Smart Living Tips

6 Reasons Why A Cashless Society Is Here To Stay

With the new cashless wave gaining momentum in India, societies all over are adopting various ways of doing their bit to forward this initiative. Here’s why everyone should go cashless starting from today –   (Firstly, to avoid

Summer Tips For Housing Society Members – Giving Your Interiors A Summer Makeover

The summer brings along bright colors and brighter moods into a housing society, and you should get your house ready and tweaked just for the season. You can give your flat a neat summer makeover without going

Housing Society Living – Setting up the Right Storage Plan

A crammed up cabinet, inaccessible attics or bursting basements can be your nemesis if you are inefficient at managing your house storage system. Many people yearn for a bigger space or larger quarters when they feel their

The Housing Society Guide for Removing Monsoon Moss

The monsoon is welcomed in every Indian city and rightly so, because the entire atmosphere becomes fresher and greener right after the gruelling heat of the summer. However, come monsoon, you will have to face a hoard of

How to Choose a Generator for Your Housing Society

Any housing society should have proper power backup facilities or generators for its residents to enjoy living in the complex on a long term basis. Power backup has become a basic necessity as lengthy power cuts have

Housing Society Knowhow – Why Green Buildings Have Higher Resale Value

In India, the concept of Green Homes is not new anymore and neither is the idea of buying a real estate property. A green home means an apartment where the builder incorporates all the green principles such

Steps to Prevent Light Pollution in a Housing Society

Light pollution is a worldwide phenomenon that is often overlooked, especially in a housing society and other similar structures. In short, light pollution is misused or misdirected light. When outdoor lights in a housing society are improperly

Housing Society Knowhow – Maintaining the Community Garden

An idea that is becoming increasingly popular among housing society members is creating and maintaining a community garden. Many city based communities are now turning to community gardens to become self-sufficient and also to deal with ecological

Housing Society Maintenance – Cost Effective Ways to Set Up Your House

Space and Related Expenses Setting up a house can be a complicated task or way easier than you expect it to be. The major factors that should be taken into consideration before setting up a house are

Apartment Basics – Kids’ Rooms and How to Design Them

Designing your kid’s room in your housing society flat can be quite an ordeal because of the swift pace at which kids grow and their rapidly changing tastes these days. You can implement some of these useful