Maintaining a community is a challenging task. Traditionally, maintenance was largely ad hoc, creating more work and effort in managing large premises. There were almost no means to track work progress or check expenses, leading to the wastage of resources and unchecked spending. These factors prompted demand for an all-inclusive apartment maintenance system that facilitated oversight while streamlining operations. 

ApnaComplex offers an all-inclusive apartment maintenance system through an award-winning enterprise resource planning solution. It has been developed in close association with different stakeholders to address the unique challenges of maintaining a gated community. 

What is an Apartment Maintenance System? 

An apartment maintenance system helps Management Committees (MCs), Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), and community managers to streamline operations on one platform while ensuring no compromises in maintaining the common areas, amenities, and facilities of the community. 

Although housekeeping is the main function of community maintenance, it also includes asset and facility management. The two biggest challenges here are communication and transparency. Communication is the bedrock of smooth functioning while transparency is essential in ensuring accountability. ApnaComplex apartment maintenance system addresses both through multiple avenues. 

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Easing communication 

Even the most efficient manager can fall short without strong communication. Residents need a medium to register complaints and leave feedback. Traditionally, complaints were recorded in paper registers. However, this proved to be inefficient with missing complaints and lags in resolution. There was no way to track resolution without going through the tedious process of tracking each entry. 

ApnaComplex maintenance system bridges this gap through the app where residents can leave complaints. These are assigned to the maintenance and repair staff. Unresolved complaints are automatically bumped to the next supervisory level. The resident can leave feedback on the app. 

In short, the ApnaComplex maintenance system eases communication through:

  • Easy access to repair staff
  • 24/7 communication portal
  • Quick follow up
  • Feedback mechanism 

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Ensuring transparency

Maintenance and repair account for the most significant expense bucket for MCs and RWAs. With small repairs piling up, it can be difficult to keep track of every penny spent. Many maintenance activities are also carried out by outside vendors. This requires invoicing, billing, and adequate budgetary outlays. Accountability is, hence, one of the biggest issues in an apartment maintenance system. 

ApnaComplex facilitates transparency through meticulous expense tracking which includes:

  • Ensuring financial discipline by making it easy for the staff to record transactions.
  • Segregation of maintenance spending for easy tracking.
  • Tracking inventory like bulbs. 
  • Easy configuration of the petty cash account.
  • Categorising different expenses to track where money is being spent.
  • Access to instant budget variance and expense reports.

These trackers are designed to show where the money is being spent and by whom. This helps in fixing accountability and discourages spurious or overspending. It also reduces any chances of suspense entries. A budget variance report helps in further understanding where and how consumers may be exceeding the budgetary outlays. 

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If you want to learn more about our apartment maintenance system, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use to improve the maintenance of the premises.