Going by the latest trends in India’s top cities, finding a suitable home is becoming increasingly challenging. At the same time, homeowners are also concerned about finding the right tenant and maximising their rental yield. Keeping this in mind, ApnaComplex has launched a rental feature on its app, empowering its users to easily find tenants or their dream homes within its partner gated communities. 

With ApnaComplex Rentals, landlords can list their property on the app and find tenants with ease. Tenants can check the inventory and select the most suitable option in just a few clicks. By creating a renting system within the ApnaComplex ecosystem, it also ensures verification and trust in these transactions. 

At the same time, the platform also ensures data security for all users. As an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified company, it is committed to preserving users’ privacy, meeting compliance requirements, and maintaining control. 

What is ApnaComplex Rentals?

ApnaComplex Rentals is a one-stop rental management service that can be accessed through the app. It combines a hybrid online-offline approach to provide homeowners and tenants with end-to-end rental services. Landlords can list their properties on the app while tenants can look for suitable options from the extensive inventory. 

The ease of online search and documentation is backed by offline services through a dedicated Estate Portfolio Manager who acts as a bridge between the landlord and the tenant. The manager offers personalised services such as safekeeping of key, managing site visits, and support in negotiations. 

Together, this hybrid approach ensures that both landlords and tenants can get the best from any rental transaction. To know more, read this article on the integration of data insight with personalised service. 

Features of ApnaComplex Rentals

Some of the special characteristics of ApnaComplex Rentals are:

  • Hassle-free property listing and inventory search
  • Safekeeping of keys
  • Property visits
  • Assistance with negotiations and agreements 
  • KYC and tenant/property verification
  • No subscription fees  
  • Data privacy 

Why go for ApnaComplex Rentals?

ApnaComplex Rentals offers several benefits that include: 

Verification: The feature can be accessed through the ApnaComplex app which ensures in-built verification. To list a property, homeowners have to select from their approved home in a gated community. Since a unit is typically added only after due diligence by the society Management Committee (MC), the landlord’s credentials are automatically confirmed. The same rule also applies to tenants whose credentials have been similarly verified. This verification is also backed by our team of dedicated estate managers. 

Convenience: With ApnaComplex, landlords can list their property with ease and find tenants without any hassle. Similarly, tenants can search for suitable options from an extensive inventory with just a few clicks. As a one-stop rental management system, it offers end-to-end assistance that includes tenant KYC, support with negotiations and drafting rental / lease agreement. The estate managers are also responsible for the safekeeping of keys and handling all site visits.  

Freedom multiple brokers: Typically, people have to deal with multiple brokers when finding a tenant or a rental home. This can mean a disruption in one’s schedule and a sustained effort. With ApnaComplex Rentals, you have to deal with a single estate manager. 

Home in gated community: The ApnaComplex Rentals connects landlords and tenants in the app ecosystem which includes gated communities by some of the leading developers. It means that your future home can be in one of the best-managed communities in India. Gated communities have emerged as a desired address because of the hard work of MCs and Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) that is further facilitated by ApnaComplex to create a high liveability index in these communities. 

Ease of Move-in / Move-out: With the Move-in / Move-out feature in ApnaComplex, landlords, tenants, and societies can manage their move-in or move-out smoothly and completely digitally. Read more about its benefits here. You can also know more about setting it up in this brief tutorial

Discounts on services: Now, save money when moving homes! get discounts on some of the essential services associated with relocations, from movers and packers to painting, cleaning, and pest control with the ApnaComplex app. 

In short ApnaComplex Rentals can help you manage all your rental requirements on a single platform. If you want to know more about ApnaComplex Rentals, write to us at rentals@apnacomplex.com.