As workplaces become more complex and vast, managing visitor entries has become even more challenging. At the same time, it is even more important for ensuring compliance, efficiency, and security. Workplace visitor management should not only enhance security but also help create a professional and welcoming atmosphere. 

In this article, we will explore the common challenges associated with workplace visitor management and how ANACITY Business leverages technology to address them. Features like access control, pre-approvals, and QR-based entry minimise human intervention, thus ensuring resource efficiency. It also shortens waiting time in the lobby while enhancing security. 

Challenges in workplace visitor management

Following are some of the common challenges in managing workplace entries: 

Security Concerns

Ensuring the security of the workplace is the primary concern when managing visitors. Unauthorised access or lax visitor management can lead to security breaches and potentially compromise sensitive information. In a large commercial complex, the security also has to deal with restricting access. For instance, a visitor to one office cannot have access to other offices in the building. It’s also crucial to strike a balance between welcoming guests and protecting the workplace.

Solution: ANACITY Business ensures robust access control systems through approval-based entries. Since all entries are recorded digitally, it is also easier to track visitors. Smart access control bars entry for unauthorised people. Thus, it ensures that visitors cannot enter offices or other facilities unless authorised. Read more in our article, Smart Security Systems: How ANACITY Business Makes your Workplace Safe & Secure.

Inefficient check-in procedures

Cumbersome visitor check-in procedures can create bottlenecks and negatively impact the visitor experience. Long wait times can frustrate visitors and staff, resulting in a poor first impression of the workplace. 

Solution: Streamline the check-in process with ANACITY Business smart visitor management software. Guests can be pre-approved for smooth entries. Walk-in guests can also be approved through app notifications. Approved entries are further made smooth through QR-based entries where visitors can just scan a QR for quick access. 


As a workplace grows, the challenge of managing a high volume of visitors simultaneously increases. Handling large numbers of guests efficiently can be a daunting task.

Solution: As a cloud-based solution, the ANACITY Business visitor management system is not hindered by scale. Cloud-based systems can adapt to the changing needs of a growing workplace, allowing for easy expansion without compromising efficiency.

Visitor Experience

A poor visitor experience can create a negative impression of the workplace and may impact business relationships. Cumbersome check-in processes, unfriendly staff, or a lack of clear directions can all contribute to a less-than-optimal experience.

Solution: ANACITY Business ensures a positive visitor experience at the lobby by significantly reducing the waiting time at the lobby. It minimises human intervention and the usual bottlenecks at entry points. 

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, quickly identifying and accounting for visitors is a critical concern. Traditional visitor logs and manual processes can hinder swift response times. It may also become necessary to close access to certain areas or facilities during emergencies. For instance, lift usage is restricted in a fire.

Solution: ANACITY Business visitor management software can instantly track current visitors, enabling the security to react promptly. ANACITY Business also offers an emergency tab that allows any user to quickly call the security. 

Workplace visitor management is crucial for maintaining security, creating a professional atmosphere, and enhancing the overall visitor experience. ANACITY Business is developed to address these issues effectively, streamlining the process, enhancing security, and ensuring data privacy and compliance.