Change is the only constant. Change allows us to grow and improve. As the needs and requirements of our communities change, ApnaComplex has kept pace with continued innovation to stay in step with the needs of Management Committees (MCs) and Resident Welfare Associations (RWA). With this in mind, the app now has a complete revamp with a new logo, functions, and improved functionalities. Read more about ApnaComplex refreshed and its enhanced functionalities. 

What to expect from ApnaComplex Refreshed?

With a refreshing sleek and modern look, the new app has an intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly interface. Here are some of the changes that you can look forward to:

New logo

ApnaComplex refresh comes with a new logo and colour theme. Users will now find a fresh new look in different colours and icons. 

Intuitive & modern homepage

The homepage offers a consolidated view for quick action. The design was developed according to the most used features. It includes facility booking, complaints, community corner, bills & payments, home store, and rentals. Additional features are also accessible with just a click. 

My Unit

My Unit has been completely revamped in the new ApnaComplex. Members can access all details under the convenient tabs of ‘Overview’ and ‘Unit details’. The Overview shows members, vehicles, and staff details associated with the unit. 

Residents can also find pending complaints and dues, lease details, and important documents like the minutes of Annual General Meetings. The ‘Unit details’ tab is more descriptive with attributes like occupancy status, built-up area, utility connections, and GST number. 

Visitor swipe-down

Now trace all visitor movement by just swiping down the Homepage. You can see all your recent guests at just a glance. The panel also offers quick access to other gate and visitor-related functionalities including visitor approvals.

Admin dashboard

The intuitive admin dashboard facilitates quick access to routine operations. It includes instant view of Notices, Members, Broadcasts, Complaints, Facility, and Maintenance logs. Admins can view approved and pending notices and bookings. They can add and remove members as well as check the status of all pending complaints. The handiest feature is the quick view of pending tasks. 

Frequent visitor pass

Allow frequent visitor entries with just a click. Residents can create a Gatepass for multiple guests for an entire month or for specific (non-continuous) dates. With ApnaComplex refreshed, this upgrade is designed to allow smooth entries for guests who visit frequently. It also allows residents to automate entries for delivery people, cabs, and other service personnel for a maximum period of a month, thus reducing disruptions caused by repeated approval requests.

QR-based entry

When it comes to gate entries, your unique member number acts as your dual identity. But this can cause its own troubles. Forgetting the number can mean wasted time at the gate as you work out some other way to enter. ApnaComplex refresh offers an alternative with QR-based entry. Members can enter by just scanning their QR code. 

Global search

Short of time? The global search is designed to save time and effort through a quick search. With quick access, you can navigate the app with ease. Find Facility Management, Complaints, Homestore, and Rentals with just a click.

If you want to learn more about the ApnaComplex refreshed, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will reacquaint you with the refreshed new look and how you can leverage its enhanced functionality.