55% of maintenance due payments are now online, 10,000+ Resident issues solved through ApnaComplex Apartment Management Software during the Year, – says SAOA IT Enablement Team

ApnaComplex is always in the verge of offering and developing smarter ways to address the growing issues in handling the apartment complex operations, through its apartment management software. Our team got an adrenalin rush and a sense of satisfaction when we received a ‘Big Thank You’ from one of our premium customers – Suncity Apartments (a 1200+ flat landmark and mega complex in Bangalore) this Independence Day.

SAOA Appreciation Certificate

Suncity Apartments have started using ApnaComplex from Aug 15th 2013. Suncity has selected ApnaComplex after thoroughly evaluating several solutions in the market (the evaluation itself was one of the most comprehensive we have experienced). Exactly one year later they sent us the below note of appreciation along with a certificate. The note very neatly sums up how ApnaComplex was able to help them in various aspects of apartment management and how we made a difference.

Its a proud moment for all of us at ApnaComplex to receive this note and certificate – there is surely no award that is bigger than a award from a customer.

Dear ApnaComplex Team,

Suncity Apartment Owners Association (SAOA) wishes a very happy Independence Day to entire Apnacomplex team.

SAOA implemented Apnacomplex exactly 1 year back. Looking back in this one year we achieved

  • Rollout to entire Suncity (1200+ Apartments)
  • Managing 10,000+ resident issues through Apnacomplex
  • More than 55% payments today happening online i.e reduced effort
  • Quicker collection cycle, less defaulters
  • Got rid of thousands of Excel and Tally. Complete finance is driven by ApnaComplex.
  • Clarity on individual resident account and collection of long pending dues
  • Streamlined vendor payments
  • Tracking of staff attendance using bio metric module.
  • Availability of information anytime/anywhere.

Specifically, we would like to mention  flexibility that Apnacomplex has shown when it came towards a specific requirement of Suncity  or enhancement or support. We consider Apnacomplex as our IT partner and looking forward for many more years of fruitful association.  As we mature, we would like ApnaComplex to consider and implement some new scenarios where we can act as SME to take this partnership to a new high.

A big “Thank You” to the entire team.

Sanjay Kr Datta – SAOA IT Enablement Team

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