Managing a community with hundreds of residents is no easy task. For Management Committees (MCs) and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), the challenges can vary from ensuring maintenance collections to dealing with resident disputes. 

ApnaComplex offers digital tools that are designed to anticipate and meet these challenges. As a community management solution, it has been developed in collaboration with different MCs and RWAs to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

OAM Challenges & solutions

MCs and RWAs face multi-faceted challenges in managing a community. ApnaComplex leverages different tools, including communication and accounting modules to meet these challenges. 


Gated communities can see thousands of visitors in a day. This makes a visitor management system (VMS) a prime concern. The challenges here lie in recording visitors, getting approvals, and tracking every entry. Legacy systems relied on registers for recording data and phone calls to get approvals. The risk lies in the loss of data due to damage or the failure to contact the resident for visitor approvals. 

Solution: ApnaComplex offers a community management solution with an app-based VMS. Visitor data is recorded digitally at the gate. Residents can also pre-approve visits, thus creating a seamless entry. Other features include pre-approving guests on specific dates and times as well as sending bulk invites for special events. Since the app records staff entries, residents can also check their attendance. Find more benefits of ApnaComplex VMS in our article Society Visitor Management System: Top 7 Features to Look for. Learn how to further leverage your digital VMS in our article, Digital Visitor Management System: Taking Data Beyond Gate Management.

Collecting maintenance charges 

As non-profit bodies, MCs and RWAs depend largely on the collection of maintenance charges to meet their expenses and plan ahead. Other than meeting the running costs of the community, MCs must also ensure a robust capital reserve and comprehensive insurance coverage to protect their assets. However, despite its importance, timely collection of maintenance charges remains the biggest challenge for every MC. Overdue collections impair the committee’s spending power and budgetary outlays. It also impacts maintenance planning. 

Solution: ApnaComplex facilitates timely collections through a step-by-step process, designed to induce residents to pay on time. The accounting module auto-calculates late payment charges with multiple penalty options. Residents receive reminders to further ensure timely payments. The platform provides ease of payment through its collection gateway. Find out more about ApnaComplex Payment Gateway. Read our article on How to Manage Late Payments & Maximise Collections.

Ensuring financial discipline

With limited avenues of income and heavy expenses, MCs must exercise strict financial discipline. But this is easier said than done with multiple people logging in expenses. Controlling unplanned expenses, reducing wastage, maintaining a positive cash flow, and staying within budget while ensuring efficiency in the delivery of services are some of the biggest challenges for every community manager. 

Solution: As a community management solution, the accounting module in ApnaComplex is designed to help MCs drive strict financial discipline. The automation of billing ensures timely collections. The Expense Tracker is designed to trace every penny spent, thus encouraging fiscal accountability and responsibility. Learn more with our article, How can management committees implement smart financial control?

Facility management

Well-run facilities are an asset for any community. But running these facilities can be more challenging than it appears. It requires preventive maintenance coupled with careful scheduling to ensure that there are no double bookings. 

Solution: ApnaComplex addresses both challenges through the facility management module. Managers can set maintenance schedules with timely reminders to ensure timely upkeep. This ensures that facilities run smoothly while reducing asset downtime. Residents can book facilities, thus removing any chances of double bookings. Read in detail in our article Facility Management: Challenges & Solutions.

Manage complaints & requests

One of the key tasks for every community manager is addressing resident complaints. These can range from leaky taps to stalled lifts. Dissatisfaction can grow when complaints are not addressed in time. Legacy systems create gaps where complaints can get lost or residents have no way of following up on the status of their complaints.

Solution: ApnaComplex offers a community management solution with a platform for tracking complaints, suggestions, and requests. Residents can register their complaints on the app. Unaddressed complaints are automatically bumped to the next supervisory level. This ensures that all complaints are addressed in time. It also allows residents to share feedback. Find out How a Digital Complaint Management System Leads to Speedy Redressal.

Speedy communication

Communication is a critical aspect of managing a community. But managing communication can be tricky in large communities. Important notices can go missing or people may just fail to read them. 

Solution: ApnaComplex’s communication module acts as a social media for the community where all residents can interact with each other. Community managers can post notices on the app. Online notices can be viewed by every resident at any time. MCs can also post critical documents like the minutes of the Annual General Meetings. Learn more about Why Centralised Communication is Key to Apartment Management Efficiency.

As an all-inclusive platform, ApnaComplex offers an all-in-one community management solution. To learn more, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229.