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7 Powerful Guidelines for Cash Locker and Almirah placement that you should apply Now!

Have you ever thought about how you should place different objects at home as per Vastu?  Do you know the direction, colour, and material of the cash locker and almirah for wealth and prosperity? Yes, it is very important to know the placement, colour, and material before placing any object or item. Here are some Guidelines for placing an Almirah (wardrobe) or Cash Locker that you must apply now:

  1. Do not use almirah made of stones or marbles. Always prefer wood or iron almirah in the bedroom.
  2. Almirah should be placed in Southwest direction so that it opens in North or East.
  3. Almirah should be in some subtle colours like cream or light colour shades.
  4. Make sure not to have any mirror on the Southwest almirah.
  5. Placement of Almirah has different impacts for different rooms and should be placed as per Vastu guidelines.
  6. For Bedroom Almirah-
  • Place bedroom cabinet or almirah in Northeast or Southwest corner.
  • Mirrors on almirah must be avoided especially if this almirah is placed in your bedroom.
  • If there is a mirror on the bedroom almirah, make sure it is not facing the bed.
  • Avoid dark coloured wardrobe or almirah in the bedroom. Use light-coloured almirah.
  • For the bedroom, the almirah or wardrobe should open in east or south direction.
  1. For Cash Almirah-
  • Make sure the cash almirah or locker is comprised of a single door.
  • The placement of the cash almirah or locker should be such that it is facing the North. Since North is the direction of Kuber, so it is believed that Lord Kuber refills the cash.
  • Do not place the cash almirah in Northeast, more expenses will be there and ultimately loss of cash.

Conclusion- There is no substitute for hard work, but if you follow these guidelines it helps to balance the energies in the surroundings and attract more positivity to your home.

ApnaComplex: The 3 Ways To Manage Your Staff

Have you checked out our Staff Management Features yet?

Do you remember the 90s classic, “Chachi 420?” This movie about a nanny in disguise tickled everybody’s funny bone. But in real life, wouldn’t this situation be a tad alarming?

Almost every Indian household employs a household staff. Their presence is a part of our daily routine. The day they fail to show up, is the day, the entire household often screeches to a standstill. Now wouldn’t it be easier if we could track the attendance of our staff on a day-to-day basis?

ApnaComplex offers a unique and detailed feature to enable you to do just that! With our Staff Management Feature, you can track and maintain a log of the staff employed in your apartment complex.

The Staff in a Gated Community

Most societies have three categories of staff members employed within its gates.

  1. Domestic Staff: These are the staff members employed by the families, like, maids, cooks, drivers, and so on.
  1. Maintenance Staff: These are the staff members employed by the community like security staff, landscapers, plumbers, etc.
  1. Temporary Staff: This is the staff that is hired for a temporary period like carpenters or painters.

With so many people employed in one location, the movement in and out of the main gate poses a significant security concern. How do you know who has come in, and who has already left? This is where we can assist you.

Three Ways to Verify Attendance

In the current market, there are many apps that allow you to track staff attendance. While any of them can provide the basics, The ApnaComplex Staff Management Feature offers you a little bit more! With our fully integrated systems, residents receive an instant notification on their ApnaComplex app the minute a member of their household staff enters or exits the society gate. We offer you three ways to do this-

  1. By a picture

When the member of the staff is entering your society, the security guard can use this feature to click a picture. This enables the resident to know that their employee has entered the society complex and will report for duty soon. If the staff is hired in multiple households, the notification will be sent to each of one. This allows you to maintain an attendance log. This is especially beneficial if your employee is on a payroll.

  1. By RFID

This is a step-up from merely clicking a picture. Every member of the staff is issued an RFID card. A reader is installed at the main gate. When the member of the staff enters the gate, they are directed to scan their IDs. What is more, limited-period access can be given to staff hired for a temporary job. The resident can specify the duration for which the employee is permitted within the campus. When the validity expires, that staff member is debarred from entering the gate.

  1. By Biometrics

This is a foolproof security system. If you opt for biometrics, we provide you with a fingerprint reader or facial recognition software that is fully integrated with your ApnaComplex app. This enables the app to send you an instant notification when the staff member scans their finger at the gate.

Attendance vs Authentication

While pictures and RFID allow you to track attendance, they have their own drawbacks. Picture verification can help you create a log and track attendance. Incase of a security breach this log can help in an investigation. However, this is not a foolproof security system. The same applies to RFIDs. If the IDs exchange hands, security can take a serious hit. To make your apartment complex truly secure ApnaComplex recommends Biometrics. This system makes it impossible for a person to impersonate someone else. This means no more Chachi 420 moments in your society! Employers know exactly who is in, and who is out.


The ApnaComplex app allows you to create a database of staff members employed throughout your society. This database can be fed by both residents, as well as the security guard. This feature also provides a rating system for your staff. So if there are any other residents searching for new employees, they can skim through the existing database of staff employed within the same society. They can then hire a person based on their rating.

The life of an Indian household typically revolves around the household staff. The schedule of the entire family is built around their comings and goings. So allow us to make it a little easier!

Check out our Staff Management features here: 


go cashless

6 Reasons Why A Cashless Society Is Here To Stay

With the new cashless wave gaining momentum in India, societies all over are adopting various ways of doing their bit to forward this initiative. Here’s why everyone should go cashless starting from today –


(Firstly, to avoid this…)

go cashless


  • Track dues and payments automatically

Now, Indians will make payments for most purchases/liabilities online. Automatic withdrawal and payment from connected accounts are also an option. So, there are no dues pending at the end of every month and that gets ticked off your to-do list instantly, without even having to make a confirmation.

go cashless


  • Cloud-based auto sync in real-time

All transactions are updated in books online and accounts are kept up-to-date after every transaction. Even people not so good at math will like this number game. Going cashless isn’t so bad after all.

go cashless


  • No long queues to wait around in

Queues that move quickly are a crowd favourite. A place where personal presence is optional is looked forward to by everyone, not just by introverts. Anyone who can’t be at a particular place at a specific time would appreciate such a development.

go cashless


  • Countrywide acceptance of this stance

This line of thinking will be eventually accepted and put into practice all over the nation. So, purchasing most things gets easier when done directly using an e-account.

go cashless


  • Chances of robbery & theft are low

When there isn’t enough to rob, why would someone painstakingly make the effort to break in and steal? Travelling outstation also gets easier since staying connected with your funds becomes more flexible. This is a great move for tourists looking forward to exploring our country.

go cashless


  • You can’t get lazier than swiping a card / pre-storing payment details just ONCE!

There will be no such thing as overusing your card, especially during difficult times. Swipe it for a purchase and you’re good to go. No more hunting for change in your pocket / wallet / bag / other nooks and crannies they managed to slip into. Added bonus: It just adds to your laziness. Now, who would want to go against that?

go cashless


But, a move like this cannot be taken for granted. Regular monitoring of one’s own funds is the primary reason for this move to be able to thrive. You can check your account details online without the hassle of visiting the bank by visiting the website provided by it instead. The web and mobile applications made available by banks equip you with another option to go cashless.


Let’s make a conscious and informed effort towards having a cashless society.


Going cashless in your society is easy with Collection Gateway by ApnaComplex. Try it here. Go cashless today!

Summer Tips For Housing Society Members – Giving Your Interiors A Summer Makeover

The summer brings along bright colors and brighter moods into a housing society, and you should get your house ready and tweaked just for the season. You can give your flat a neat summer makeover without going through the expense of redesigning your interiors.

Keeping Home Cool During Summer

Here are some makeover tips for housing society members, to bring in the summer feel into the house.


  • If your walls are painted in dark colors, relieve them by putting up bright cheerful wall hangings.
  • If you can, try painting one wall in a warm color that sets off the other walls, and has the effect of brightening up the room.

Cushions and Covers

Throw some warm colored cushions on the sofa. Change the upholstery to match the summer colors.


Remove the dark curtains and replace them with light colored drapes. Not only will they add warmth to the color scheme, they will absorb less heat and keep the interiors cool.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

  • Use warm colors in your dining area. Use a bright colored table cloth, and bright place mats.
  • Place bowls of fruits in the kitchen and dining areas. Start using bright colored kitchen cloth too.
  • Use bright colored crockery to add to the summer feel, and all these can keep your spirits up.


Put in light colored towels and curtains in the bathroom, and make sure that the bathroom is well equipped as you’ll be using it regularly to beat the heat.


  • Replace the heavy winter rugs and carpets on the floor with light, summer colored rugs.
  • If you have a bright polished flooring, remove the rugs and carpets where possible, to let the polished floor reflect the light and make the room brighter.


Put up some brightly themed paintings, to bring a fresh look into your house. Pictures of beaches or other tropical themes will add to the summer effect.


Use air fresheners with a fresh citric feel. Freshen up the house with lime, mint or other similar fragrances.

Lights and Colors

  • Use bright colored lamp shades.
  • Replace the quilts with cool sheets. Use sheets with cheerful, warm patterns, to lighten up the room.
  • Throw open windows during the cooler parts of the day to let in some light.
  • Clear the clutter. Keeping your room free of clutter will make it seem bigger and lighter.
  • Bring in some fresh bright colored flowers, and put them in vases.


If you have a common garden, include it in your makeover. Put in some potted plants with fresh new blooms. Your housing society can plan ahead by planting colorful flowers and shrubs that will burst into fresh blooms and cheery colors during the summer.

You can of course, go ahead and do a whole summer makeover for your home. If you don’t want to burn a hole through your pocket, just use your imagination, and make use of things that you already have.

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Housing Society Living – Setting up the Right Storage Plan

Storage PlanA crammed up cabinet, inaccessible attics or bursting basements can be your nemesis if you are inefficient at managing your house storage system. Many people yearn for a bigger space or larger quarters when they feel their storage space is being suffocated with more items.Moving into a bigger space is not the only solution to crammed places. Storage issues have the bread and dough quality: they increase and occupy the entire volume of the container and create a sticky mess over the sides of the container. A perfect house storage plan is needed to put things in their right place. It will need some time to implement the ABC plan for storage management, but it should re-invent your place.

  • A – Assessment
  • B – Box and Banish; and
  • C – Control and Corral

The Assessment

Start figuring out all the things that you have and where should they fit in. In order to put all that in place, you have to assess your household storage possibilities and the storage needs of your family. Take an hour off your working time and make an assessment by formulating two lists.

First, check the area from the attic to the cellar and make a list of everything you want to store ‑ small or large. The space above the shelves and beneath the beds and storage spots in the backyard ‑ every place needs to be figured out.

Second, list out all the items that need to be stored. Importantly, list down all the items you need to store in your household such as seasonal décor items, clothing, sporting goods, household file archives, hospitality supplies, hardware and tools and original packaging of the items you had bought.

Banish and Box

You can store the seasonal decoration items under the furniture or on shelves and mark it. Similarly, during summers, you can store all the woolen clothes under your bed or in the cupboards. The new loft-styled beds have a lot of drawers and storage places which are hidden. These can be made use of by storing quilts and other warm clothes.

There are a lot of furniture items that have secret storage and can store many items. You can use large furniture to divide a large room into two such as a utensil cupboard for separating the kitchen into a dining hall and cooking space.

Corral and Control

To store most of the stuff, buy plastic air tight containers with lids so that most of the items do not become damp or develop a bad odor. Maintain a color coding to sort out things; this will make things easier to find when you are in a hurry. Cardboard boxes can be used to store old clothes and other memorabilia, and they can be kept above the furniture and shelves. You can buy a movable rack or hanger and attach it behind doors to save space.

You will be delighted to find that the space of the house has increased after you have completed the above-mentioned steps.

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ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!

The Housing Society Guide for Removing Monsoon Moss

The monsoon is welcomed in every Indian city and rightly so, because the entire atmosphere becomes fresher and greener right after the gruelling heat of the summer. However, come monsoon, you will have to face a hoard of problems starting with stagnant water to monsoon moss in your housing society.Removing monsoon moss

During the monsoon season, the persistent moisture in the air will gradually result in the formation of moss in any structure. In a housing society, the main sections that will be affected include the roofs of buildings, walkways and stone walls.

If you observe the formation of moss over your property or anywhere else in the housing society for that matter, bringing it to the notice of the maintenance team is essential. The formation of moss can weaken the building’s structure and the foundation also becomes weaker when the issue is ignored.

Using Gutters to Control Moss

Most housing societies sport gutters along the roofs of their buildings and this can provide an effective solution for a variety of problems ranging from moss formation to fungal development along the roofs.

If the roof over your balcony or the one that slopes above your windows doesn’t have a gutter, you can take the initiative to add one yourself by hiring the right professionals. With gutters, you can take care of unnecessary rotting and moisture control as well.

Removing Moss Off the Roof

If you like rolling your sleeves up and getting things done, you can try your hand at removing moss off your roof – or you can also hire a professional who can do the same.

  • You can use a broom with soft bristles in order to lightly brush away the moss that’s present on the roof. Metal rakes can also be used for this purpose. Moss will generally have thin roots, making it easy to remove.
  • Small fragments of moss and other organic matter might be left even after you use a broom, so hosing down the roof is a good idea. This will help you eliminate all traces of moss and prevent its further development.
  • Any organic debris that’s stuck in the roof can decompose, preparing an ideal ground for moss to flourish in, so run a check and remove all debris that maybe present between the tiles.
  • Trim the branches that extend over the roof as these can deposit organic debris and also aid the formation of moss by providing shade during the already moist conditions.

Removing Moss From Brick Walls

Moss that accumulates over brick walls can grow back time and again, so you’ll need to constantly check for signs of moss and remove the same time and again.

  • Bleach can be used to remove moss of walls, and this can be used in a spray cleaning bottle.
  • Once you spray the mossy part of the wall with bleach, the moss will turn white.
  • You can then use a hose to wash off all moss from the wall. You can use power washing tools for this purpose too.

The maintenance team in any apartment complex will be in charge of attending to moss growth and ensuring its proper removal, so notifying the team regularly is an ideal thing to do.

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ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trail as well so that you can try before you buy!

How to Choose a Generator for Your Housing Society

Any housing society should have proper power backup facilities or generators for its residents to enjoy living in the complex on a long term basis. Power backup has become a basic necessity as lengthy power cuts have become the order of the day. Instances of power cuts can interrupt daily life especially during the tropical summer.Choosing a generator for the housing society

The worst effect of a power cut that housewives try and counter is food spoilage. Choosing a generator is not an easy task and the housing society management should carefully look into the smallest details before purchasing a generator.

Steps to Choose a Generator

Here are some simple steps that a housing society must follow while choosing a generator:

  • Identify The Need

The housing society management needs to create a rough estimate of the appliances and fixtures that need to operate even during power cuts. Generators are not installed as substitutes for a power cut, they just aid in providing the basic facilities required during load shedding.

  • Create a Financial Estimate

An estimate should also be created on the expenses involved and the amount of money that can be spent on the power backup services. This will be taken care of the housing society management too, as all residents would have paid a predefined amount for the power backup option. Money can otherwise be collected from all the permanent residents, who can then install the power backup service.

  • Compare the Types and Decide

There are different types of generators, and the housing society management should go through these types in order to determine the one that will be effective, taking the size of the housing society into account. Professional help can be useful in this regard.

There are different types of generators, including:

  • Diesel Generators
  • LPG Generators
  • Natural Gas Generators
  • Gas Generators

Depending on the size of the apartment complex, diesel or gas generators can be chosen. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these generators can be useful.

When choosing a generator, the housing society management must find out the wattage provided by the generator, and this is usually stamped on the electrical data plate or the motor name plate of a generator.

Inductive load appliances normally require heavy power for the initial start up. For this reason, the inductive load appliance figures need to be calculated.

Gas engine generators have an added disadvantage of carbon monoxide poisoning. Such generator units need to be placed at a safe distance from the apartments. The manufacturer might try and conceal the run time offered by a gasoline generator and this should be ideally noted.

Battery invertors are quiet options that can be used in individual houses separately. The batteries need to be recharged time and again, and they will be able to provide only limited service. Battery invertors will not be ideal for places that experience long outages.

  • Install and Test the Generator

Once the type of generator is decided upon, it can be professionally ordered and installed. Information on how to use the generator and its many functions is something that needs to be trusted with one individual. An employee can be hired to run and maintain the generator and fix any minor issues that may surface in the future.

Installing a generator is not an easy task and a lot of research should be put in before a collective decision for the housing society is made. Residents can contribute with their inputs during meetings.

Get your Society on ApnaComplex – Today!

ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trail as well so that you can try before you buy!

Housing Society Knowhow – Why Green Buildings Have Higher Resale Value

Higher Resale Value
In India, the concept of Green Homes is not new anymore and neither is the idea of buying a real estate property. A green home means an apartment where the builder incorporates all the green principles such as effective waste management, rainwater harvesting, water efficiency or focusing on energy conservation.

This increases a level of eco-consciousness in people, and hence, such houses have been in great demand in the recent times. This unique combination of high-end technology and green principles has provided a huge boost to the real estate sector and has taken this to an altogether new level. Green technology also eliminates the wastage of building material, water and energy.

The Rules of Buying a Green House that will Have a High Resale Value

You should not necessarily spend a lot to make your neighbourhood and home clean and green. Now developers and builder bring innovative techniques to transform their project into a green home that is affordable. However, if you already have built a home few years back, it would not be advisable to spend a lot of money in making it green.

Easy and simple ways to conserve the environment and at the same time to transform your existing apartments into green ones is to replace your home appliances that consume a lot of electricity or the fittings or taps which have water seepages. You can insulate your homes with lightings and natural ventilation and also replace them with energy star appliances and other water saving features.

You can also convert your apartment into a green one by hanging container gardens and balcony gardening. Using single coloured flower sticks or a bunch of flowers in your bedroom could ensure some extra oxygen to these plants.

What to Look for While Buying a Green Home

  • Make sure that the property has proper energy saving and water-saving devices.
  • Choose marbles as the flooring option as they are eco-friendly.
  • Granite has an added advantage of absorbing heat and hence, is recommended as cooking slabs.
  • The location of your property should be closer to office, school and entertainment centres.
  • If the distance or location between office and home is very easy to commute on a bicycle; use the option at least twice a week.
  • Allow natural sunlight to come into your house, as it prevents the growth of mites and bed bugs.
  • Promote composting in the area you leave and avoid your usage of plastics.
  • Go for a low-VOC paint while painting your place.

All these tips can help you figure out the right eco-friendly apartment for you and lead a green life. This in turn gives you a healthy lifestyle and also helps conserve the environment. As these homes are in a great demand now, it comes with a huge resale value. This trend will continue even after a few years from now when you might look forward to buy a new apartment. Hence, make a wise purchase while buying a home as it can be helpful years down the line.

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Steps to Prevent Light Pollution in a Housing Society

Light pollution is a worldwide phenomenon that is often overlooked, especially in a housing society and other similar structures. In short, light pollution is misused or misdirected light. When outdoor lights in a housing society are improperly installed, the light problem of light pollution might surface due to obtrusive light.

Preventing Light Pollution in a Housing Society

Some steps need to be taken in order to prevent light pollution in a housing society. This problem can be easily resolved as long as the residents are informed and briefed about the same.

light pollution

  • Switch on the lights only when necessary. In housing societies, corridor and other outdoor lights are switched on even after daybreak. People responsible for handling such outdoor lights should be strictly instructed to switch off lights when not required.
  • The same can be applied to residents also. People should switch on the lights only when necessary so that light pollution is reduced.
  • Most housing societies have more outdoor lights than required. In this case, a closer speculation is needed and all additional lighting devices should be removed.
  • Do not go for high wattage lights when the work can be done using low wattage lights too. Use high wattage lights only when it is necessary. The maintenance team can run a check on all the unnecessary high wattage lights and uninstall these.
  • Housing societies should only use full cutoff fixtures for lighting appliances. These fixtures help the light shine towards the ground and prevent light from shooting out in tangents, causing light pollution.
  • Installing motion sensors can help the housing society management control light pollution. These motion sensors automatically switch on the lights when there is activity in the specific spot. This way, electricity charges are reduced and housing society members will be easily able to afford the cost of installing motion sensors.
  • Reflectors should be installed. Reflectors are lights which help outline a path, for example, like the driveway of a housing society. Housing society roads need have a network of lights to light up a path. These are easier to run and are not affected by power outages. They are considerably cheaper also.
  • Housing societies should try and use lights which diminish glare when the light is aimed downwards.

The housing society management should spread awareness among the residents of the society about light pollution. This will help all residents learn about the cause and support the same. Simple steps to prevent light pollution can even be inculcated in kids through interactive sessions on weekends.

An informal session conducted can also help adults work for this environmental cause.

The housing society management can ideally hold a resident meeting, where the exact timelines for switching on the outdoor lights and switching them off can be defined. Also, the lights that are used to illuminate the outdoors need not be flashy or high powered.

Light pollution can be prevented if the management, housing society residents and the maintenance team work together and put in some effort.

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Housing Society Knowhow – Maintaining the Community Garden

An idea that is becoming increasingly popular among housing society members is creating and maintaining a community garden. Many city based communities are now turning to community gardens to become self-sufficient and also to deal with ecological issues by adding a tinge of green to the surroundings.

Maintaining the community Garden

If you happen to live in a housing society that has a large space for gardens, your task will be easier. You can take up the lead and work towards creating a thriving space of greenery along with your neighbors and other residents.

Organizing a Community Garden in a Housing Society

First, make sure that the available space is not allocated for other purposes. Once you get that cleared and discuss your plan with the other residents, you can get down to business.

Get together a band of people who share your enthusiasm for gardening and farming. Hold a meeting that outlines the benefits of a garden within your housing society that can be more than just pleasing to the eye. You can grow vegetables and fruits in your garden if need be.

If you have just a small patch of land at hand, decide on what you can grow in it. You can choose from among growing vegetables, one or two fruit trees and some beautiful flowering plants. If you have a large plot of land, you can divide it into a vegetable patch, a fruit trees section, an herb garden and a flower garden.

Forming a Formal Association

Form a group or association for your community garden and enlist interested members. Draft a set of rules and by-laws for the group. Make it clear at the outset that each member will have to contribute towards the garden in terms of money, work and in other ways if you aim to make it a success.

Remember that in any community activity, it is good to have a legal agreement in place to avoid future complications. You can have a legal agreement drawn up listing the rules and regulations of membership. Include also a limitation of liability draft that will list what situations will be covered by the community and what will not be covered. Take out community insurance if possible.

Raising Funds

Decide how you are going to raise funds for your garden, for it will certainly involve some expense in terms of buying seeds, equipment etc. Decide if you are going to collect membership fees to make sure everyone contributes or whether the association should do the same. You can also hold fund-raising activities like cook-offs and yard sales to collect money.

Delegate Tasks

Divide the work among the members. Find out who is willing to be in charge of administration activities, fund-raising activities and who is willing to get down and dirty, doing the actual work in the garden.

Among those who are willing to do the garden work, divide the responsibility on the basis of looking after certain types of plants or, if you have a big enough plot, responsibility for small parts of the overall land.

Plan Your Garden

Take care while creating the proper infrastructure for your garden. Irrigation facilities, garden/farm equipment, seeds, fertilizers, manure, and pest control options need to be finalized.

If you have access to natural fertilizers and manure, go in for an organic garden that does not use any chemicals. This will be an added incentive to the community, to raise food uncontaminated by chemical fertilizers and other pollutants. Use waste products from the garden and kitchen waste to make your own fertilizers.

Plan the community garden for all seasons. Grow fruits and vegetables during the summer and monsoon seasons. During the winter months, grow plants that will re-fertilize the soil. Make your own compost heaps and manure to replace the nutrients in the soil that have been lost in the last growth cycle.

Plan your community garden and maintain it well and you will have an oasis in the middle of the city that not only provides a pleasant patch of green for the eye to feast on, but can provide your housing society with many food items that are naturally grown in your own community, by members of your own housing society.

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