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Avoid A ‘Home Alone’ Situation With The Gatekeeper App

Remember Harry and Marv? The tiny short-tempered man and the tall dumb one, who terrorised the living daylights out of a naughty 8-year-old called Kevin McCallister? Yes. We’re talking about the plot of the 1990 blockbuster movie,

Tool #2: Conduct healthy discussions via ApnaComplex Discussion Forum or Mailing List

ApnaComplex Discussion Forum is used for conducting healthy discussions on any topic with residents, owners or committee members. This is the most frequently used communication tool out of the complete list of ApnaComplex Communications tools. Scenario when

Habit #5: Effective management committees implement smart financial control

In this blog post, we are going to emphasize on the fifth habit of effective management committees of implementing smart financial control. Smart financial management is the key to success for any management committee. In our earlier

The Importance Of Electrical Safety In A Housing Society

Most people hardly understand the importance of proper electrical safety in a cooperative housing society. The tingling sensation that a minor shock produces in your skin may seem trivial, but more severe shocks can cause burns all