What distinguishes a gated community? Other than security, it is the superior maintenance that makes a gated community such a coveted address. Behind that lies the hard work and dedication of the Management Committees (MC) and Resident Welfare Associations (RWA). Regular maintenance is a continuous process requiring routine supervision and periodic servicing.

ApnaComplex offers a society maintenance app to make the process easy and hassle-free for admins. The unique admin view facilitates hassle-free management of repair and maintenance tasks.

Importance of regular maintenance 

The assets and equipment in a housing society range from the lift to the water pump. These assets are essential for the smooth running of the society. Imagine the lift breaking down or the sewage treatment plant malfunctioning. As any mechanic can vouch, ignoring a small problem today can result in expensive and extensive downtime later. 

The purpose of preventive maintenance is to ensure that all equipment and assets are in good working order. This results in:

Reduced equipment downtime: Well-maintained machinery is less prone to breakdowns. With preventive maintenance, we can plan the downtime for minimal disruption. 

Lowers overall operating costs: Without regular maintenance, electric and hydraulic equipment cannot work efficiently. Frequent breakdowns are often coupled with waste of resources. For instance, a neglected hydraulic system can result in leakages. 

Low repair bills: Without regular maintenance, equipment tends to break down often more frequently. Small repair costs can compound into a pricey bill. We can also miss out on early signs of wear and tear without a periodic overview. This can again lead to a hefty bill with long downtime, thus causing a bigger disruption.

Safety: Breakdown of equipment can cause damage and may pose danger to the users. For instance, the sudden breakdown of unmaintained gym equipment can cause injury if it is in use at the time. 

How a society maintenance app helps?

ApnaComplex’s Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are supported by a society maintenance app. The app includes an admin view to streamline their functions and resources, thus facilitating regular maintenance. 

Scheduling repairs: Admins can set regular maintenance schedules and get timely alerts. 

Addressing complaints: Maintenance also includes speedy repairs. Residents log repair requests on the app which are then taken up by the housekeeping team.

Providing instant view: Admins can scan the equipment QR code for a holistic view of the asset. It ensures that all information, including service history and schedule, is at our fingertips. 

Tracking repair and maintenance: Admins can track the state of repairs and maintenance on the premises. They can view pending tasks and the person responsible for their completion. 

Society maintenance app also helps in improving the overall operational efficiency of the MC and RWAs. To know more, read our article Enhancing Communication & Transparency with Apartment Maintenance System.

If you want to learn more about our society maintenance app, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use to improve the maintenance of equipment and assets in the community premises.