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New Dashboard for “Request Approver” Role

We are happy to announce the availability of a new “consolidated” dashboard view for “Request Approver” role.

As you know “Request Approver” role in ApnaComplex can approve several types of requests – including Request Box Requests, Purchase Requests and more recently Expenditure Bills. You had to go to each of individual menu items to be able to see the requests pending for your approval. It was confusing for most users to navigate to different menu items to be able to go to each type of approval.

We have now consolidated screen for all requests pending approval for the “Request Approver” role. As soon as you switch to the role you can now notice a view with 3 tabs that lists requests pending for approval under Purchase Requests, Bills and Request Box Requests. Makes approving/rejecting requests super easy.

Request Approval Dashboard in ApnaComplex

Request Approval Dashboard in ApnaComplex

In case you navigate away from the dashboard doing other activities in this role, all you need to do to click on Home->Dashboard to be able get back the consolidated view. Do note that this view is only visible for Request Approver roles.

Soumyadeep Sur Grabs the ApnaComplex Ganesh Chaturthi Contest

Takes away Flipkart voucher worth Rs 1,000 by participating in the ApnaComplex Ganesh Chaturthi Contest.

Starting this week we ran an exciting Ganesh Chaturthi contest on our ApnaComplex Facebook page. It was an open contest for all. Participants had to tickle there brains, come up with an environmental friendly idea to celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi and post the same on our facebook and twitter pages. Soumyadeep Sur has provided the most practical Eco-Friendly idea, which is not just interesting but worth considering by all. ApnaComplex is excited to reward Soumyadeep Sur with a Flipkart Gift Voucher worth Rs 1,000.

The contest started on August 25, 2014 and concluded on August 28, 2014 at 2pm. We got some encouraging ideas from across which definitely shows that our fans are concerned about environmental safety. We would like to share few interesting ideas with all, you never know you might implement the same in the future. So lets hit it —

Detailing the celebration process

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 5

Say no to colors and think of poor

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 1







Ganesha loves food

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 2




Art will speak it all

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 3






Eco-friendly water Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 4






Why not Ganesha from the leaves

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 6



Summing up for an environment friendly Ganesh Chaturthi celebration

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 7














Ganesh – the Plant to worship

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 9





Some Sincere Prayers to conclude

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 8












It was indeed a very fruitful contest.

Did you miss this one, don’t worry we have our next one coming up right away. Share your Ganesh Celebration photos with us on our Facebook and the best photo can win exciting goodies from ApnaComplex.

ApnaComplex team wishes everyone a Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

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Announcing Personalization of your Apartment Management Portal

Change color, menu style and widen the screen space of your apartment management portal today

‘Personalization’, new feature from ApnaComplex allows the community heads and apartment owners to customize the look and feel of their portal. Choose different colors for dashboard, choose a style for the drop down menu or increase your screen space.

Log-in to your complex portal, provided by ApnaComplex – your Apartment Management Software provider. An orange setting button on the right hand-side top corner allows you to customize and personalize your portal.

Personalization Button without options






On your click it will show you 3 options as shown below—

Personalization Button with options







Detailing the features

1.     Choose Skin

This option allows you to choose different colours for your portal. Just click the colour box and you will be allowed to choose one of the four colours for your dashboard. For example if I choose maroon colour then this is how my portal is going to look

Personalization color option














2. Submenu on Hover
This option will allow you to choose on how your sub-menu will appear, drop-down or hover(appearing sidewise) on a click. Choose to stay on the drop-down style without clicking the Submenu on Hover button. Check-out the ‘Forums’ sub-menu below

Personalization Submenu option















Click the Submenu on Hover button to change the sub-menu style from drop-down to hover. Check-out the Forums hover style.

Personalization Hover option in Apartment Management Portal














3. Compact Sidebar

Increase your screen space with compact sidebar button.

The classic way – your left side menu bar appears the wider way

Personalization no compact sidebaroption














Click Compact Sidebar button and you get a wider screen space. Check your left side menubar, it gets collapsed. With this option the Sub-menu on Hover also gets selected automatically helping you in maintaining the wider screen space.

Personalization compact slider option

So what are you waiting for?

Log-in now and personalize your portal.

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Add Frequently used Pages to ‘Apna Favorites’, Access them Quicker at your Apartment Management Portal

Mark your Favorites of the many Features provided by ApnaComplex, Access them Faster and Save Time.

  • Are you the treasurer or from accounts office, frequently accessing a specific screens like Bank Reconciliation, or Approve Member Payment screens etc?
  • Are you responsible for managing the facilities and more frequently log complaints or view action items?
  • Are you responsible for handling the online notice board of your complex?

Do these set of activities fall into your kitty and you frequently visit these pages?, then just add them to your ‘Apna Favorites’ tab and access them quicker.

Its easy to get lost at times in the vast set of functionality ApnaComplex offers. Its not uncommon for us to keep getting support calls only to find out how to navigate to a particular functionality. The newly introduced ‘Apna Favorites’ functionality now allows you to access your more frequently used pages on your Apartment Management Portal, provided by ApnaComplex – the Society Billing and Accounting Software for apartment complexes, quickly.

It takes you just one click to add your frequently used page to ‘Apna Favorites’. You can add more than one page into the Apna Favorites tab. Lets have a detailed look

Identify your frequently used page which may usually take 3-4 clicks for you to reach there. Click the ‘Star’ button in the tool bar located on the top right hand-side of your apartment complex portal.

Apna Favoraites star button







A pop-up window will appear and allow you to name the page with your favorite word that best suits you to remember the page. Give a name and click ‘Save’. Like I named the ‘Log a new complaint’ page as ‘New Complaint’ and saved it. 

Apna Favoraites name change














Similarly, you can add any number of pages to the ‘Apna Favorites’ tab.

Now you can quickly access these anytime from the ‘Apna Favorites’ tab located on your left hand-side dashboard. Just click the Apna Favorites button and you will see all your added pages there.

Apna Favoraites Submenu














Click on your favorite page from the sub-menu and it will lead you that page. Like when you click ‘Complex Facility’ it leads you to that page

Apna Favoraites Selected page














It is time you define your favorites and reduce the extra time you use to spend searching for a frequently used page.

Go ahead and favorite it.

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Suncity Apartment Owners Assocation of 1200+ Apartments benefits using AnpaComplex Apartment Management Software

55% of maintenance due payments are now online, 10,000+ Resident issues solved through ApnaComplex Apartment Management Software during the Year, – says SAOA IT Enablement Team

ApnaComplex is always in the verge of offering and developing smarter ways to address the growing issues in handling the apartment complex operations, through its apartment management software. Our team got an adrenalin rush and a sense of satisfaction when we received a ‘Big Thank You’ from one of our premium customers – Suncity Apartments (a 1200+ flat landmark and mega complex in Bangalore) this Independence Day.

SAOA Appreciation Certificate

Suncity Apartments have started using ApnaComplex from Aug 15th 2013. Suncity has selected ApnaComplex after thoroughly evaluating several solutions in the market (the evaluation itself was one of the most comprehensive we have experienced). Exactly one year later they sent us the below note of appreciation along with a certificate. The note very neatly sums up how ApnaComplex was able to help them in various aspects of apartment management and how we made a difference.

Its a proud moment for all of us at ApnaComplex to receive this note and certificate – there is surely no award that is bigger than a award from a customer.

Dear ApnaComplex Team,

Suncity Apartment Owners Association (SAOA) wishes a very happy Independence Day to entire Apnacomplex team.

SAOA implemented Apnacomplex exactly 1 year back. Looking back in this one year we achieved

  • Rollout to entire Suncity (1200+ Apartments)
  • Managing 10,000+ resident issues through Apnacomplex
  • More than 55% payments today happening online i.e reduced effort
  • Quicker collection cycle, less defaulters
  • Got rid of thousands of Excel and Tally. Complete finance is driven by ApnaComplex.
  • Clarity on individual resident account and collection of long pending dues
  • Streamlined vendor payments
  • Tracking of staff attendance using bio metric module.
  • Availability of information anytime/anywhere.

Specifically, we would like to mention  flexibility that Apnacomplex has shown when it came towards a specific requirement of Suncity  or enhancement or support. We consider Apnacomplex as our IT partner and looking forward for many more years of fruitful association.  As we mature, we would like ApnaComplex to consider and implement some new scenarios where we can act as SME to take this partnership to a new high.

A big “Thank You” to the entire team.

Sanjay Kr Datta – SAOA IT Enablement Team

Want to implement ApnaComplex.com in your Apartments and reap the benefits like Suncity, just Get Started in less than a minute.

Announcing Rules Engine in ApnaComplex for Dynamic Housing Societies

Continuing with the tradition of innovation, ApnaComplex now offers, a first of its kind in any Housing Society Software, a rules engine for housing societies to implement automated billing to members based on any number of conditions.

So, what is this rules engine?

Rules Engine offers ApnaComplex administrators a mechanism to get list of units (flats / villas) based on criteria conigured by the administrator. Let us say, you want to know list of rented flats where vehicle count is more than 3 and resident count is more than 6. In life with out ApnaComplex you would have to get the data from multiple sources and then try and count manually or write couple of excel macros. Its super easy to get this with the rule engine. Create three rules, combine them to create a rule set, execute the rule set to get the list of flats.

Committee Member of a society that adopted ApnaComplex 🙂

That sounds fun. But what is the real utility of this in a Society Accounting Software?

Imagine if you were to do billing to members based on a conditions like number of parking lots owned, number of residents in the house, who occupied the flat etc. This data is dynamic and can potentially change every month when you are ready to invoice. It takes enormous amount of time to accurately raise an invoice. With help of rules engine, you can create the conditions that impact your billing as rules, group them as rule sets and save them. When you are ready to invoice, just execute the rule set to get list of flats and then use that to raise the invoices on selected units.

Can I use the rules engine with recurring invoices feature of ApnaComplex?

Absolutely yes, you can now configure recurring invoices to execute one or more rule sets and then add charges for ONLY those units that meet the conditions mentioned in the rules. Now, that is mighty powerful – the system automatically executes rules that are defined by the admin on a periodic basis and then generate invoices to only those flats that meet the conditions. Zero manual intervention.

What if billing criteria in my housing society changes?

You can change the conditions and the threshold values for the conditions any time you want.

I can’t wait to use it. Where do I find it?

If you already using ApnaComplex, go to Income->Member Income. Click Setup Rules to get started.
If you want to get started with ApnaComplex, register your society and get started!

Is there anything else I can do with the rules engine other than billing?

Stay tuned for more ways of using this unique feature in ApnaComplex 🙂

Want to manage your apartment easily and financials transparently in your Housing Society? – Get on to ApnaComplex – Today!

ApnaComplex is India’s #1 mobile and web based Apartment Management Software.

ApnaComplex is designed to make the life of residents and owners lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out why we say ApnaComplex is Best Apartment Management Software and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer ApnaComplex – Free Edition with awesome capabilities which you can use free of cost forever.

Refund to Members Made Easy in ApnaComplex

A New Year gift to ApnaComplex Treasurers!

ApnaComplex – your favorite Society Accounting Software now supports giving refund to members easily. One of the not-so-frequent scenarios that happen in a housing society is to refund money paid by members.

This usually happens when members pay excess amount to the society and later claim refund or when caution deposits made are to be refunded to tenants. In one of the cases we are aware of, a member has paid Rs. 90,000/- instead of Rs. 9,000/- by mistake to the society via NEFT only to claim a refund later.

We have been advising our treasurers a series of steps to issue a refund to members. Now, we have automated all these steps and issuing a refund is now as simple as any other financial transaction in ApnaComplex.

Just go to Income->Member Income. Filter on flat and select the ‘Add Refund’ icon against the flat to issue refund to members who have advance payment in their accounts. All you need to do is fill the amount of refund, mode of payment etc and you are done!
Like with all other scenarios, ApnaComplex takes care of all the accounting entries behind the scenes.

You can also view refunds given across the society, against specific flats easily – view the details of the refunds given and even delete refunds given if needed.

Happy Giving 🙂

Want to manage your apartment easily and financials transparently in your Housing Society? – Get on to ApnaComplex – Today!

ApnaComplex is India’s #1 mobile and web based Apartment Management Software.

ApnaComplex is designed to make the life of residents and owners lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out why we say ApnaComplex is Best Apartment Management Software and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer ApnaComplex – Free Edition with awesome capabilities which you can use free of cost forever.

SJR Spencer Apartments Live On ApnaComplex!

We welcome the owners and residents of SJR Spencer, a premier apartment complex located at Marathahalli – Outer Ring Road junction, Bangalore to the ApnaComplex family. The managing committee of this 133 flats complex, has chosen ApnaComplex after a detailed evaluation and comparison with other software.

Writing to us on the occasion of going live, Mr. Amish Shah, Treasurer of SJR Spencer has following to say –

ApnaComplex is the best Society Accounting Software“SJR Spencer has chosen ApnaComplex portal for the better management of entire community of residents. ApnaComplex was chosen after good amount of due diligence with different software vendors. The prime reasons for selecting Apnacomplex are:

  • The personal commitment & support provided by the ApnaComplex team
  • Easy User Interface
  • Easy adaptability by Support team to include required features based on our own requirements.
  • Cost – definitely was one of the major factor in our decision making

We are really looking forward to very healthy relationship with Apnacomplex in future and would certainly like to see that community of residents benefits a lot from this association.”

Thank you Mr. Amish for your words and look forward to serve SJR Spencer-ites.

Get your Society on ApnaComplex – Today!
ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trail as well so that you can try before you buy!

Temple Tree Apartments Goes Live on ApnaComplex!

We warmly welcome all owners and residents of  Temple Tree Apartments, an apartment complex in Ulsoor area of Bangalore, on to ApnaComplex Portal.  The Temple Tree Apartment Owners Association were using another apartment management software earlier that was not able to meet thier needs and hence did a through evaluation and zeroed in on ApnaComplex. Mr. Rajiv Babu, Committee Member of Temple Tree Apartment Owners Association has the following to say on the this occasion:
ApnaComplex is the best Accounting and Management Software for any Housing Society

ApnaComplex is the best Accounting and Management Software for any Housing Society

“As an apartment community, we needed various tools for effective functioning. This included communication tools, accounting tools, issue filing systems and a whole lot of other systems. Initially our apartment complex was setup on another apartment management software, but we had serious issues in maintaining accounting information.

Over time, this became really cumbersome as multiple accounts were being maintained in excel and other systems. We wanted one system which could handle all the accounting and also circulate information to all members. ApnaComplex had a unique feature in that we found it to be the only apartment management system which supported double entry accounting.

While we are still setting up our accounts, we envisage it now becoming like bank accounts with detailed statements, receipts, transaction history and all sensitive information under one roof. All this seems to come at a very reasonable price making it a really worthy investment. We hope using this tool, the whole management experience would become very professional rivaling corporate setups.

Thank you Mr. Rajiv and TTAOA for your nice words. We look forward to serve Temple Tree Apartments.

Accounting System packaged with ApnaComplex portal is what makes it unique!

We are blessed with another solid testimonial from a happy customer – Mr. S V Padmanabhan, Hon. President of  Dhyanaprastha Township Owners Society. Here is what he has to share about ApnaComplex:

“We started using ApnaComplex portal since mid Feb. 2011 after preliminary trials, especially with the Accounting System packaged with it. This is what makes this portal unique and suitable for our township for senior citizens. It is managed by the owners – all senior citizens. Apart from common services typical of other societies, we offer centralized cooking / catering of food and housekeeping besides car / driver

To keep track of expenses and income, we wanted an online Accounting System that could be accessed and monitored remotely by the Treasurer and any Office Bearer of the Managing Committee. ApnaComplex makes it possible. At any time it is possible to ensure that all transactions are up-to-date. We can generate reports that can help control expenses. Any member can get information on bills raised and payments made. The system is user friendly and does not call for the services of an accountant.

The portal is also rich in other features that can be used by all members. In short, ApnaComplex is very well suited for most housing societies. The license fee is reasonable in the context of the benefits that can be realized by its use. I wish ApnaComplex success in their endeavour to promote their application.”

Thank you Mr. Padmanabhan. We are glad we are of help to make life of senior citizens in your society a little less hassle free.