The Return of SMS to ApnaComplex!

Your favorite portal now supports sending important SMS to any mobile number – including those present in the DND list. Also, gone are the time restrictions when you can receive an SMS. No more 9AM-9PM restrictions.

Types of Messages:
Going forward you have two “types” of messages you can send through ApnaComplex

Template Based SMS
Non-template Based SMS
Template based SMS – as the name indicates – are pre-defined messages with some placeholders. You will have option to fill these place holders and send to members. These message formats are pre-defined – they are already scrutinized and approved by relevant authorities. Hence, they will reach all members – including those in DND and at any time. All system generated messages such as Meeting Reminders, Complaint Escalations, Invoice/Payment notifications etc. will all fall under this category.

Non-template based SMS – as the name indicates – these messages have no restrictions on the text. It is free text and one can type any thing. However, these will have restrictions that they cannot reach all members. These messages will only reach people who are not on the DND and that too only from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Explicit Opt-in to receive SMS:
As per TRAI regulations, it is mandatory for ApnaComplex to maintain the records of the approval given by a member to receive SMS before we attempt to send an SMS. Hence, every member has to login to ApnaComplex and update their SMS opt-in preference before being able to receive template based SMSs. Members who have not opted in, will get an alert as soon as they login. It is very simple to update the preference – got to Home->My Profile->Edit Profile, select “Yes” for SMS Opt-in and update.

With our smart routing logic, we attempt to send a message scheduled by you in multiple channels to ensure the member receives it – we fist deliver a template based SMS to all members who have opted for receiving SMS. Next, we try and deliver SMS through another channel for all the members who have not updated thier opt-in preference – these members would get the SMS in case they are not on DND list.

Enhancements to ApnaComplex Polling Booth

From now onwards, administrators and poll creators can see the list of members and thier flat-numbers who voted on a given poll. If the poll is open poll (not secret poll), they can even see who voted against which option. This viewing is possible only after the poll is closed.

Also, the email that gets sent upon closure of a poll shall include the final results of the poll – voting options and votes for each option.

Launching New ApnaComplex Classifieds

We are happy to announce the launch of a new ApnaComplex Classifieds Section for our members to post their needs and reach out to wider audience. You can access the classifieds section at

ApnaComplex Classifieds will replace the earlier mechanism of posting notices with “Every one on internet” visibility. With this feature, admins need not be spending time approving buy/sell/rent type of notices from members and keep the noticeboard clean. ApnaComplex Classifieds is also tightly integrated with Facebook for members who want to post these classifieds to a wider audience in their respective networks.

New Looking Discussion Forum released!

We now have a new looking discussion forum available for all our customers. Some of improvements we have included apart from the color schemes and other intagibles:

1. Show last 3 comments by default for every topic. See more with less clicks!

2. Open the entire discussion in a separate window to go through all the comments in details. Very useful for long running threads

3. Improved experience due to pagination of topics. Helpful in case of very large and active communities where there can many discussion threads running in parallel.

Announcing “Automated Scheduled Reports” Module

We are happy to announce a key new addition to ApnaComplex feature set – ‘Automated Scheduled Reports’ – that is available for every society.

With this feature, any one in your society can now receive various reports by email at a pre-defined and periodic intervals (OneTime, Daily, Weekly, Monthly).
You can schedule reports to be sent to entire community/owners/committee/sub groups or to a selected set of individuals.

Some of the “new” things you can do in your society with this feature:
1. Improve Financial Transparency by auto-publishing Income/Expense statement to all owners every month!
2. Schedule to send List of all expense details for the week to the entire committee!
3. Get End of the day cash/bank balances on a daily basis!
4. Automatically send updated key contact list once a month to entire community!
5. Get Bouncing email ID report once a week!
and much more… All just by configuring for few minutes.

There are around 40+ reports available for scheduling. As always, the list will continue to grow as we move forward.

To start using this feature, go to Reports->Reports List and click the ‘Scheduled Reports’ button.

Please note that the system shall execute and send reports post mid-night every day.

Legally Compliant Online Payments for Housing Societies and Apartment Owners Associations

Background: Housing Societies and need for Payment Gateway

Housing societies, welfare associations and folks managing multi-tenancy buildings/ complexes keep collecting recurring dues from the members. Members usually pay their dues through Cheques, and these days transfer money through NEFT to the Society Bank Account. Non-resident owners also use one of these modes to pay their dues. However, keeping of track of payments from several members, validating the bank transfers, accurately issuing receipts is a big issue for the treasurers and accountants and the amount of money that lies in “Suspense” account head keeps increasing as mapping the payment received to the correct flat is quite time consuming. This triggers a chain of issues – complaints from members of not getting receipts, unable to accurately impose late payment charges properly, accurate defaulters reports and so on.

Advantages of an Online payment system where members can pay their maintenance dues and get an instant receipt from the are now obvious – in addition to getting money securely into the bank, treasurers/accountants can heave a sigh of relief due to tremendous savings in the reconciliation efforts and other issues mentioned earlier!

As everyone is aware – ApnaComplex offers a Payment Gateway module using which members of Housing Societies can pay their dues online and avoid all the reconciliation problems mentioned above.

A word of caution: Integrating with Payment Gateways and offering such a solution needs to be thorough, requires lots of due diligence to ensure safety of the money and comply with all relevant regulations. There have been providers in the market offering solutions for Housing Societies that were not fully legally compliant and were forced to change their solution. This has created a dent in the confidence of Housing Societies to go fully online. With the vast industry experience the founding team brings to the table, trust ApnaComplex to not offer services hastily without appropriate due diligence.

The online payment gateway platform offered by ApnaComplex is a reputed Payment Gateway operating in India since past 7 years and is compliant with PCI, ISO 27001 & RBI norms, whereby funds are settled directly to existing bank account of the society, via trusted banks in India for your society’s members to transact online with confidence.

Here is the detailed explanation on the online payment gateway integration in that can clarify various questions we keep receiving from our prospects and customers. ApnaComplex is an alliance partner for one of the leading payment gateways in India who enables the online payment platform for Housing Societies.

Enabling Payment Gateway for a Society

As a first step, like any other business that collects money, the Housing Society or the RWA which is going to collect the funds electronically shall be setup with the Payment Gateway as a “Biller” (also referred as Merchant in Online Payments terminology). For this, the Society / RWA has to submit legal documentation related to AGM resolution authorizing the association to be a biller and other KYC documents. Once verification and scrutiny of the documents is done, the Payment Gateway shall register the Society/RWA as a ‘Biller/Merchant’. This entire process is co-ordinated by with the society. Upon successful verification and merchant registration, merchant details are provided to the society by the Payment Gateway. The same merchant details shall be updated in the ApnaComplex portal, and the online payment facility is turned on for the society’s portal hosted on ApnaComplex.

Making a payment using Payment Gateway

  • A members logs into and selects to make a payment using Payment Gateway.
  • ApnaComplex redirects the user to Payment Gateway along with the Merchant details of that society.
  • Member enters amount to be paid, and other credit card / net-banking details on the Payment Gateways’ pages and completes the transaction
  • The funds flow from the members account/credit card to the account of the Payment Gateway. This is an RBI monitored bank account.
  • Upon successful payment, the payment gateway redirects the member to ApnaComplex portal’s payment confirmation screen along with the amount paid
  • ApnaComplex mails a PDF receipt to the member and also updates the member’s ledgers and other accounts to reflect the payment
  • The payment gateway transfers the money to Society’s Bank Account directly.
  • It is important to note that the money paid by member NEVER comes to an account which is related to in any way. The funds flow from the Member’s Account to the Society’s Bank Account using RBI approved and monitored channels – thus making this a fully legally compliant mechanism for making online payments.
Online payment process in ApnaComplex

Online payment process in ApnaComplex

Other options we had

Another way of offering the payment gateway to housing societies would have been to become payment aggregator ourselves. We have decided against that as that would deviate us from our core business and made us a electronic payments organization. Instead, we chose to partner with a well established and respected payment gateway player as it offers the following advantages:

  • Proven Technology Stack – No need to Re-invent the Wheel: The complete technology stack that processes your funds is used by thousands and thousands of merchants daily (including some of the leading e-commerce sites in India) and is owned by an organization which provides payment gateway functionality in around 50 countries around the world.
  • Fraud Detection: The complete system of managing the funds and getting them transferred is done by a leader in this area with sophisticated tools for fraud detection and risk management.
  • Easy Compliance: As the payment gateway is one of the leaders in the space, they keep their systems updated as per RBI guidelines that can change from time to time.
  • No Additional Benefit: There is no additional benefit that we can offer to our customers by we becoming a payment aggregator ourselves. Instead that exposes them to greater risk due of non-complaince and fraud due as mentioned in earlier points.

We have always valued legal compliance over business and are glad that we are providing the users of an effective, compliant and with leading edge technology. If you have more questions, please feel free to Contact Us with your queries.

New Feature: Announcing Bye Laws and Amendments Module in ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex launches Bye Laws and Amendments Module

Bye Laws are the constitution of a Housing Society (Refer: old post on bye laws). Every registered housing soiciety have bye-laws that contain the governing principles of that society. Every society has the right to amend these bye-laws from time-to-time to ensure the governance and administration is more efficient.

However, in almost all societies its a night-mare to find the list of all amendments done to the bye laws at one place. These amendments are typically scattered over in multiple mails, minutes of meetings, some presentations or word documents – making it almost impossible to keep track of how the bye-laws evolved over a period.

Not anymore! In yet another first, with the launch of new Bye Laws module in ApnaComplex, members can read the bye laws and all the amendments at a single place. No more searching for documents in the repository – the content of bye laws and amendments can be accessed right from the menu bar by members.

Administrators can update the bye laws and also add/update/delete amendments and capture details such as date of amendments, date of meeting in which amendment was approved, who proposed it and who seconded it.

ApnaComplex makes information instantly accessible when you actually need it!

Get your Society on ApnaComplex – Today!
ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!

Every Hour Counts – Superior Complaint Escalation Process with support for Society “Working Hours”

In yet another innovation based on customer inputs, ApnaComplex now supports concept of “Business Hours” (or Working Hours or Society Office Hours). Now, administrators can define business hours in a week for a given category of complaints – for example, gardening staff will work from Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Security staff works 24*7, Accountants work on Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Every Hour Counts!

Every Hour Counts!

Now, you can define the escalation paths to use Business Hours than calander days. This means, that a complaint related to gardening will take into account the fact that staff will not be working on Saturday and Sunday and also after 5:00PM before trigerring an escalation to next level. So, a complaint logged on Friday evening, will not get escalated on Sunday morning – and avoids raising a false alarm. Helps you monitor the staff more effectively.

With this enhancement, ApnaComplex now supports defining escalation periods in terms of business hours than days. So, if you want a unattended security complaint to be escalated in 2 business hours – it’s easily possible.

When you redefine the SLAs or re-define the business hours, the complaints that are already raised automatically take into the account of the new hours and get escalated accordingly.

Get your Society on ApnaComplex – Today!
ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!

New Feature: Housing Society Inventory Tracking Made Easy

In yet another first, ApnaComplex launches Inventory Tracking Module for Housing societies.

One of the biggest pain points for any society is to track how various consumables (such as Diesel, Electrical Fittings, Plumbing Fittings, Salt/Chemicals for Water Bodies etc.) are being utilized. Things like when was a stock bought and at what price, when and how are they consumed, what is the current balance is very difficult to track all along – but no more.

ApnaComplex has now a new “Inventory” module that would help you track inventory.  Asset Administrators will now be able to:
1. Define various stock items such as Diesel, Water, Bulbs, etc.
2. Ability to add purchase and consume transactions of every item – along with date of the transaction, the quantity and the price (for purchase transactions).
3. View Statement of each stock item for a given date range which gives an overview of how an item was purchased and used.
4. Generate month-wise consumption reports for a given date range for all stock items.

We are postive that our customers would find this module very useful. Like with all other features, this feature also will evolve based on the feedback from our customers as days pass by.

Happy and easy tracking!