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Resolving challenges in workplace visitor management

Workplace Visitor Management: Challenges & Solutions with ANACITY Business

As workplaces become more complex and vast, managing visitor entries has become even more challenging. At the same time, it is even more important for ensuring compliance, efficiency, and security. Workplace visitor management should not only enhance security but also help create a professional and welcoming atmosphere. 

In this article, we will explore the common challenges associated with workplace visitor management and how ANACITY Business leverages technology to address them. Features like access control, pre-approvals, and QR-based entry minimise human intervention, thus ensuring resource efficiency. It also shortens waiting time in the lobby while enhancing security. 

Challenges in workplace visitor management

Following are some of the common challenges in managing workplace entries: 

Security Concerns

Ensuring the security of the workplace is the primary concern when managing visitors. Unauthorised access or lax visitor management can lead to security breaches and potentially compromise sensitive information. In a large commercial complex, the security also has to deal with restricting access. For instance, a visitor to one office cannot have access to other offices in the building. It’s also crucial to strike a balance between welcoming guests and protecting the workplace.

Solution: ANACITY Business ensures robust access control systems through approval-based entries. Since all entries are recorded digitally, it is also easier to track visitors. Smart access control bars entry for unauthorised people. Thus, it ensures that visitors cannot enter offices or other facilities unless authorised. Read more in our article, Smart Security Systems: How ANACITY Business Makes your Workplace Safe & Secure.

Inefficient check-in procedures

Cumbersome visitor check-in procedures can create bottlenecks and negatively impact the visitor experience. Long wait times can frustrate visitors and staff, resulting in a poor first impression of the workplace. 

Solution: Streamline the check-in process with ANACITY Business smart visitor management software. Guests can be pre-approved for smooth entries. Walk-in guests can also be approved through app notifications. Approved entries are further made smooth through QR-based entries where visitors can just scan a QR for quick access. 


As a workplace grows, the challenge of managing a high volume of visitors simultaneously increases. Handling large numbers of guests efficiently can be a daunting task.

Solution: As a cloud-based solution, the ANACITY Business visitor management system is not hindered by scale. Cloud-based systems can adapt to the changing needs of a growing workplace, allowing for easy expansion without compromising efficiency.

Visitor Experience

A poor visitor experience can create a negative impression of the workplace and may impact business relationships. Cumbersome check-in processes, unfriendly staff, or a lack of clear directions can all contribute to a less-than-optimal experience.

Solution: ANACITY Business ensures a positive visitor experience at the lobby by significantly reducing the waiting time at the lobby. It minimises human intervention and the usual bottlenecks at entry points. 

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, quickly identifying and accounting for visitors is a critical concern. Traditional visitor logs and manual processes can hinder swift response times. It may also become necessary to close access to certain areas or facilities during emergencies. For instance, lift usage is restricted in a fire.

Solution: ANACITY Business visitor management software can instantly track current visitors, enabling the security to react promptly. ANACITY Business also offers an emergency tab that allows any user to quickly call the security. 

Workplace visitor management is crucial for maintaining security, creating a professional atmosphere, and enhancing the overall visitor experience. ANACITY Business is developed to address these issues effectively, streamlining the process, enhancing security, and ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Choosing a white label solution

Choosing White Label Solutions in Community Automation – What to Look for

As more developers seek to provide robust, efficient, and user-friendly solutions for community management, developing the right technology is the first and biggest hurdle. White label solutions offer the most viable alternative. It enables developers to focus on their core competencies while delivering a tailored product that can be easily branded and customised for clients. 

However, choosing the right white label solution is critical. In this article, we will explore what developers should look for when adopting white label solutions for community automation.

Choosing white label solutions

Features like accounting, billing, communication, facility & asset management are the must-have and are usually offered by most platforms. But providing these features is not sufficient. A good white label solution should also offer:

Customisation capabilities

One of the primary advantages of white label solutions is the ability to customize the product to meet the unique needs of your clients. Developers should seek platforms that offer a high degree of flexibility and customisation. A robust customisation capability ensures that the platform can be tailored to fit the branding and specific requirements of different community management companies.

ApnaComplex white label solutions are completely tailor-made with a unique user interface, and customisable features. It is an open platform that allows easy integration of diverse digital solutions. Thus, it acts as a single platform that integrates critical solutions like payment gateways, water & power meters, biometric ID, and vehicle barriers. 

Scalability & performance

Community automation systems must be capable of handling a growing number of users and data over time. Developers should look for white label solutions that offer scalability without compromising on performance. ApnaComplex is, thus, able to handle increased data loads, user traffic, and additional functionalities without experiencing significant downtime or performance issues.

Security & data privacy

Community automation involves handling sensitive data, including personal information, financial records, and communication logs. Security and data privacy are paramount. Developers should choose white label solutions that prioritize data security and compliance with data protection regulations. 

ApnaComplex ensures end-to-end encryption to ensure data security. Find out more about our Data Security and Privacy Policy. ApnaComplex is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified. Read our article to know What it Means & Why it Matters.

Integration & compatibility

A white label solution that seamlessly integrates with other software systems is a developer’s dream. Look for solutions that offer robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and support for industry-standard integration protocols. ApnaComplex ensures that the community automation software can be integrated with accounting systems, communication tools, or any other applications your clients rely on.

Reliability & support

Reliability is crucial in community automation as any downtime can disrupt essential operations. Developers should choose white label solutions that are backed by reliable hosting and support services. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and 24/7 technical support. When issues arise, having a responsive team like the ApnaComplex support team can make all the difference in ensuring seamless community operations and swift resolution of issues.

User experience 

An intuitive user interface is essential for user adoption. Developers should select white label solutions that provide a user-friendly experience for administrators, staff, and residents. Consider the accessibility features of the solution to ensure it can be used by a broad audience. Both the ApnaComplex app and the web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are easy to use.

Industry experience

With more than 13 years in the industry, the ApnaComplex platform has been enriched by its interaction with leading developers, builders, facility managers, Resident Owner Associations, Management Committees and residents. As a result, the platform has been enriched over the years to meet their specific requirements. 

We understand the issues faced by residential and workplace communities. We have successfully onboarded around 6000 communities. It gives us a unique insight into the challenges faced by resident associations and the best possible solutions. Learn more in our article ApnaComplex White Label Solutions: 360° Digitalisation for Builders & Developers.

Also, don’t miss reading Branding to Automation: ApnaComplex White Label Benefits You Should Know About.

By considering these factors, developers can deliver tailored and robust automation solutions that meet the diverse needs of a community, ultimately leading to client satisfaction and success in this competitive market. If you want to learn more about our white label solutions, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229.

ApnaComplex white label benefits

Branding to Automation: ApnaComplex White Label Benefits You Should Know About

Challenges have emerged as the real estate sector attempts to digitalise rapidly. One of the biggest hurdles in this transition is the lack of technical expertise. The absence of an integrated solution in consumer engagement and community automation further compounds this gap. Consequently, many developers found themselves relying on different software for their operations. 

ApnaComplex white label benefits address this gap by integrating different functions on one platform – from post-sales to post-possession. The app-based platform, backed by an award-winning ERP integrates different functionalities on one platform. Thus, it is easy to follow and monitor while promoting transparency.

ApnaComplex white label benefits

These solutions have been developed in close association with developers and builders. The integrated platform offers the following benefits:

Tested solutions 

With over 13 years of experience, ApnaComplex offers a tested platform in community automation. It was developed and enriched through close collaborations and interactions with developers, builders, facility managers, Resident Welfare Associations, Management committees, property owners, and tenants. The platform has evolved over the years to meet emerging challenges that were tested on the ground. Relying on tested solutions also mean lower risks for maximal returns. 

Focus on core business

One white label benefit is that it allows the developer or the builder to focus on their core business while diversifying their portfolio. Given that technology keeps changing at a rapid pace, this can be a critical benefit. It liberates the developer from a continual focus on technology and diversion of their resources.

Meet customer expectations

The chief impetus behind the digital transition of the real estate sector comes from the changing expectations of the consumer. The modern consumer expects smart support in every area, from billing to communication. Hence, businesses have been forced to transition digitally despite the initial lag. 

Enhance branding

With ApnaComplex white label solutions, developers and builders can leverage their services under their own brand. The app ensures that the brand stays visible throughout the buyer journey. The customer is onboarded on the developer app after signing the sales deed and continues even after the homeowner or tenant moves into the community. This also holds true in the case of commercial white label partnerships. 

Consequently, a resident in a gated community uses the developer app to pay maintenance, book facilities, and register complaints. The app usage remains equally high in workplaces. Employees and facility managers use it for entering the premises, parking vehicles and even booking meeting rooms. Thus, it ensures that the app remains in the user’s focus at all times. 

Fast delivery

What happens when a developer needs a fast transition of their platform? Instead of getting bogged down by doing it solo or by looking for digital expertise from non-experts, the safest solution is to adopt a tested platform. ApnaComplex white label benefits thus, includes the quickest route to the market with time-tested solutions. 

Data privacy 

Data security is a prime concern for most developers. Apart from ensuring compliance, this is also critical in securing the trust and confidence of the market. ApnaComplex white label benefits include data security through end-to-end encryption. Effectively, it means that the consumer data remains with the developer and cannot be accessed by any third party. Say goodbye to pesky advertising messages or calls and ensure consumer data remains secure.

Save effort with automation 

With ApnaComplex, you can automate tasks like raising invoices, issuing receipts, and payment reconciliations. Customers can set up payment schedules with due reminders. Similarly, the post-possession functionalities ensure end-to-end automation, from accounting & billing to maintenance collection and asset management. Automation removes any manual intervention, reducing effort, cost of operations, and chances of errors. 

Driving sales referrals

The app offers a loyalty program that the developer can leverage to facilitate sales. Users can view upcoming projects, check their previous references, and add referrals for interested buyers. Thus, the app incentivises existing property buyers to drive sales. 

Read more about ApnaComplex white label solutions here.  If you want to learn more about white label benefits, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use to enhance your brand while improving residential and workplace experience in gated communities and offices!

Smart Security System with ANACITY Business

Smart Security Systems: How ANACITY Business Makes your Workplace Safe & Secure

Security is a main concern for any workplace. With high traffic of known and unknown people visiting the premises, visitor management and access control can become challenging. Traditionally, access was managed manually, creating inefficiencies arising out of gaps in recording data or getting approvals.

ANACITY Business offers smart security systems for workplaces that are designed to resolve these gaps, creating a system that is easy to track and monitor. There are two main modules that help in strengthening security in workplaces – visitor management and access control.

Securing your workplace 

Managing security in workplaces is challenging with heavy traffic of employees, invited visitors, and walk-ins. ANACITY resolves these challenges by regulating access through a single platform.

Visitor management

The app-based visitor management system digitises the approvals and pre-approvals to ensure smooth entry for everyone. It offers multiple benefits, including:

Quick approvals: Visitor approvals are sought via the app, removing any need for calls. 

Pre-approvals: Ensure that approved guests can enter without wasting any time at the gate or the lobby. 

Visitor data: Digital data is far less susceptible to damage or loss when compared with registers and paper documents. This means that visitor data is easily retrieved when required.

Guard patrolling: The guards scan geo-tagged QR codes in less-visited areas on the app during their daily patrols. This data helps the supervisor identify gaps in the patrol routes without being physically present. 

Access control

Smart access control at turnstiles, lifts, and facilities like meeting rooms, ensures that only authorised personnel are allowed. A wireless, cloud-based system removes the need to check entries manually. Instead, access is granted via smartphone or biometric credentials. This ensures the following:

Security: Unauthorised people cannot enter the premises.

Time & role-based access: Restrict entries as per time and role. 

Emergency lockdown: Ensure all doors are locked or unlocked during emergencies. 

No manual intervention: A cloud-based system removes any need for the physical presence of guards at every checkpoint.

Facility management: Regulate access to facilities and meeting rooms.  

If you want to learn more about ANACITY Business, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various security features you can use for regulating access in the workplace!

White label solutions by ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex White Label Solutions: 360° Digitalisation for Builders & Developers

The real estate sector has been slow to climb on the technology train with many leading developers still relying on manual processes to engage with their customers. This has led to some obvious gaps with inefficient use of resources, lack of transparency, and failure to leverage data or analytics in improving the user experience. With consumers now expecting full digital support, developers and builders can longer afford to ignore their digital transformation. 

While verticals such as property listings picked up, there is still a gap when it comes to customer-centric solutions for builders and developers. Consequently, many developers and builders have been forced to digitise on their own. This can be challenging since technology is not a core focus for most real estate companies. ApnComplex white label solutions address these unique requirements and challenges.

What are ApnaComplex white label solutions?

White label solutions are created by one company that are then sold by another company under its own unique branding. It allows businesses to diversify their portfolio without investing in developing different capabilities, thus ensuring their focus remains on their core offering.

With ApnaComplex, builders and developers can digitally transform their customer experience on a single platform under their own brand. The app-based platform is backed by an award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The platform consolidates different functionalities, enabling developers to offer end-to-end digital assistance to their clients, from post-sales support to post-possession.

What do you get with ApnaComplex white label solutions?

The white label solutions can be split into two segments – post-sales and post-possession. 


The post-sales journey begins right after the customer books his/her home or unit as they are onboarded on the app. Powered by specially developed Customer Relationship Management and ERP integration, the white label solution offers a single platform for the entire customer journey. This includes:

Sales referrals: The app offers a loyalty program to incentivice existing customers for sales referrals. Users can view upcoming projects, the status of previous references, and refer interested buyers. This feature can be powerful in funneling sales referrals through existing homeowners and tenants. 

Invoicing: The platform digitises the entire invoicing with smart ERP integration. Raise invoices, track installments, and automate the issuing of receipts with zero manual intervention. Buyers can set payment schedules and get reminders for due dates via push notifications or emails. They can pay via the app and receive receipts. 

Payment reconciliation: Eliminate suspense entries and automate reconciliations. This ensures greater transparency and accountability, eliminating any human errors. In addition, the system also generates defaulters’ lists which can be accessed in an instant. 

Communication: In today’s hyper-connected world, every home or unit buyer expects to be kept in the loop on his/her investment. Traditionally, communication was carried out through inefficient, wasteful, cost-ineffective, and time-consuming snail mail. The ApnaComplex white label solution moves the entire communication to a far more familiar digital medium of an app.

Buyers receive all critical information, including property documents and monthly construction updates, on their phones. The app also works as a digital repository for critical documents.


The full-stack post-possession support ensures that the property buyers stay connected through the app, thus strengthening the developer/builder brand. Developed over 12+ years, in close collaboration with leading developers, Management Committees, Resident Associations, tenants, and residents in gated communities.   

The app-based community automation and smart security solution leverages intuitive technology to enhance residential and workplace experience in gated communities and commercial workspaces. It is backed by an award-winning ERP system with industry-leading solutions. These solutions include:

  • Smart visitor management system
  • Parking allocation
  • Access control
  • Accounting & billing
  • Complaint management
  • Resident communication & engagement 
  • Facility booking & management
  • Clubhouse management 
  • Asset management
  • Rent & maintenance payment

Concierge and rental services: The post-possession module also includes add-on services to facilitate the residential or workplace experience. These are:

  • Home services: Book a deep clean or find movers & packers on the app. Residents can find special offers and discounts. 
  • Rental & resale: Backed by a professional onsite team, the app facilitates rental and resale management services. Homeowners can list their properties while prospective tenants can search extensive listings to find a suitable home. These services include support with rental agreements, KYC & background search, as well as move-in services.

If you want to learn more about our white label solutions, contact us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use to enhance your brand while improving residential and workplace experience in gated communities and offices!