A mid-sized gated community can see visitors numbering hundreds in a day. A large housing complex can see a higher influx with visitors ranging from household workers to family members. Managing these guests is one of the top priorities for the society guards. With security being the prime concerns for most gated communities, only approved guests can be allowed.

Legacy systems ran visitor entry through registers to record details and intercom to communicate with residents. This system had several drawbacks, including the challenge of maintaining years of visitor registers. The legacy systems were replaced by digital visitor management systems (VMS) that created end-to-end solutions to make the process efficient, reducing both time and effort. 

However, the deployment of a digital VMS has many benefits that go beyond recording visitor data. Gatekeeper by ApnaComplex is an integrated VMS that includes multiple value-added services, helping in creating greater efficiency for Resident Welfare Associations / Management Committees and residents.

What is a digital visitor management system? 

At its simplest, a visitor management system is designed to record the details of guests, staff, delivery personnel, other people and vehicles that enter a gated community. Digital VMS like Gatekeeper leverage a digital platform to record and store all information. Under the system, guards use the Gatekeeper app to communicate with residents, seeking approval and notifying them of the entry and exit of any visitor. 

The app is also used to take down all visitor details, including their name, photograph, and address. The information is neatly segmented for different categories of visitors, such as daily help, delivery personnel, and staff. Backed by ApnaComplex’s award-winning ERP, it creates an end-to-end VMS with multiple usages. 

How does Gatekeeper improve efficiency for residents and MCs? 

Gatekeeper offers many benefits that go beyond safeguarding your society. The digitisation and automation of VMS can have unexpected benefits for residents and the management committee, including:  

Pre-approving guests: What happens when you anticipate a visitor, but may not be home to approve by phone? Or when you want the guest to simply walk in? Gatekeeper offers residents the option to pre-authorise guests. The process also frees residents and guards from the on-gate approval process, creating a smooth entry for approved visitors. 

Smoothen deliveries: Today, many residents expect multiple deliveries in a day. This can be challenging for working people who may not be home to receive their package. With Gatekeeper, you can pre-authorise all deliveries to be dropped off at your doorstep. 

Tracking guards: It is not always possible to check if every guard is taking the correct patrol route. CCTV supervision has blind spots and individual supervision can mean wastage of resources. Gatekeeper has a feature for Guard Patrol Tracking where the security personnel has to scan QR codes at blind spots. It creates an efficient system where the guard’s route can be tracked at any later date.

Tracking staff attendance: Gatekeeper is designed to notify residents every time their domestic staff enters or leaves the premises. The automation of data helps residents to keep track of their domestic help, including their attendance. 

Facilitating payroll: Gatekeeper automatically records the attendance of society administrative staff and other personnel. With an automated digital system, any chances of omission are negligible. This attendance record can be later accessed by the financial committee when processing payrolls. 

Checking school bus route: The app allows parents to trace the specific routes as school buses move through the society premises. They can connect with other parents and get real-time notifications whenever the bus reaches the society gates. 

Central database: Finally, one of the biggest advantages of a digital VMS is the centralisation of data. It brings all users on one platform, from guards to residents and the admin staff. The platform stores a database for members and staff. This data can be used for different purposes, including payroll and assessing footfall at different times of the day.

When harnessed properly, Gatekeeper automates many of the society’s operations, creating a more efficient process of data collection and retrieval which can then be leveraged to create further value for residents and the management committee.