Challenges have emerged as the real estate sector attempts to digitalise rapidly. One of the biggest hurdles in this transition is the lack of technical expertise. The absence of an integrated solution in consumer engagement and community automation further compounds this gap. Consequently, many developers found themselves relying on different software for their operations. 

ApnaComplex white label benefits address this gap by integrating different functions on one platform – from post-sales to post-possession. The app-based platform, backed by an award-winning ERP integrates different functionalities on one platform. Thus, it is easy to follow and monitor while promoting transparency.

ApnaComplex white label benefits

These solutions have been developed in close association with developers and builders. The integrated platform offers the following benefits:

Tested solutions 

With over 13 years of experience, ApnaComplex offers a tested platform in community automation. It was developed and enriched through close collaborations and interactions with developers, builders, facility managers, Resident Welfare Associations, Management committees, property owners, and tenants. The platform has evolved over the years to meet emerging challenges that were tested on the ground. Relying on tested solutions also mean lower risks for maximal returns. 

Focus on core business

One white label benefit is that it allows the developer or the builder to focus on their core business while diversifying their portfolio. Given that technology keeps changing at a rapid pace, this can be a critical benefit. It liberates the developer from a continual focus on technology and diversion of their resources.

Meet customer expectations

The chief impetus behind the digital transition of the real estate sector comes from the changing expectations of the consumer. The modern consumer expects smart support in every area, from billing to communication. Hence, businesses have been forced to transition digitally despite the initial lag. 

Enhance branding

With ApnaComplex white label solutions, developers and builders can leverage their services under their own brand. The app ensures that the brand stays visible throughout the buyer journey. The customer is onboarded on the developer app after signing the sales deed and continues even after the homeowner or tenant moves into the community. This also holds true in the case of commercial white label partnerships. 

Consequently, a resident in a gated community uses the developer app to pay maintenance, book facilities, and register complaints. The app usage remains equally high in workplaces. Employees and facility managers use it for entering the premises, parking vehicles and even booking meeting rooms. Thus, it ensures that the app remains in the user’s focus at all times. 

Fast delivery

What happens when a developer needs a fast transition of their platform? Instead of getting bogged down by doing it solo or by looking for digital expertise from non-experts, the safest solution is to adopt a tested platform. ApnaComplex white label benefits thus, includes the quickest route to the market with time-tested solutions. 

Data privacy 

Data security is a prime concern for most developers. Apart from ensuring compliance, this is also critical in securing the trust and confidence of the market. ApnaComplex white label benefits include data security through end-to-end encryption. Effectively, it means that the consumer data remains with the developer and cannot be accessed by any third party. Say goodbye to pesky advertising messages or calls and ensure consumer data remains secure.

Save effort with automation 

With ApnaComplex, you can automate tasks like raising invoices, issuing receipts, and payment reconciliations. Customers can set up payment schedules with due reminders. Similarly, the post-possession functionalities ensure end-to-end automation, from accounting & billing to maintenance collection and asset management. Automation removes any manual intervention, reducing effort, cost of operations, and chances of errors. 

Driving sales referrals

The app offers a loyalty program that the developer can leverage to facilitate sales. Users can view upcoming projects, check their previous references, and add referrals for interested buyers. Thus, the app incentivises existing property buyers to drive sales. 

Read more about ApnaComplex white label solutions here.  If you want to learn more about white label benefits, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use to enhance your brand while improving residential and workplace experience in gated communities and offices!