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Occupancy Certificate and Partial Occupancy Certificate – All you need to know

When one purchases property to move into, or for investment purposes, its pros and cons come along with it. Formalities need to be completed and documents, such as an occupancy certificate or a partial occupancy certificate, need

Five Quick Tips about Better Apartment Management

 Apartment management is becoming one of the most challenging jobs, with growing sizes of apartment complexes in India. With most of the members offering a voluntary service to their apartment residents as a management committee member, the

The Need for Using Energy Efficient Doors in a Housing Society

Housing society residents from across the country are moving from ornamental and beautiful doors to energy efficient doors that provide the required insulation, helping them save money.Depending on the housing society, such energy efficient doors are installed

Steps to Prevent Light Pollution in a Housing Society

Light pollution is a worldwide phenomenon that is often overlooked, especially in a housing society and other similar structures. In short, light pollution is misused or misdirected light. When outdoor lights in a housing society are improperly

The Power Backup Options in a Housing Society

With the steadily growing instances of power cuts in the country, a housing society should essentially have power backup plans for its residents to live their lives unhindered. Power cuts can be a major hindrance when you’ve

Apartment Fire Safety – Basic Knowhow About Fire Escapes

With Diwali around the corner, safety measures in a housing society must be taken against all possible threats to ensure that there are no mishaps of any kind. Fire safety in a housing society is especially of

Roads in a Housing Society – Concrete Roads Vs Asphalt Roads

A housing society can either sport concrete roads or asphalt roads. Asphalt roads are steadily replacing concrete roads because of the low costs involved, despite the obvious advantages of concrete roads.While both types of roads, concrete and

Navaratri Celebrations in a Housing Society – Tips You Can Try

Navaratri Celebrations in a Housing Society – Tips You Can Try When it comes to religious events in a housing society, Navaratri is a popular Hindu festival that you can celebrate within the complex. The festival revolves around Goddess Durga

Onam Celebrations in a Housing Society – Some Basic Tips

Colorful Onam arrangements are often made in a housing society to cater to the multicultural crowd of people who stay in such complexes. The festival of Onam is celebrated with much fervor and zeal for a period

Housing Society Knowhow – Rain Water Harvesting Guidelines in Hyderabad

Infrastructure management in any two cities is never the same, and Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) is one such measure that has different guidelines in every city. The RWH guidelines in Hyderabad are understandably entirely different from those