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Launching Society Registers Module – Easily Comply with Regulatory Requirements Now

In yet another first, at ApnaComplex , we launch a new “Society Registers” module to specifically cater to Maharashtra based housing societies.

The new module, Society Registers, enables associations and housing societies to comply with some of the regulatory needs as per The Maharashtra Housing Society Act. The Society Registers module is a central place to maintain all data as required by the regulatory authorities in the formats defined per the Society Act.

Comply with Regulatory RequirementsAt present, ApnaComplex supports following registers

  • Form-J (Register of Members)
  • Register of Committee Members
  • Register of Investments
  • Register of Nomination
  • Register of Shares
  • Property Register
  • Levy Charges Register
  • Audit Reports Register
  • Transfer Register

And more are in the pipeline. All data into the registers can be added/modified/deleted with the history of all changes made being automatically stored. Society committee members can print the registers directly or download them into excel as per their needs.

With this addition, ApnaComplex becomes the first and the only web-based solution to cater to specific needs of Maharashtra Societies.

While the registers are created with primary objective to meet needs of Maharashtra based societies, Associations from other parts of the country as well can definitely benefit from them to maintain data in extremely structured way regarding their complex/society.
For example, a Transfer Register helps keep track of the history of a given Flat – who was original owner, and when a re-sale happened and to whom. An Levy Charges Register helps keep track of the history of how corpus fund / maintenance charges are levied in a society and the basis for the same.

ApnaComplex is a web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits!

Temple Tree Apartments Goes Live on ApnaComplex!

We warmly welcome all owners and residents of  Temple Tree Apartments, an apartment complex in Ulsoor area of Bangalore, on to ApnaComplex Portal.  The Temple Tree Apartment Owners Association were using another apartment management software earlier that was not able to meet thier needs and hence did a through evaluation and zeroed in on ApnaComplex. Mr. Rajiv Babu, Committee Member of Temple Tree Apartment Owners Association has the following to say on the this occasion:
ApnaComplex is the best Accounting and Management Software for any Housing Society

ApnaComplex is the best Accounting and Management Software for any Housing Society

“As an apartment community, we needed various tools for effective functioning. This included communication tools, accounting tools, issue filing systems and a whole lot of other systems. Initially our apartment complex was setup on another apartment management software, but we had serious issues in maintaining accounting information.

Over time, this became really cumbersome as multiple accounts were being maintained in excel and other systems. We wanted one system which could handle all the accounting and also circulate information to all members. ApnaComplex had a unique feature in that we found it to be the only apartment management system which supported double entry accounting.

While we are still setting up our accounts, we envisage it now becoming like bank accounts with detailed statements, receipts, transaction history and all sensitive information under one roof. All this seems to come at a very reasonable price making it a really worthy investment. We hope using this tool, the whole management experience would become very professional rivaling corporate setups.

Thank you Mr. Rajiv and TTAOA for your nice words. We look forward to serve Temple Tree Apartments.

Sobha Althea and Azalea Complex Goes Live on ApnaComplex!

Sobha Althea and Azalea – a premium residential property in Yelahanka, Bangalore has gone live this week on ApnaComplex.  The society of this 176 flats + 26 villas complex, has chosen ApnaComplex after a detailed evaluation and comparison with other software.

Writing to us on this occasion, Mr. Kannan, President of Sobha Althea and Azalea Apartment Owners Association has the following to say –

ApnaComplex - Right Choice for every gated community

ApnaComplex - Right Choice of every gated community

“We evaluated several options for managing our Association – Sobha Althea and Azalea Apartment Owners Association and zeroed in on Apna Complex.

Some of the key factors that went in favour of Apna Complex were the ease of operating the portal, the quality of thought that has gone into designing the portal, the clarity & level of commitment of the ApnaComplex team in ensuring continuous updation and modernisation of the portal taking into account individual customisation requirements.

The portal is quite comprehensive for managing the day to day running of an Apartment Complex at a reasonable cost. The on-boarding is fast and our experience in setting up the database for our complex was very smooth and easy. We wish Apna Complex all the luck in expanding their base.”

Thank you Mr. Kannan Viswanathan and Mr. N.K. Balasubramanian of SAAAOA for the nice words and we look forward to serve Althea and Azalea complex!

Accounting System packaged with ApnaComplex portal is what makes it unique!

We are blessed with another solid testimonial from a happy customer – Mr. S V Padmanabhan, Hon. President of  Dhyanaprastha Township Owners Society. Here is what he has to share about ApnaComplex:

“We started using ApnaComplex portal since mid Feb. 2011 after preliminary trials, especially with the Accounting System packaged with it. This is what makes this portal unique and suitable for our township for senior citizens. It is managed by the owners – all senior citizens. Apart from common services typical of other societies, we offer centralized cooking / catering of food and housekeeping besides car / driver

To keep track of expenses and income, we wanted an online Accounting System that could be accessed and monitored remotely by the Treasurer and any Office Bearer of the Managing Committee. ApnaComplex makes it possible. At any time it is possible to ensure that all transactions are up-to-date. We can generate reports that can help control expenses. Any member can get information on bills raised and payments made. The system is user friendly and does not call for the services of an accountant.

The portal is also rich in other features that can be used by all members. In short, ApnaComplex is very well suited for most housing societies. The license fee is reasonable in the context of the benefits that can be realized by its use. I wish ApnaComplex success in their endeavour to promote their application.”

Thank you Mr. Padmanabhan. We are glad we are of help to make life of senior citizens in your society a little less hassle free.

ApnaComplex provides value that is unbeatable!

A great way to begin a New Year. Mr. Tagore, Treasurer of Studio Sycamore Apartments provided us a testimonial that made us happy and proud! Mr. Tagore says:
ApnaComplex - Best Apartment Management Software

“Its’ been almost 6 months since we have started using ApnaComplex website for managing our apartment complex. It has brought us great amount of transparency, centralized, efficient way of managing the activities for the complex. ApnaCompelx provides easy to use interface to manage finances, keep track of assets/maintain them, manage committees, meetings, notices and share information in a timely way. I see ApnaComplex support team striving to add features weekly, provide great support with prompt actions on raised questions and most importantly send useful updates weekly to the users for managing activities in an efficient way. For the price, ApnaComplex provides value that is unbeatable!!

Thank you Mr. Tagore! You made our festival day extra special!

Living in a Housing Society – Know Your Neighbors!

The joy of living in a housing society mainly revolves around getting to know a lot of people and practicing the art of community living. You may feel out-of-place and shy when you first move into a housing society, but you should get over this phase and actively socialize so that you personally become a recognized member of the community too.

There are many advantages involved with getting to know the other residents:

  • Make your voice heard – You can actively participate in resident meetings and give your opinions and views
  • Get help – You can get their help in organizing events and in general situations
  • Expand your personal network – Some residents may be doctors or therapists and you can contact them in case of some emergency, some may be of use as your business contacts
Always Provide A Helping Hand in the Society Activities

Always Provide A Helping Hand in the Society Activities

But before you reap some benefits, you need to first make efforts to know your new neighbors. There are a few ideas that you can implement in order to know your neighbors better and to be an active member in housing society affairs, and these are:

  • Go Jogging Or Walking – A large number of residents in a housing society are bound to be jogging or walking outside on the common roads in the wee hours of the morning. You can buckle up your jogging shoes and head out to meet your neighbors along your course. You can catch up with them and make small talk, as this is not an intrusive scenario. You can even plan out a daily jogging routine together with them.
  • Be Visible And Active – There’s no way you can get to know your neighbors by locking yourself up in your room. Sit outside in common areas like the park or ground and say ‘Hello’ to every person you come across. You don’t even have to be repetitive, just a polite nod will do. You can also spend some time in your balcony, just to be visible and become a familiar face to your neighbors and other residents. Make sure that you attend all housing society meetings, and give your inputs in a polite manner.
  • Make Them Some Delicacies  – This is a time consuming process, but it’ll be worth every second if you invest your time in it. You don’t have to feed the entire housing society; you can whip up a few cookies or other delicacies for your neighbors and introduce yourself in this way. If you’re too tired to bake anything, just get some sweets from a well known store and head over to introduce yourself.
  • Offer To Help – When you see that your neighbor is having trouble in managing some issue, offer a helping hand. This is a great way of making friends, although you have to ensure that you don’t end up making false promises. This includes small and large offers like holding their groceries while they open the door or taking care of their pet when they’re not in town.
  • Organize An Event – This is one of the best ways of getting to know your neighbors. Plan out a party sometime during the weekend when you’re sure that your neighbors and other residents are free, you can coordinate with them regarding the same. Encourage conversations and get to know them better over drinks or even some tea.

This article aims at collating and providing information for benefit of ApnaComplex customers and blog readers. While ApnaComplex has taken every care to ensure the information is accurate, we suggest to please use it only as a guidance for further discussion and action with help of relevant professionals.

Celebrating Holi in your Society – Do’s and Don’ts

ApnaComplex wishes every one a very Happy Holi!

Celebrate, rejoice and make merry – while dodging splashes of colors at the same time. Take some time off your chores and unwind with your fellow members in the society. We’ve put together some simple dos and don’ts for a safe, thoughtful and fun Holi. You can also download these Do’s and Don’ts in a printer friendly, attractive poster format that you can share with all your society members and also put up on your Society’s noticeboard.

Holi Poster that can be placed in your Society's Noticeboard

Holi Poster that can be placed in your Society's Noticeboard

Dos and Don’ts

Dos Don’ts
  • Use all-natural colors and powders made from flower extracts
  • Give your children buckets of clean water and monitor their activities
  • Roll your car windows up while driving inside the apartment complex
  • Take out your old and faded clothes and wear them for the occasion
  • Apply colors on people’s faces in a gentle manner, and understand that some residents may not be in a mood to celebrate
  • Give your children a short brief on the cultural significance behind the fun festival
  • Apply oil on your skin and hair – you can slip away easily, and the colors won’t stick!


  • Don’t use unclean water
  • Don’t use artificial colors (abir), as these contain flakes of mica
  • Don’t pour colored water on plants and garden areas
  • Don’t create a mess in the common areas and parking lots, always stick to the site that the committee decides on
  • Drinking bhang maybe customary, but don’t force feed it to anyone
  • Don’t take things to heart if your neighbor’s children go overboard, be forgiving
  • Don’t spray colors on the walls, vehicles or doorways of other residents
  • Don’t throw balloons or spray colored water inside other flats, and respect their personal space


May the festival bring along good health and good luck to you and your family!

Penalties In A Housing Society – Effectively Creating A Revenue Stream

The managing committee in every housing society is responsible for maintaining and managing the infrastructure. There is a steady stream of revenue that the management committee gets every month, as and when all residents in the apartment complex pay their maintenance dues.
There are other ways through which a managing committee can earn some steady revenue, so that it can build new structures and improve the existing infrastructure without cutting a hole through the pockets of all residents.

Use penalties as alternate revenue channel

Penalties Can Help In Establishing Order

Interestingly, an apartment association can mimic a government’s functioning and use penalties as a form of revenue, to ensure that its internal processes are carried out in an unaffected manner.

Why Use Penalties As A Source Of Revenue?

Using penalties as a source of revenue can aid an association in two ways.

  • Creating Order: It will help in tightening up the existing system and making the residents more responsible and punctual when it comes to paying their dues. A system where no action is taken on defaulters will only invite more lethargy and bring in complacence. A managing committee can create a set process in this way, bringing in more control and transparency to its administration.
  • Tapping Into A Revenue Source: It will act as a source of money, and in this way new structures that are essential for every housing society like Rain Water Harvesting structures (including pits, dug wells, hand pumps, trenches, and recharge wells) can be constructed straight from the apartment association’s funds without collecting money from the residents. As long as this system is made transparent, there will be no issues whatsoever. Members of the managing committee should maintain records for all penalties collected and how and where the money has been put to use.

Wondering how to easily keep track of the penalties and payments against them?
More often that not, the reason for not imposing penalties in a housing society is the administration hassle associated with imposing them and ensuring a collection of the same. Its a nightmare to keep track of these without help of proper tools.

ApnaComplex’s powerful accounting features come in handy here. Treasurers can easily post the penalty charges to a member’s account and the member clearly would be aware of the penalty charge s/he has to pay. Treasurers can easily track the payment against the penalty. Most importantly, this brings about a transparent way of dealing with situations leading to penalty. What’s more – ApnaComplex being a complete accounting solution – the penalties collected can be categorized under any number of different heads of your choice – such late payment penalties, or common area penalties etc. and all of them would get reflected in your balance sheet and income/expense statement that every member can clearly understand. Absolutely, more transparency.
Yet another instance where using ApnaComplex not only saves effort, but also improves orderliness and even generates revenue for your society. Sign up your society today and get the benefits.

Where Can Penalties Be Charged?

Every housing society has its own set of bye laws, and these bye laws will provide information about the many penalties that can be levied on defaulters. The members of the managing committee can charge some penalties for the following acts:

  • Violation of Bye-Laws – Most association bye-laws has rules on how balconies must be kept clutter free not spoiling the facade of the apartment complex, how to manage garbage, how to maintain sound levels etc. Still, there could be Residents/Owners who violate terms by having messy balconies, cause inconvenience to neighbors with loud music or wood work during nights etc. and association can consider imposing penalty charges for the same.
  • Damage To Common Areas – The managing committee in a housing society can fine people for damaging important structures in the apartment’s common areas. A person who causes any form of damage to elevators, benches, roads, staircases, or swimming pools in the housing society can be fined. Penalties can also be charged for damages caused to gym equipments or library assets.
  • Raising Pets – Though, not exactly a penalty, this is one major source of revenue that an association can tap into. Not all housing societies have bye laws that allow people to raise pets; so members of the managing committee can charge people who have pets in their household (if pets aren’t allowed). A pet deposit can be taken or pet rent can also be levied every month to create a steady source of revenue.
  • Late Payment Of Dues – This is the most obvious and frequently used – Residents in the housing society who don’t pay their maintenance charges within the stipulated time can be penalized, and for this, a deadline should first be set and made public. This will help in making the collection process more effective.

But remember, before imposing any penalties, all the associated rules and the penalty amounts must be proposed, discussed, and voted in an AGM. Association cannot impose penalties with out first getting them approved in an AGM and recording those minutes.

ApnaComplex – The “Complete” Web-based Apartment Accounting Software Solution

ApnaComplex is a complete Apartment Accounting Software. Period.

When we talk about Accounting for Apartment Associations or Housing Societies, its not just about ability to create maintenance charges, automate few manual steps such as penalty generation and defaulters notifications, issue receipts or even about entering bills and expenses – there’s more to become a “complete” end-to-end solution for Accounting.

If you are a treasurer, ask these questions yourself when considering an accounting software for your society:

– Should I still download data in excel or some other form to share it with my auditor when I use this software to track my maintenance charges and expenses?

– Should I/auditor upload/re-enter data into another accounting software (such as Tally) to be able to generate Balance Sheets and Profit/Loss Statements?

If the answer to either of the above questions is “Yes”, you deserve better software as you are just duplicating efforts (and money) and not using better options that are available at lesser cost.

ApnaComplex - The right choice for Apartment Accounting

ApnaComplex - The right choice for Apartment Accounting

If the answer is “No”, ask few more questions – this time from an auditor perspective

– Can the auditor define as many ledger accounts as deemed necessary under Assets, Liabilities, Revenues and Expenses (also referred as ability to define Chart of Accounts)?

– Can the auditor change the transactions already posted? For example, can a Purchase that was captured under Expenses be moved to Assets with out re-entering all data?

– Can the Auditor View Trial Balance of all ledgers and individual Statements of all Ledger Accounts?

– Can the Auditor print the entire set of ledgers along with detailed transaction statements?

– Can the Auditor Generate unadjusted Balance Sheets, do Adjustments and then generate a final balance sheet and print it?

There can be many more such questions to be asked – but you get the idea. If the answers to any of these questions is “No”, drop that software as these are critical aspects to be able to provide a “complete” accounting.

Needless to say, with ApnaComplex you can do all the above and much more. You can create an account for your auditor, give access to the auditor only to the necessary financial data (speaks volumes about our Role Based Access Capability and the seriousness we take data protection aspects, doesn’t it?) and entire accounting can be done including generation and printing of all financial statements right from ApnaComplex. Auditor can create ledger accounts or accounting heads, re-group transactions, do adjustments, update opening balances, view trial balances, print individual ledger account statements and lastly generate Balance Sheet and Income/Expenditure Statements.

Oh, by the way, we also support exporting of data just in case you still want to use other accounting software for your needs. More options in your hands.

Now, get rid of the need to exporting and importing all the data, and most importantly – switch to ApnaComplex, Save Money and have Peace of Mind.

ApnaComplex is a web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits!

Vehicular Management In A Housing Society – What You Can Do About It

People normally envision a housing society as a peaceful and serene complex, sans the maddening traffic that the outside roads are filled with. This is true to an extent, but sometimes housing societies and gated communities also fall prey to excessive vehicular traffic due to many reasons.

Reasons For Heavy Traffic

Managing the traffic during such instances becomes very important, and proper steps should be taken before things get out of hand. There are certain instances when vehicular traffic in a housing society can hit an all-time high and these are:

  • During the peak morning hours when residents start for work
  • During the evening hours when they return home
  • During any events and festivals like New Year’s Eve
  • During instances when outside traffic gets diverted within a housing society

Traffic during the peak morning and evening hours is understandable, but traffic during the other instances can be brought under control.

Traffic Signs Are Useful

Traffic Signs Are Useful

Steps To Manage Traffic In A Housing Society

There are certain steps that members of the managing committee can be taken in order to manage the vehicular traffic within a housing society. Some of these are:

Following A One Way System

All roads in a housing society can be made one-way so that there is no congestion within the complex. One gate in the housing society can be used as an entry point and another gate can be used as an exit point to make things easier.

Blocking Outside Vehicles Through Security Guards

Turning all roads into one-way lanes will also help in keeping a tab on the vehicles that enter the complex and exit the same. Sometimes outside vehicles may enter the complex looking for short cuts, and these can be stopped effectively. A security guard can be posted near the gate for this purpose to take note of the vehicles that are entering the housing society. All vehicles owned by housing society members can be provided with ID stickers and numbers, so that it’s easy to filter out the residents’ vehicles and outer vehicles.

Providing Prior Information About Parties

Residents can provide prior information about any parties that they’re hosting and the expected number of vehicles, so that the security guard near the gate has a good idea on who to let in.

Installing Speed Bumps

Things can turn worse when vehicles start speeding on the housing society’s lanes. This can be stopped by fixing up speed breakers and speed bumps at ideal spots so that vehicles can’t accelerate beyond a point. Speed limits can also be set up within the complex, similar to the speed limits within the city.

Installing Road Signs

There are many places in a housing society where vehicles should move in a slow manner. Places like playgrounds and tot lots are strongholds where children play, and adequate road signs should be installed in such places. This can help in minimizing the number of accidents and also in managing the traffic well.  Signs can also be provided for direction, so that the traffic flow within the complex is smooth even during peak hours.

ApnaComplex is a web based housing society accounting and management software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by brining in more transaparency and accountability in manging a housing society. Along with host of features, ApnaComplex also offers a comprehensive Vehicle and Parking Lot Management that can deployed by the societies. Sign up your society today and get the benefits!

This article aims at collating and providing information for benefit of ApnaComplex customers and blog readers. While ApnaComplex has taken every care to ensure the information is accurate, we suggest to please use it only as a guidance for further discussion and action with help of relevant professionals.