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5 Ways To Decide On A New Year Resolution That Doesn’t Need Work

It’s that time of the year when almost everyone around you is coming up with ways of making the incoming year more productive. Some people have been planning their new year resolutions since the latter half of

Pets & apartments: Why they get to stay and you do too

The perpetual debate of whether pets must be allowed in apartment complexes, or not, has made us realise that the need for a clear understanding of the situation is at an all-time high (especially before we jump to

Is controlling domestic help rates in apartments becoming essential?

Domestic help/maids have now become a necessity for almost all households in India. Presently, with both men and women working in the 9-5 shift or more, the basic household chores need to be taken care of by

Apartment Complex Events – Tips for Planning Pongal Celebrations

In the rush and stress of urban life, we often forget about the ancient customs and traditions associated with our festivals. In fact, one of the common complaints of parents living in apartment complexes in cities is

Housing Society Safety Measures During the Kite Festival Celebrations

Organizing kite festival celebrations in your housing society can be a lot of fun. However, mishaps and loss of lives during the kite flying festival have often been reported in the press. It therefore makes sense to

Apartment Complex Events – Celebrating Colors with the Kite Festival

Makar Sankranti, which falls in mid January, is celebrated in several ways across apartment complex communities in India. Essentially a harvest festival, it is known as Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Sankranti in Karnataka and Uttarayan in Gujarat

Slides from Waste Management in Apartments Awareness and Best Practices Sessions

Below are the presentations from the Waste Management and Awareness Sessions” held on Nov 24th 2012 by ApnaComplex. Waste Segregation for Dummies – Presentation by Ragpicker SAAHAS – Nothing is Waste presentation by Wilma R Solid Waste

Waste Management in Apartments: Awareness and Best Practice Sessions Updates

ApnaComplex with support from Bannerghatta Neighborhood Association, conducted Waste Management Awareness and Best Practices Sharing Sessions on Saturday, 24th November, 2012. After a warm welcome from Mr. Sanjeev Bansal of Vithola Apartments, the event kick-started off with

Waste Management for Apartment Complexes – Awareness and Best Practice Sharing Sessions by ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex with active support of Bannerghatta Neighborhood Association (BANA) is conducting Awareness and Best Practice Sharing Sessions on Waste Management for Apartments in Bangalore. Date & Time: Event is scheduled to happen on Nov 24th from 10:00

Waste Management Process in Purva Panorama Apartments, Bangalore

One of ApnaComplex‘s premium customers, Purva Panorama Apartments, on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore is ensuring waste generated in their apartments is efficiently managed and disposed, reducing the damage to environment. Below is TV-9 coverage of the waste management