Apartment Basics – Kids’ Rooms and How to Design Them

Designing your kid’s room in your housing society flat can be quite an ordeal because of the swift pace at which kids grow and their rapidly changing tastes these days. You can implement some of these useful

Housing Society Maintenance – Start the Year Afresh After a Garage Sale

If you have been thinking of providing your home a huge makeover, New Year is the best time to do so. Remove the thought from your mind that it will cost you a bomb; denial won’t help

How to Set Up an Eco-Friendly Kitchen in an Apartment Complex

While setting up your house, remodeling the kitchen according to your need is an important factor. Eco-friendly updates to the kitchen are some of the best ways of reducing power and using the entire workspace. Transforming the

Party Planning Tips for Ushering the New Year

New Year’s eve provides a wonderful occasion for apartment complex residents to throw a party where people can get together and welcome a new beginning. To usher the new year in style, the party needs to be

The Importance of Apartment Terrace Safety

Apartment Complex terraces can be compared to oxygen tanks in the backdrop of rising urban congestion and population. While the scarcity of space is becoming increasingly inevitable, children and the elderly are affected majorly, due to lack

Coping With the Rains Through Apartment Association Events

The monsoon months in an apartment complex are generally uneventful, as frequent rains can hamper all your plans and limit your social interactions. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up inside your house throughout

Three Reasons Why Home Loans For Getting An Apartment Might Be Rejected

It can be quite irritating if things don’t go the way you want them to, when you finally work towards buying an apartment. The sessions spent trying to decide on the perfect location for your apartment, the

Apartment Association Terms Explained – Part One

Learning about many terms used in an apartment association can be very helpful indeed. These terms will come to your rescue when you’re facing a huge wad of legal paperwork, and when you’re finding the formal tone

Things to take care while organising parties in a Housing Society

In an year, there are various occasions when we hold a party at our house – Birthdays of family members, Diwali party, Christmas & New Year celebrations and a whole lot more. However, there is a marked

How to Carry out a Fire Drill in your Apartment?

ApnaComplex Recommends: A Fire Drill for your Housing Complex With the number of high-rises increasing by the day, fire accidents in apartment complexes have the potential to cause huge damage to life and property. Especially vulnerable are