Temple Tree Apartments Goes Live on ApnaComplex!

We warmly welcome all owners and residents of  Temple Tree Apartments, an apartment complex in Ulsoor area of Bangalore, on to ApnaComplex Portal.  The Temple Tree Apartment Owners Association were using another apartment management software earlier that was not able to meet thier needs and hence did a through evaluation and zeroed in on ApnaComplex. Mr. Rajiv Babu, Committee Member of Temple Tree Apartment Owners Association has the following to say on the this occasion:
ApnaComplex is the best Accounting and Management Software for any Housing Society

ApnaComplex is the best Accounting and Management Software for any Housing Society

“As an apartment community, we needed various tools for effective functioning. This included communication tools, accounting tools, issue filing systems and a whole lot of other systems. Initially our apartment complex was setup on another apartment management software, but we had serious issues in maintaining accounting information.

Over time, this became really cumbersome as multiple accounts were being maintained in excel and other systems. We wanted one system which could handle all the accounting and also circulate information to all members. ApnaComplex had a unique feature in that we found it to be the only apartment management system which supported double entry accounting.

While we are still setting up our accounts, we envisage it now becoming like bank accounts with detailed statements, receipts, transaction history and all sensitive information under one roof. All this seems to come at a very reasonable price making it a really worthy investment. We hope using this tool, the whole management experience would become very professional rivaling corporate setups.

Thank you Mr. Rajiv and TTAOA for your nice words. We look forward to serve Temple Tree Apartments.

Sobha Althea and Azalea Complex Goes Live on ApnaComplex!

Sobha Althea and Azalea – a premium residential property in Yelahanka, Bangalore has gone live this week on ApnaComplex.  The society of this 176 flats + 26 villas complex, has chosen ApnaComplex after a detailed evaluation and comparison with other software.

Writing to us on this occasion, Mr. Kannan, President of Sobha Althea and Azalea Apartment Owners Association has the following to say –

ApnaComplex - Right Choice for every gated community

ApnaComplex - Right Choice of every gated community

“We evaluated several options for managing our Association – Sobha Althea and Azalea Apartment Owners Association and zeroed in on Apna Complex.

Some of the key factors that went in favour of Apna Complex were the ease of operating the portal, the quality of thought that has gone into designing the portal, the clarity & level of commitment of the ApnaComplex team in ensuring continuous updation and modernisation of the portal taking into account individual customisation requirements.

The portal is quite comprehensive for managing the day to day running of an Apartment Complex at a reasonable cost. The on-boarding is fast and our experience in setting up the database for our complex was very smooth and easy. We wish Apna Complex all the luck in expanding their base.”

Thank you Mr. Kannan Viswanathan and Mr. N.K. Balasubramanian of SAAAOA for the nice words and we look forward to serve Althea and Azalea complex!

Accounting System packaged with ApnaComplex portal is what makes it unique!

We are blessed with another solid testimonial from a happy customer – Mr. S V Padmanabhan, Hon. President of  Dhyanaprastha Township Owners Society. Here is what he has to share about ApnaComplex:

“We started using ApnaComplex portal since mid Feb. 2011 after preliminary trials, especially with the Accounting System packaged with it. This is what makes this portal unique and suitable for our township for senior citizens. It is managed by the owners – all senior citizens. Apart from common services typical of other societies, we offer centralized cooking / catering of food and housekeeping besides car / driver

To keep track of expenses and income, we wanted an online Accounting System that could be accessed and monitored remotely by the Treasurer and any Office Bearer of the Managing Committee. ApnaComplex makes it possible. At any time it is possible to ensure that all transactions are up-to-date. We can generate reports that can help control expenses. Any member can get information on bills raised and payments made. The system is user friendly and does not call for the services of an accountant.

The portal is also rich in other features that can be used by all members. In short, ApnaComplex is very well suited for most housing societies. The license fee is reasonable in the context of the benefits that can be realized by its use. I wish ApnaComplex success in their endeavour to promote their application.”

Thank you Mr. Padmanabhan. We are glad we are of help to make life of senior citizens in your society a little less hassle free.

ApnaComplex provides value that is unbeatable!

A great way to begin a New Year. Mr. Tagore, Treasurer of Studio Sycamore Apartments provided us a testimonial that made us happy and proud! Mr. Tagore says:
ApnaComplex - Best Apartment Management Software

“Its’ been almost 6 months since we have started using ApnaComplex website for managing our apartment complex. It has brought us great amount of transparency, centralized, efficient way of managing the activities for the complex. ApnaCompelx provides easy to use interface to manage finances, keep track of assets/maintain them, manage committees, meetings, notices and share information in a timely way. I see ApnaComplex support team striving to add features weekly, provide great support with prompt actions on raised questions and most importantly send useful updates weekly to the users for managing activities in an efficient way. For the price, ApnaComplex provides value that is unbeatable!!

Thank you Mr. Tagore! You made our festival day extra special!

ApnaComplex offers impressive set of functionality and reports

Citilights Liberty – a complex on Outer Ring Road on Bangalore has been using ApnaComplex for past 6 months. Mr. Ram Bhagawat, President of Citilights Liberty Owners Association says –

“Our association is leveraging ApnaComplex as tool to get organized, apply systemic approach to manage our finance, engage with community members and mitigate legal risk. ApnaComplex offers impressive set of functionality and reports that meets most of our needs.”

Thank you Mr. Ram!

New Feature: Enforce Acceptance of Bye-laws Electronically in your Housing Society

Here’s a question –  you know bye-laws are the constitution for your complex – but, how do you know all members of your association have indeed read bye laws? Tough? Next, how do you ensure every one acknowledges the amendments made to the bye-laws in last AGM? Tougher? Help is here now from ApnaComplex in the new feature that is released.

We are happy to announce the release of an innovative feature in ApnaComplex using which Administrators can configure any terms & conditions that every member must accept before members gain access to their complex in the portal. Administrators can put your complex bye laws as the content of terms and conditions. Once the content is configured and enforcement is enabled – when any member logs on to ApnaComplex, they will be presented the terms and conditions page with contents configured by the Administrator. These Terms and Conditions must be accepted by the member in order to gain access to the complex in ApnaComplex. This makes it extremely easy to ensure all members including tenants indeed go through the bye-laws when they move-in.

What’s more – Administrators can update the terms and conditions, reset the status of all users who accepted and request to accept the reivsed terms and conditions again. Total flexitbility in your hands and makes it easy to all members to know the new amendments in the byelaws.

Benefits due to this feature

It is not very uncommon that most residents in any residential complex are not aware of all bye-laws and the fact that there is constant flux in the tenants makes it even difficult to ensure every one is in fact aware of all bye-laws. In addition, getting an acknowledgment that members have read the bye-laws or any important amendments is even difficult. The ignorance on bye-laws keeps causing problems of non-compliance quite often. This takes away precious time from committee members to resolve these problems.

Go to Community –> Settings and click the link “Confiure T&C” link available to get started.

ApnaComplex is a web based apartment management software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by brining in more transaparency and accountability in manging the complex. Sign up your complex today and get the benefits!

ApnaComplex really helped all of our office bearers to transact the association related matters transparently

Ending the year on a high note with this wonderful testimonial from Ravichandran Ramakrishnan, Treasurer at Citilights Liberty:

“We have been using ApnaComplex web portal in our complex for past 5 months and find is very helpful to manage our day to day work. It really helped in bringing all the details of our complex in one place with help of Member Directory, Vehicle Directory, Asset Register & Vendor Directory. ApnaComplex really helped all of our office bearers to transact the association related matters transparently with the help of Complaint box and Noticeboard modules.

In addition, as a Treasurer, ApnaComplex has been a boon to manage accounting areas like creating maintenance invoices, other charges like Club house usage etc. I really love the automatic soft copy of receipt issued to member upon payment confirmation. Bank reconciliation is helpful to maintain the accuracy for auditing. Mail and SMS support are great help to deal with members.

More than all these, the support we receive from ApnaComplex is exemplary – the support team responds instantaneously in most of the cases for any queries or clarifications.

I wish the team at ApnaComplex reach greater heights.”

Thank you Ravi for your words and support!

ApnaComplex at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010

ApnaComplex was at the recent NASSCOM Product Conclave. We were one of the ten product start ups that were selected from around 50 nominations to be presented to media in an exclusive event of NASSCOM Product Launchpad on 9th November 2010.

ApnaComplex at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010

ApnaComplex at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010

ApnaComplex in News

ApnaComplex in News

We really had good time presenting and interacting with all learned people post the session and learned quite a bit. We were covered by few news papers post this event (see right side for a snippet from Deccan Chronicle dated 10th November 2010).

Below are links to few more blogs/papers that we got a mention. We thank every one who covered us. These definitely help us to put our best foot forward.

WAT Blog: http://www.watblog.com/2010/11/10/nasscom-product-conclaves-launchpad/

Mint: http://www.livemint.com/2010/11/09212408/8216Product-ecosystem-needs.html?atype=tp

Deccan Herald: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/111378/nasscom-product-conclave-city.html

Deccan Chronicle Article (extracted from the e-paper): http://blog.apnacomplex.com/media/2010/11/ApnaComplex-NASSCOM-Product-Launchpad-Coverage.pdf

We thank NASSCOM for providing this platform for us. We also thank all the jury members for having selected us to be in top ten from a list of 50 products.

Diwali Special – A New looking ApnaComplex

Team at ApnaComplex welcomes Diwali with a new vibrant look for the website. While the earlier design was functional and did its job  – we were finding it inadequate accommodate all the new stuff we keep doing and hence the need for a new design.

Farewell to the Old Design

Farewell to the Old Design

And what a better time than Diwali to launch the new look. 

ApnaComplex - Home Page with New Design

Welcome to the New Design

Along with the new design and new graphics, we spent time in thinking and re-writing most of content of our static pages. We attempted to elaborate the ever-increasing feature set of the product to give more information to our web site visitors.

We hope you like the new design as much as we do. Check it out.

Have a Happy and Safe Diwali!