With their sprawling campuses and behemoth buildings, India’s modern workplaces are the shining beacons of its economic progress. With working hours lasting at least 9 hours, these commercial complexes are the second home for most professionals. However, with their transient population, security, and maintenance issues, the management of commercial spaces can be highly challenging.

ANACITY Business by ApnaComplex offers a hosted solution with zero infrastructure setup to manage and maintain workplaces. With end-to-end digital solutions, it helps admins to streamline and simplify community and infrastructure management in office buildings, commercial complexes, industrial complexes, and tech parks.

What is ANACITY Business?

ANACITY Business offers a workplace management system that leverages multifaceted solutions to manage and maintain corporate premises such as office parks, public buildings, and warehouses. 

Available as an app, it is backed by an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is specifically designed for corporate spaces. 

The full-service suite consolidates key functionalities like security and access, asset & maintenance planning, as well as services and space management.

What you get with ANACITY Business

ANACITY Business helps in monitoring workplace properties through one comprehensive management solution. It empowers facility managers to significantly increase productivity and revenue flow, as it helps cut management costs and improve space utilisation. The unique features of ANACITY Business are:

Access management

ANACITY makes access management smoother and less time-consuming through various smart entry tools. Instead of carrying access cards, employees can just scan the app on the turnstile or lifts for a QR-based entry. Guest entrance is eased through pre-approvals where facility managers or employees issue a gate pass before the visit. 

Thus, it can reduce the waiting time at the gate and ensure smoother entry for guests and employees. It also helps guards and receptionists save the time spent checking in every visitor.

Parking allocation

Reduce waiting time in the parking area by getting prior information on available slots. 

Food ordering

Forgot lunch? Find out what’s available at the pantry or cafeteria. You can pre-book your meal or place an order for a team lunch on the app. 

Facility booking

ANACITY digitises facility management by empowering employees to book facilities like meeting rooms or auditoriums. Employees can also pay for the facility on the app when required. This automates facility management, avoids any instances of double booking, and removes any chances of a conflict. 

Access to emergency services

Get instant access to services like fire, ambulance, and police. The feature helps people call these services in a critical situation. 

Complaint management

Complaint management is one of the biggest challenges for facility managers. They have to keep track of different complaints, from leaky taps in the washroom to malfunctioning lifts. These issues must be addressed quickly and effectively. However, the scale of the operations can make it challenging. 

Managers have an overview of all registered complaints and their progress with ANACITY Business. All pending issues are auto-escalated to the next supervisory level after a specific deadline. Hence, managers can keep track of the progress of each complaint. The system also benefits the office employees who can simply log their complaints on the app, track their resolution, and leave feedback. 

Communication and social connect 

Facility managers often rely on archaic methods like notices to communicate important messages. However, notices are often ignored or taken down. Even emails can get lost in inboxes. ANACITY Business offers a more effective alternative with its communication module where notices are posted online and can be seen anytime. 

The communication module can also be used to create a social network within the office complex. People can form special interest groups, share information, and hold polls and surveys. 

Concierge services

ANACITY Business is designed to meet your every need, whether ordering stationary or finding a home. It offers premium concierge services that cater to both the workplace and personal needs of the employees. For instance, users can look for education loans, book movers and packers, or get a home loan. 

Connect with us at sales@anacity.com if you want to know more.