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Improving the Tenant Experience

Enhancing Tenant Experience with Rental Management Services

A rental property is a valuable investment property. However, managing a rental property can be challenging, especially for absentee owners like non-resident Indians. Even owners living in the same city can find it difficult to be available for site visits or handle queries from prospective tenants. 

On the other hand, tenants today expect appropriate returns for their money.  With the high value of rentals, they expect a smooth journey during the negotiation and closing process. ApnaComplex Rentals management services focus on enhancing the tenant experience, connecting them with the landlord, and ensuring that their interests are protected. 

What are rental management services?

Rental management services offer an all-inclusive approach, bringing together both landlords and tenants on the same platform. For instance, ApnaComplex Rentals offer a hybrid offline-online approach to ease the rental journey, from search and discovery to move-in. Read in detail in our article ApnaComplex Launches Rental Feature. Now, Move within Leading Gated Communities with Ease.

Enhancing tenant experience

In an industry dominated by unregulated small brokers, rental management solutions like ApnaComplex Rentals have carved a niche in a very short time. Their fast-emerging market position comes from the ability to deliver a superior service standard. This includes tenant-oriented services like:

Connecting with landlords

Landlords have to be available to answer the tenant’s queries and site visits. This can be challenging for most landlords even when they are in the same city, let alone for non-resident homeowners. ApnaComplex rental management services help tenants to connect with landlords. Unlike a landlord, the tenants can reach out to the rental manager at any time.

Convenient scheduling

When do you go for a site visit? Multiple tenant tours are one of the biggest problems for landlords. They have to juggle visits with their other commitments. Hence, tenants often have to wait for days for a suitable time. With a rental manager, you have the convenience of fixing any time for site visits. 

Negotiation support

Once a property has been finalised, property negotiation is one of the biggest hurdles. Rentals management services work with both landlords and tenants to reach a mutually agreeable rent. Responsible managers can also guide tenants to find properties within their affordable range. They can also help tenants to negotiate their high rental deposit. Read more about How People are Arranging for a Rental Security Deposit.

Trusted properties

Tenants have to stay vigilant against rental and lease scams. With an absentee landlord, it can be difficult to check their validity and authenticity. Recent reports show that tenants are being scammed out of their savings in the guise of immediate leases. To remove any possibility of such scams, ApnaComplex Rentals thoroughly vets every property. To find out more read, Rental & Lease Scams: What they are & How to Avoid them.

Legal compliance

One of the critical differences created by rental management services is the regularisation of the home rental industry. Barring a few states, there are no set rules regarding rental agreements. ApnaComplex Rentals ensures that both landlords and tenants have a signed agreement that protects both their interests. As a legal document, it is binding on both parties. You can find more details in our article, What is a Rental Agreement & Why you Should Get One.

Move-in support

One of the unique advantages of ApnaComplex Rentals is the end-to-end support it provides the tenants. This support is extended from negotiation to move-in support. Renters can find home services like movers & packers and deep cleaning services. 

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Why you need society maintenance app

Society Maintenance App: What it is & Why you Need it

What distinguishes a gated community? Other than security, it is the superior maintenance that makes a gated community such a coveted address. Behind that lies the hard work and dedication of the Management Committees (MC) and Resident Welfare Associations (RWA). Regular maintenance is a continuous process requiring routine supervision and periodic servicing.

ApnaComplex offers a society maintenance app to make the process easy and hassle-free for admins. The unique admin view facilitates hassle-free management of repair and maintenance tasks.

Importance of regular maintenance 

The assets and equipment in a housing society range from the lift to the water pump. These assets are essential for the smooth running of the society. Imagine the lift breaking down or the sewage treatment plant malfunctioning. As any mechanic can vouch, ignoring a small problem today can result in expensive and extensive downtime later. 

The purpose of preventive maintenance is to ensure that all equipment and assets are in good working order. This results in:

Reduced equipment downtime: Well-maintained machinery is less prone to breakdowns. With preventive maintenance, we can plan the downtime for minimal disruption. 

Lowers overall operating costs: Without regular maintenance, electric and hydraulic equipment cannot work efficiently. Frequent breakdowns are often coupled with waste of resources. For instance, a neglected hydraulic system can result in leakages. 

Low repair bills: Without regular maintenance, equipment tends to break down often more frequently. Small repair costs can compound into a pricey bill. We can also miss out on early signs of wear and tear without a periodic overview. This can again lead to a hefty bill with long downtime, thus causing a bigger disruption.

Safety: Breakdown of equipment can cause damage and may pose danger to the users. For instance, the sudden breakdown of unmaintained gym equipment can cause injury if it is in use at the time. 

How a society maintenance app helps?

ApnaComplex’s Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are supported by a society maintenance app. The app includes an admin view to streamline their functions and resources, thus facilitating regular maintenance. 

Scheduling repairs: Admins can set regular maintenance schedules and get timely alerts. 

Addressing complaints: Maintenance also includes speedy repairs. Residents log repair requests on the app which are then taken up by the housekeeping team.

Providing instant view: Admins can scan the equipment QR code for a holistic view of the asset. It ensures that all information, including service history and schedule, is at our fingertips. 

Tracking repair and maintenance: Admins can track the state of repairs and maintenance on the premises. They can view pending tasks and the person responsible for their completion. 

Society maintenance app also helps in improving the overall operational efficiency of the MC and RWAs. To know more, read our article Enhancing Communication & Transparency with Apartment Maintenance System.

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Ensuring a full housing society meeting

5 Ways to Increase Resident Participation in Society Meetings

A community can only thrive when its members come together on a common platform. This collaboration is even more critical in a gated community where people must work to decide on different issues. Housing society meetings provide the framework for members to meet and discuss key issues, devise policies, gather consensus, and discuss and plan for different contingencies and events. 

Types of meetings in a housing society

Cooperative housing societies can call three types of meetings – Annual General Meetings (AGM), General Committee Meetings, and Special General Meetings (SGM). An AGM is held once a year to decide on key issues like the appointment of the Management Committee, and discussing financial matters.

On the other hand, SGM is held for a specific subject or agenda. These agendas can include elections, infrastructure development, or serious misconduct. Housing society meetings are constituted and held as per the constitution or the bye-laws of the society. 

Ensuring maximum participation

Just holding a meeting is not enough. Participation of members is equally important. A minimum of two-fifth of members must participate to hold an AGM or SGM. The MC must aim at maximum participation to ensure that all concerns are discussed and addressed. But despite their importance, many people tend to ignore committee meetings.

Here are a few steps that can help in increasing member participation:

Stay responsive: No one will be eager to join a meeting if they think the committee members do not care. The MC should appear responsive to resident concerns and problems. Residents are more likely to participate if they see that their issues are discussed and given due weightage. 

Ask for suggestions: How can MCs know resident issues? ApnaComplex offers them a platform to gather suggestions and opinions from residents. The MC can open up a special forum for residents to submit their most pressing concerns and suggestions.

Gather consensus: In case of contentious decisions, it is always advisable to gather consent from residents. MCs can gauge public opinions through polls and surveys on ApnaComplex. Gathering consensus also ensures that people have a stake in the decisions taken in housing society meetings. 

Keep others informed: All members should be informed about the time, date, and location of the meeting well in advance. This should be pinned as a notice on ApnaComplex. It should also include a proper agenda. The advance notice allows people enough time to arrange their schedules and prepare for the meeting. Thus, it also encourages more participation. Every member should receive the minutes of the meeting. These can be published on ApnaComplex for easy access. 

Create a positive environment: The venue should be comfortable and conducive to a normal discussion. It should be large enough to house everyone. Members should be free to discuss the topics as per the agenda of the meeting. It is important that members be encouraged to speak freely and without repercussions. 

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Home rental companies

Enhanced Services & Occupancy Rates: How Home Rental Companies Help Management Committees

One of the interesting trends to emerge in the rental industry is the mandate model. Home rental companies work with Management Committees (MCs) or Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) to manage rental properties. It’s a win-win arrangement that can help rental companies, homeowners, and community bodies. 

What is a mandated rental model?

Home rental companies tie up with MCs or Resident Welfare Associations RWAs to exclusively manage rental properties on the premises. While homeowners are not mandated to follow this arrangement, they often choose to because of the convenience. With a unique insight into the community, ApnaComplex Rentals offers homeowners the best chance to capitalise on their transactional property. 

While the rental company benefits from a strengthened portfolio, what do MCs and RWAs stand to gain?

Trustworthy residents

You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your neighbours. The emotional health of a community depends on the people who live there. Untrustworthy tenants are a flight risk. Other than rent and maintenance fees they can disappear without compensating domestic staff, workers and small businesses like grocers. 

ApnaComplex Rentals helps minimising the occurrence of such incidents by vetting eligible candidates. A thorough background check and KYC is carried out to ensure that the tenant’s credentials are accurate.

Boosting occupancy rates

Full occupancy is also beneficial to the MCs and RWAs. It ensures a maximal collection of maintenance fees. With a healthy corpus, MCs can undertake community initiatives. More people also help in creating a vibrant society. ApnaComplex Rentals can help in meeting any occupancy rate gaps by helping landlords to search for new tenants. 

Improving property value

One of the biggest objectives of home rental companies is to improve the property’s rental yield. ApnaComplex Rentals has facilitated transactions with rental yields as high as 4.2%, well above the industry average of 3.6%. This has a direct impact on the investment value of a property, hence, benefitting other homeowners in the society. 

Minimising disruptions 

A mandated model is based on a single home rental company handling all transactional requirements. While some homeowners may still choose other brokers, most prefer to go with the rental company. This also minimises disruptions caused by repeated visits by different brokers. 

Value-added services

ApnaComplex Rentals offers value-added services including support with the rental agreement and negotiations. The platform also offers comprehensive all-inclusive solutions including move-in / move-out services and online rent payment. 

Learn more about ApnaComplex Rentals in our article here. You can read about how it is Driving the Change in Rentals.

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