When we say accounting solutions, usually a society management software offers only invoice and bill generation of monthly maintenance dues. It is hard to find a fully-matured and automated accounting solution that addresses all the financial needs of a gated community.

Well, it is hard, definitely not impossible. ApnaComplex to the rescue!

ApnaComplex is one of the few gated community management solutions in India that provides a comprehensive, fully-matured and completely automated accounting solution as a part of its overall package. From raising invoices to sending auto-reminders to residents, the app allows the treasurer to perform all the vital actions in a few clicks.

Continue to read this article to know why it is prudent to pick ApnaComplex’s accounting software for societies.

Auto-send recurring invoices

Be it to owners, tenants, or vendors, all you have to do is set up the invoice details along with the date to be sent in the backend, and the system will send invoices monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly automatically.

Additionally, these invoices are also available on the ApnaComplex app for later perusal. 

The Pay Rent feature

ApnaComplex is one of the few apps that offers the tenant and owners the option to pay/collect rent via the app itself. To do this, the owner or tenant has to enter the details of owners’ account details on the app and continue to proceed with the payment.

Once the payment is done, receipts and invoices are generated automatically and sent to the tenants. This offers a consolidated place for all the rent receipts which can be downloaded effortlessly by the tenant and used for tax purposes.

Payments and purchases

ApnaComplex is one of the few solutions that offer a complete purchase and vendor management solution. From raising a purchase request to creating a purchase order, generating invoices, and making the payment, everything can be done in a few clicks, and like the rest, this process is also fully automated.

Additional Advantages

Did we tell you ApnaComplex’s accounting software for societies is comprehensive and there is none other like it?

The solution offers more than 30+ audit-ready reports and 100+ financial reports, it comes with a Budget Variance Report, and as the icing on the cake, all financial reports are GST compliant. 

Since the accounting solution is created by experts based on feedback from several gated communities, and intuitive to the core, balance sheets are reconciled and generated automatically.

With an automated accounting process, societies’ treasurers can save their time by 80%, energy and up their efficiency by three times. The best part is, these reports can be effortlessly optimised to suit the society’s requirements.

Now that the new financial year is here, want to deploy the best accounting software for societies that is available today? Visit www.apnacomplex.com to schedule a free demo!