Enhanced security is one of the biggest reasons people opt to pay premium prices for a home in a gated community. Yet, robberies can happen due to simple gaps in security or negligence. Despite management oversight, lapses can and do take place. Gated communities rely on a centralised multi-tiered security system to ensure that these gaps do not occur. However, such a system relies on efficient communication with residents on the one hand and round-the-clock surveillance at the gate on the other hand. 

Legacy systems have relied on intercoms and entry registers where the guests are required to enter their details. But this system has proven to be ineffectual due to multiple reasons apart from being labour and cost-intensive. An app-based visitor management system provides a more sustainable solution that is easy to implement and manage. Best of all, it provides a judicious use of our resources. 

What is an App-based Visitor Management System?

Visitor management is the process of tracking everyone who enters a gated community. It can include guests, delivery people, contractors, vendors, service providers, and household staff. Essentially, anyone who is not a resident or staff falls under the category of visitors. A visitor management system (VMS) is designed to record these callers, guests, and invitees. 

Gatekeeper by ApnaComplex is an app-based or digital VMS technology that leverages technology to track visitors, notifying residents in real-time. It even tracks your child’s school bus! It brings together all stakeholders, from the guards to the residents, at a common platform. It can upgrade any existing security process to strengthen the safety of a residential complex without any additional infrastructure investment. 

Why Legacy Systems do not Work?

To begin with, there are no standard systems. Some societies rely solely on register entries while some may follow this up with a call on the intercom. Others may have an additional layer of visitor passes. These systems suffer from some common challenges, including the difficulty of contacting a resident in time. Guards can make mistakes or the guests may give wrong information when registering caller details. 

From a security perspective, the biggest challenge is the tracking of visitors and retrieval of data. These systems are not designed to track the movement of guests and vehicles within the premises. Registers are the only record of data and these are prone to damage. They also act as a poor repository of information where it’s difficult, if not impossible, to recall data. For instance, you will find it difficult to trace data visitors to a particular flat if it is more than a few days old. It would be almost impossible if the timeline extended beyond a year. 

Switch to ApnaComplex Gatekeeper

What if you could handle all visitor management requirements while improving the overall security? ApnaComplex Gatekeeper is an innovative feature that addresses both of these issues. The app-based visitor management system records all data digitally, allowing for easy access and immediate communication. Some of the security features of the app include:

  • Known guests can be pre-approved by the residents. 
  • Ad-hoc visitors, including delivery people, have to file their information, including a photograph, at the point of entry. 
  • Residents receive real-time notifications when someone visits their home. They can choose to accept or reject a visitor. 
  • The digitally stored data can be retrieved at any time to check the details of the visitors.
  • Residents can view all approved and non-approved guests for any given date.
  • Residents can create a group to track school buses within the premises.
  • Residents can create a gatepass during the movement of goods or materials. The app will maintain a record of the material and moving out of the flat. 

Tracking guard movement: Gatekeeper includes an innovative feature to track guard movement in the premises. Under this feature, specific locations are assigned geo-tagged checkpoints. Patrolling guards have to check in at these locations using QR code, NFC card or any other security system. The supervisor can define patrol timings and get real-time alerts in case of violations. With this system not only do you get an accurate report on each guard’s route but also ensure that corrective action can be taken in time. 

Patrol guards have to check in at geo-tagged locations on their daily route, allowing for easy verification. This ensures diligent patrolling in less visible areas.

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In case you want to learn more about ApnaComplex Gatekeeper, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use for improving the security in your community without any additional investment in enhancing the infrastructure.