Security is a main concern for any workplace. With high traffic of known and unknown people visiting the premises, visitor management and access control can become challenging. Traditionally, access was managed manually, creating inefficiencies arising out of gaps in recording data or getting approvals.

ANACITY Business offers smart security systems for workplaces that are designed to resolve these gaps, creating a system that is easy to track and monitor. There are two main modules that help in strengthening security in workplaces – visitor management and access control.

Securing your workplace 

Managing security in workplaces is challenging with heavy traffic of employees, invited visitors, and walk-ins. ANACITY resolves these challenges by regulating access through a single platform.

Visitor management

The app-based visitor management system digitises the approvals and pre-approvals to ensure smooth entry for everyone. It offers multiple benefits, including:

Quick approvals: Visitor approvals are sought via the app, removing any need for calls. 

Pre-approvals: Ensure that approved guests can enter without wasting any time at the gate or the lobby. 

Visitor data: Digital data is far less susceptible to damage or loss when compared with registers and paper documents. This means that visitor data is easily retrieved when required.

Guard patrolling: The guards scan geo-tagged QR codes in less-visited areas on the app during their daily patrols. This data helps the supervisor identify gaps in the patrol routes without being physically present. 

Access control

Smart access control at turnstiles, lifts, and facilities like meeting rooms, ensures that only authorised personnel are allowed. A wireless, cloud-based system removes the need to check entries manually. Instead, access is granted via smartphone or biometric credentials. This ensures the following:

Security: Unauthorised people cannot enter the premises.

Time & role-based access: Restrict entries as per time and role. 

Emergency lockdown: Ensure all doors are locked or unlocked during emergencies. 

No manual intervention: A cloud-based system removes any need for the physical presence of guards at every checkpoint.

Facility management: Regulate access to facilities and meeting rooms.  

If you want to learn more about ANACITY Business, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various security features you can use for regulating access in the workplace!