With more than 13 years of leading community management automation, ApnaComplex has emerged as one of the dominant Proptech players in India. Today it has a strong presence, automating lakhs of households in gated communities nationwide. ApnaComplex’s growth has been mirrored, and even surpassed, by our global arm, ANACITY. The company has grown exponentially in the Middle East, emerging as the preferred platform for Owner Associations, developers, and residents. 

ApnaComplex is now going for a brand refresh as ANACITY, with a new logo to unify under a single global identity. This rebranding exercise incorporates our award-winning best-in-class tech solutions for society and household users in India.

What does the rebrand involve?

A host of benefits accompany this brand transition. Our clients in India can now get the advantage of the latest technology advancements that ANACITY has implemented within the international arena. In terms of usage, the rebrand will not impact access to the web portal or mobile app.

ApnaComplex icon will undergo an automatic transition to ANACITY IN on mobile phones. Users can log in at the backend web portal, www.anacity.com/in with their current login and password. 

Award-winning platform

ANACITY has been widely recognised as a leading community management platform, sweeping top awards at the prestigious IRECMS Dubai Awards 2023, winning Proptech Company of the Year, Most Innovative Initiative of the Year, and Best Digital Transformation of the Year. 

A peerless jury selected ANACITY for its tech prowess, exemplary relations, commitment to innovation, vision, and direction. You can read about these awards in detail here:

What users can look forward to?

The new logo and name rebrand unify our domestic and international identity. For the user, it means:

  • A community platform that meets international standards of excellence
  • Access to award-winning Proptech
  • Best-in-class tech solutions 
  • Special features developed for select global clients 

If you want further clarifications, feel free to contact us at support or call 80886 11229.