PropTech is a rapidly evolving industry that must balance between fast-changing tech and the legacy processes of real estate. Today, technology has revolutionised every aspect of the real estate sector, including the community management solutions industry. Solution providers like ApnaComplex are taking the lead in empowering communities, bringing next-gen solutions to enhance the residential experience in gated communities. 

ApnaComplex has continually pushed the envelope to incorporate new technologies. The result is more transparency in community functions, improvements in operational efficiency, and empowered residents. 

Trends in community management solutions

These trends will also impact Management Committees (MCs) and Resident Welfare Societies (RWAs) that work with ApnaComplex. The key factors that will impact the future of community management solutions include: 

Consolidation of services

As proptechs evolve, there is a clear movement towards integrated proptechs that offer end-to-end services. The consumer is now increasingly looking for apps that offer a bouquet of solutions. ApnaComplex has evolved from a community management platform to offer home services and rentals to ensure that all household and community needs can be accessed on the same platform.

Data and analytics with AI/ML

Leveraging AI and machine learning will be key in gathering data insights and ensuring data security. For example, home buyers are now able to find and analyse deals at a rate and speed previously unimaginable. On ApnaComplex Rentals, potential tenants can go through an exhaustive listing and make comparisons before proceeding. Find out how Leveraging Data can Improve Lives in Gated Communities

Embedded tech to improve decision making

As IoT becomes commonplace, we will see multilevel connectivity with community management solutions. The integration of data and devices will further facilitate informed decision-making, predictive maintenance, and energy efficiency.

More collaboration and connectivity 

Tech platforms like ApnaComplex have emerged as powerful collaboration tools. Unlike other popular social media platforms, there is no member limit in ApnaComplex. Hence, it is highly effective in bringing together large communities. 

Increasing compliance

PropTechs will see increased compliance-related issues, particularly in data security. Another key area will be ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) compliance as the importance of water scarcity and energy optimisation gains ground. Community management solutions like ApnaComplex will act as mobilistaion instruments by helping MCs and RWAs to connect with specialists in rainwater harvesting and rainwater harvesting. 

Boosting sustainability & green buildings

The demand for green buildings is driven by both government initiatives and growing awareness among end-users. New developments will increasingly see embedded sustainable tech while retrofitting older buildings will be the biggest challenge. 

Other than facilitating connectivity with ESG specialists, community management solutions can also help in tracking energy consumption. For instance, the Metered Utility Billing function in ApnaComplex helps in tracking the consumption of water, piped gas, and electricity. Also read 5 Sustainable Living Practices Every Gated Community should Adopt.

Hyperlocal services 

Historically, small businesses have always depended on the neighbouring populace. Community management solutions have further helped in improving their access. For instance, ApnaComplex offers hyperlocal businesses an opportunity to connect with consumers in gated communities through its household services. Thus, it has helped in the digital transition of hyperlocal businesses. 

If you want to learn more about our ApnaComplex’s new solutions, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use to improve community management and security in your society!