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Communication & transparency with apartment maintenance system

Enhancing Communication & Transparency with Apartment Maintenance System

Maintaining a community is a challenging task. Traditionally, maintenance was largely ad hoc, creating more work and effort in managing large premises. There were almost no means to track work progress or check expenses, leading to the wastage of resources and unchecked spending. These factors prompted demand for an all-inclusive apartment maintenance system that facilitated oversight while streamlining operations. 

ApnaComplex offers an all-inclusive apartment maintenance system through an award-winning enterprise resource planning solution. It has been developed in close association with different stakeholders to address the unique challenges of maintaining a gated community. 

What is an Apartment Maintenance System? 

An apartment maintenance system helps Management Committees (MCs), Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), and community managers to streamline operations on one platform while ensuring no compromises in maintaining the common areas, amenities, and facilities of the community. 

Although housekeeping is the main function of community maintenance, it also includes asset and facility management. The two biggest challenges here are communication and transparency. Communication is the bedrock of smooth functioning while transparency is essential in ensuring accountability. ApnaComplex apartment maintenance system addresses both through multiple avenues. 

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Easing communication 

Even the most efficient manager can fall short without strong communication. Residents need a medium to register complaints and leave feedback. Traditionally, complaints were recorded in paper registers. However, this proved to be inefficient with missing complaints and lags in resolution. There was no way to track resolution without going through the tedious process of tracking each entry. 

ApnaComplex maintenance system bridges this gap through the app where residents can leave complaints. These are assigned to the maintenance and repair staff. Unresolved complaints are automatically bumped to the next supervisory level. The resident can leave feedback on the app. 

In short, the ApnaComplex maintenance system eases communication through:

  • Easy access to repair staff
  • 24/7 communication portal
  • Quick follow up
  • Feedback mechanism 

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Ensuring transparency

Maintenance and repair account for the most significant expense bucket for MCs and RWAs. With small repairs piling up, it can be difficult to keep track of every penny spent. Many maintenance activities are also carried out by outside vendors. This requires invoicing, billing, and adequate budgetary outlays. Accountability is, hence, one of the biggest issues in an apartment maintenance system. 

ApnaComplex facilitates transparency through meticulous expense tracking which includes:

  • Ensuring financial discipline by making it easy for the staff to record transactions.
  • Segregation of maintenance spending for easy tracking.
  • Tracking inventory like bulbs. 
  • Easy configuration of the petty cash account.
  • Categorising different expenses to track where money is being spent.
  • Access to instant budget variance and expense reports.

These trackers are designed to show where the money is being spent and by whom. This helps in fixing accountability and discourages spurious or overspending. It also reduces any chances of suspense entries. A budget variance report helps in further understanding where and how consumers may be exceeding the budgetary outlays. 

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If you want to learn more about our apartment maintenance system, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use to improve the maintenance of the premises.

Home Rental Management: Trends & forecasts

Hybrid Approach & Rising Rents: Evolving Trends in Home Rental Management Services

The real estate sector saw some turbulent times in the recent past. A slump in revenues during the initial COVID period was followed by a robust recovery in 2021. The rental industry also went through a similar recovery with record rents reported last year. What does the future hold for home rental management companies?

Trends in rental management services

Here are some of the emerging trends that will dictate the industry in the coming months:

Lagging supply to dictate soaring rents

House rents jumped by 23% in the 2019-2022 period. An ANAROCK report shows that even luxury markets have seen an 18% growth in the same period. With supply still lagging behind demand, this trend is expected to continue its upward curve in 2023. The gap in supply can be traced to the pandemic when construction came to a complete halt. With the available inventory still falling short of the demand, rents are expected to rise further. 

Evolution of hybrid approach

Traditionally, the rental market was run by local brokers. Online portals entered the market majorly as a listing platform. However, the trend has now moved towards hybrid services where online access is backed by personalised services.

ApnaComplex is a home rental management company that offers extensive listing to ease the process of finding a home or tenant. In-person services by Estate Portfolio Managers help tenants and homeowners through the process. Read our article to know How ApnaComplex is Driving the Change in Rentals.

Proptech taking the lead

Like other industries, technology is changing the game in the home rental industry. Today, the average person is more likely to look for a home or tenant online. Proptech like ApnaComplex Rentals allows landlords to list their property without any hassle. At the same time, it makes it easy for tenants to find a home. Other solutions include rent payment, easy data access, negotiation and rental agreement support. Other benefits like tenancy score can be gamechanger in securing a desired home. 

Data analytics and insight

Home rental management companies are now leveraging data to gain insight into market trends, tenant behaviour, and rental rates. This information can help identify investment opportunities, improve decision-making, and maximise rental yields. 

Enhanced service experience

With the intense competition, rental management companies are now focusing on enhancing the delivery of services to both tenants and landlords. ApnaComplex eases the rental process at every step, from easy property listings to negotiation support. Other services include KYC and move-in/move-out assistance. 

Legal compliance 

Home rental management companies are now increasingly focusing on ensuring legal compliance. Even where state laws are ambiguous, rental agreements and contracts are signed and registered. ApnaComplex Rentals took the lead by further protecting the interests of tenants and landlords through KYC and background checks.

Gated communities get a preference 

As rentals increase across the top cities, gated communities have emerged as the preferred address. Typically, homes in these housing societies are priced higher and tenants are willing to pay the extra buck. The reason for this preference is better security and the availability of amenities like sports facilities and fitness centre.

Improving rental yield

Soaring rentals mean that rental yield will also continue to improve. The average yield in the pre-COVID era was around 3%. With rents going up by 23%, yields have also improved in the top 7 cities. ApnaComplex has facilitated rental yields up to an impressive 4.2%.

If you want to know more about ApnaComplex Rentals, visit or write to us at

Essential amenities for your gated community

Essential Amenities: 6 Must-Haves for Your Gated Community

Living in a gated community provides a sense of security, comfort, and improved quality of life. Gated communities provide a wide range of amenities and services that cater to the various requirements of the residents. Recreational spaces, enhanced security systems, and essential services are considered some of the basic amenities in a gated community that aims to provide a complete living experience. Let us delve deeper into the 10 necessary amenities that must be present in a gated community. 

What Is a Gated Community?

A gated community is a housing development surrounded by a fence or a wall with controlled access points. Gated communities come in various sizes, from small townhomes to sprawling estates.

The primary purpose of a gated community is to create a sense of exclusivity and safety for its residents. By having restricted access points, unauthorized individuals are prevented from entering the property without permission. Gated communities are favoured today because of upscale amenities such as clubhouses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers. 

6 Must-Have Amenities for Gated Communities

Housing societies offer a range of amenities that can differ from one community to another. However, some of these are seen as essential by most residents today. Here are 6 must-have amenities that every gated community should offer.

24/7 Security

Gated communities should have 24/7 security to ensure the safety of residents. The security personnel should be well-trained and the community should have CCTV cameras installed in strategic locations. App-based security solutions, such as the ApnaComplex visitor management system have become a crucial feature for gated communities.

It allows residents to control access to their homes through their smartphones. The system also tracks visitors, ensuring that only authorized persons gain entry into the community. 

Close proximity to a coworking space or workplace

Like any real estate, location is a major factor in deciding the desirability of a gated community. Proximity to workspaces, especially co-working places is considered a major bonus. A coworking space is a shared workspace that allows working professionals to book their seats on the go. Easy accessibility to a coworking space is also beneficial for work-from-home residents as it allows them to work occasionally from an office. . Thus, it facilitates networking and collaborating opportunities.

Outdoor sports facilities

Gated communities should provide outdoor sports facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, and football fields. These facilities promote a healthy lifestyle and give residents an opportunity to socialize and network.

Plush clubhouse

Today, an upscale, centralized clubhouse is seen as an indispensable amenity for gated communities. Typically, the clubhouse also includes facilities such as a fitness center and swimming pool. Other than recreational facilities, a clubhouse acts as the heart of the society. It’s where everyone, from toddlers to senior citizens, get together to socialise and meet each other.

Availability of maintenance and repair staff

Gated communities should offer easy access to maintenance and repair staff to their residents. These services include housekeeping, plumbing, and electrical maintenance services. Other than the general upkeep of the community, the maintenance staff is also available to resolve housekeeping issues for residents. This can include leaking taps, wiring, or plumbing problems. ApnaComplex makes this access easy through the app, allowing residents to lodge complaints and follow up.

Adequate parking

While this may seem obvious, many gated communities still do not offer adequate parking spaces for residents and their guests. Older societies suffer from inadequate planning when it comes to the proliferation of vehicles in the modern era. Lack of planned parking space gives rise to disputes and dissatisfaction.

Even where adequate parking has been planned for residents, there may be gaps in providing enough space for guests and delivery people. Hence, leading developers are now ensuring that there is provision of extra parking space for residents. Similarly, guest vehicles also have a dedicated space near the gate. 

As developers continue to build more gated communities worldwide, it is important they prioritize the availability of these amenities. Potential buyers or renters will increasingly consider these facilities when making decisions on where to live. A well-equipped gated community brings convenience, safety, and peace of mind to its residents – making it an ideal place to call home.

Hidden costs of renting an apartment

Looking for a home? Beware of the hidden costs of renting an apartment

With the spiraling rentals rates today, most tenants are preoccupied with calculating how much they can afford to pay every month. In the process, they often fail to plan for unexpected or hidden costs. Quite often these can be substantial, adding significantly to the monthly rental. While some of these may be stated upfront, such as the security deposit, some may not be as expected. 

This article explores the expected and hidden costs of renting an apartment.

Expected costs

Some of the expected costs when renting a home are: 

Security deposit: Rent is only one part of the payment. The security deposit is the first and most substantial expense you will have to fork out. Equivalent to two to ten months of rent, the security deposit is the first roadblock in getting a home. Many prospective renters often fail to count on this or to make adequate arrangements for their total liability. 

Brokerage and other fees: Typically, the brokerage is equivalent to a month’s rent. In addition, there are stamp duty and registration fees that can further inflate your liability. Some gated communities also charge a moving-in fee. Combined with the security deposit, these additional charges can again raise the financial liability for the tenant. 

Relocation: When moving to a new home, we often forget packing and moving charges. This amount can increase substantially depending on the distance and scope.

Unexpected costs:

The hidden costs of renting an apartment are not always factored in, especially by the unaware renter. 

Maintenance charges: Maintenance charges may or may not be included in the rent. In some cities like Mumbai, the quoted rent will include these charges. It is the landlord’s responsibility to pay the monthly or quarterly fee. The practice may vary in cities like Bangalore and Delhi. Premium gated communities have high maintenance charges, adding to the monthly rental. 

Repainting & repairs: Minot repairs and maintenance are the tenant’s responsibility unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement. The landlord is expected to hand over the home in optimum condition. This includes furnishing and appliances in good working condition. However, you may soon find that the bathroom exhaust is not working or the stove needs servicing. 

Parking: You may end up paying additional parking charges if your apartment or home does not include the space. Additional parking charges can also apply when you have more vehicles than your parking space. It is also best to check if there are any additional parking charges to be paid to the housing society. 

Utility bills: Payment of utilities like electricity, water, and garbage collection charges can vary. These can depend on the terms of the rental agreement or the scope of the society maintenance charges. For instance, water and garbage collection are often included as part of the maintenance fee. However, it is best to check your total liabilities.

Penalties: Very often tenants fail to check if there are any penalties in the rental agreement and how these are decided. For example, what is the penalty if you want to vacate your flat before the lease ends? Similarly, gated communities often have certain rules and regulations with penalties for violations. 

How to avoid hidden charges? 

When minimising the hidden costs of renting an apartment, it is always advisable to check every little detail. This includes:

  • Find out the security deposit. Negotiate if it is higher than what you expect or the prevalent rates in the market. Learn more about How People are Arranging for a Rental Security Deposit
  • Lock down all the details through the rental agreement. Most agreements specify each party’s liability for maintenance and repairs. Usually, minor wear and tear is the responsibility of the tenant. But major repairs have to be taken up by the landlord. 
  • Ensure the house is repainted and cleaned before you move in.
  • Ensure that appliances like ACs and gas stoves have been serviced. 
  • Inspect the apartment or home thoroughly to make sure that electrical fittings and plumbing are working properly. Check for any damages like water leakages or broken windowpanes. 
  • Does the rent include maintenance charges? Find out what falls under maintenance, particularly in terms of utility charges.
  • Check the rules and regulations of your housing society. This can help you avoid penalties later on. 

How can ApnaComplex Rentals help?

ApnaComplex Rentals offers all-inclusive rental management services. Apart from extensive listings, tenants can also benefit from specialised services, including negotiation support in deciding on rent and security deposit. Find out more in our article Everything you Should Know about Rental Security Deposit.

You can also get support with finalising the rental agreement. Our Estate Portfolio Manager can help you with the details about the rules and regulations of the community. 

Tenants can also be vulnerable to rent & lease scams. Learn What they are & How to Avoid them. To know what else you should be aware of, read our article on Things to keep in mind when looking to rent a flat

7 key features for a society visitor management system

Society Visitor Management System: Top 7 Features to Look for

Ensuring security is paramount for every gated community. It ensures that residents are safe in their homes and surrounding. To ensure a high level of security, gated communities must switch over to tech-first solutions. Digital society visitor management systems are designed to address the challenges of legacy systems.

Technology can help Management Committees (MCs) and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to optimise their resources. But with so many digital visitor management systems in the market today, how do you pick the right one? 

App supported

In an increasingly mobile world, a society visitor management system must be deployable through an app. ApnaComplex Gatekeepers app connects the society guards directly with the residents. The guards send notifications for visitor entries through the app which the resident must approve. This creates a seamless and touchless experience that is not dependent on landlines, allowing a resident to approve visitors from any location. Read our article here to learn more about an app-based visitor management system.

Enables pre-approvals

A security system allows only approved visitors to enter the society. However, repeated approvals in some cases can be a needlessly time-consuming exercise. For instance, approving your domestic helps or when hosting multiple guests. Many homes also have multiple deliveries in a day, from groceries to apparel. It can be irritating to approve each visitor. 

ApnaComplex Gatekeeper allows you to approve a visit prior to the date. In other words, you can pre-approve multiple guests or delivery people in one go. Similarly, staff has a separate seamless system where the residents have to register their help to auto-approve their entry.

Records visitor data

Approvals are only one aspect of society visitor management. We also need to record data, particularly contact details. Legacy systems relied on paper registers for recording this data. ApnaComplex Gatekeeper replaces this system with digital solutions for visitor management for a society. This ensures that records are safely stored and can be recalled with ease. 

Tracks visitor movement

How do you track a delivery personnel’s movements within the premises? Or which homes a domestic staff will be visiting? With ApnaComplex Gatekeeper, visitors have to record the units they will be visiting. In addition, visitors have to also inform their exit. This ensures that all entries and exits are recorded.  

Not just visitors, ApnaComplex also helps in tracking vehicles entering the premises. To know more, read our article here

Easy data recall

One of the biggest advantages of ApnaComplex digital society visitor management system is the ease of data recall. Digital data is nearly indestructible and highly accurate. This has implications that go beyond pulling up contact details for delivery people. Easy data tracking means that we can also trace the attendance of admin staff and domestic workers. 

Available in vernacular languages

For any visitor management system to be successful, it must be cognizant of language challenges faced by guards who are primarily responsible for recording data. To accommodate different language preferences, ApnaComplex Gatekeeper’s guard interface is available in eight languages – English, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, and Gujarati. This ensures that guards can easily navigate the app and record accurate data. 

Enhances monitoring 

An effective society visitor management solution should strengthen the security of the premises. ApnaComplex Gatekeeper enables comprehensive monitoring to ensure a high level of scrutiny. For instance, it helps in tracking guests, visitors, staff, delivery people, and vehicles on the premises.

One of the key features of ApnaComplex Gatekeeper is the guard patrol tracking. Guards have to scan QR codes in specific locations during their patrol. Effectively, this means that their movement can be tracked by checking if and when they scanned and recorded the QR codes. 

To leverage ApnaComplex Gatekeeper to its full potential, read our article on Digital Visitor Management System: Taking Data Beyond Gate Management.

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If you want to learn more about ApnaComplex Gatekeeper, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you leverage the society visitor management system to its full potential.