A rental property is a valuable investment property. However, managing a rental property can be challenging, especially for absentee owners like non-resident Indians. Even owners living in the same city can find it difficult to be available for site visits or handle queries from prospective tenants. 

On the other hand, tenants today expect appropriate returns for their money.  With the high value of rentals, they expect a smooth journey during the negotiation and closing process. ApnaComplex Rentals management services focus on enhancing the tenant experience, connecting them with the landlord, and ensuring that their interests are protected. 

What are rental management services?

Rental management services offer an all-inclusive approach, bringing together both landlords and tenants on the same platform. For instance, ApnaComplex Rentals offer a hybrid offline-online approach to ease the rental journey, from search and discovery to move-in. Read in detail in our article ApnaComplex Launches Rental Feature. Now, Move within Leading Gated Communities with Ease.

Enhancing tenant experience

In an industry dominated by unregulated small brokers, rental management solutions like ApnaComplex Rentals have carved a niche in a very short time. Their fast-emerging market position comes from the ability to deliver a superior service standard. This includes tenant-oriented services like:

Connecting with landlords

Landlords have to be available to answer the tenant’s queries and site visits. This can be challenging for most landlords even when they are in the same city, let alone for non-resident homeowners. ApnaComplex rental management services help tenants to connect with landlords. Unlike a landlord, the tenants can reach out to the rental manager at any time.

Convenient scheduling

When do you go for a site visit? Multiple tenant tours are one of the biggest problems for landlords. They have to juggle visits with their other commitments. Hence, tenants often have to wait for days for a suitable time. With a rental manager, you have the convenience of fixing any time for site visits. 

Negotiation support

Once a property has been finalised, property negotiation is one of the biggest hurdles. Rentals management services work with both landlords and tenants to reach a mutually agreeable rent. Responsible managers can also guide tenants to find properties within their affordable range. They can also help tenants to negotiate their high rental deposit. Read more about How People are Arranging for a Rental Security Deposit.

Trusted properties

Tenants have to stay vigilant against rental and lease scams. With an absentee landlord, it can be difficult to check their validity and authenticity. Recent reports show that tenants are being scammed out of their savings in the guise of immediate leases. To remove any possibility of such scams, ApnaComplex Rentals thoroughly vets every property. To find out more read, Rental & Lease Scams: What they are & How to Avoid them.

Legal compliance

One of the critical differences created by rental management services is the regularisation of the home rental industry. Barring a few states, there are no set rules regarding rental agreements. ApnaComplex Rentals ensures that both landlords and tenants have a signed agreement that protects both their interests. As a legal document, it is binding on both parties. You can find more details in our article, What is a Rental Agreement & Why you Should Get One.

Move-in support

One of the unique advantages of ApnaComplex Rentals is the end-to-end support it provides the tenants. This support is extended from negotiation to move-in support. Renters can find home services like movers & packers and deep cleaning services. 

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