Market

If you are looking for a home in cities like Bengaluru or Mumbai, chances are that you have been having some bad luck. Apart from the circus of juggling between different brokers, there are now landlords who want a CV that seems more demanding than a high-position job in a Fortune 500 company. 

This makes it challenging to look for a home in a high-demand location. All too often we may be settling for less than the desired goal. ApnaComplex makes the process easier by taking the hassle out of this search. You can now search for your next home in a gated community with just a few clicks and benefit from end-to-end rental management services, including negotiation support. 

Why is it a Landlord’s Market?

The residential property market has bounced back with a bang after a nearly two-year COVID slump. This can also be seen in the housing rental market where rents have gone up by at least 10%-20% across every major city. There are multiple reasons for this jump, including: 

  • People moving back to metros as offices open up
  • It’s a long overdue correction on rent hikes 
  • A lagging supply coupled with high demand means that landlords can dictate their terms. 

You can read our article on the rental boom to understand the factors driving the demand and why it’s here to stay. 

Tips for Scoring a Rental

It helps to be prepared in a highly competitive rental market. You can ease the effort of finding a home by being smart and strategising ahead. 

  • Keep your paperwork ready. This can include bank statements and references
  • Make sure you have enough funds to make the security deposit. This should be available at short notice.
  • Have realistic expectations. Do some research on prevailing rental rates to estimate how much you may have to pay. 
  • Keep your references ready. This can include testimonials by employers, past landlords, and other trusted sources. 
  • Put your best foot forward. It’s not unusual for landlords to ask for an interview or call before finalising a tenant. Make sure you are ready to make your case.  
  • Search ApnaComplex to find the best options.

Finding a Home with ApnaComplex Rentals

Now, you can easily find your next home with ApnaComplex Rentals. The easy process allows you to look for a home in a gated community. You can find a verified landlord and get extensive support in finalising your rental home. 

  • Search for home by your preferences 
  • Go through extensive property listings
  • Submit your details
  • Get access to gated communities in the ApnaComplex network

To help tenants in a competitive rental market, Estate Portfolio Managers (EPMs) manage end-to-end rental requirements that include rent negotiations, helping both landlords and tenants to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. With KYC and background checks, they also help tenants in assuring landlords of their dependability. As a trusted and verified platform, ApnaComplex Rentals creates a smooth and fast funnel to source and finalise homes. 

Tenants can also benefit from discounts on a wide range of home services, including movers and packers, cleaning and pest control services. In short, they can meet all their needs, from finding a home to leading negotiations and moving in, on a single platform. 

Learn more about navigating the landlord market in our article here. If you want to know more about ApnaComplex Rentals, write to us at