Five Quick Tips about Better Apartment Management

quick-tips-271x300 Apartment management is becoming one of the most challenging jobs, with growing sizes of apartment complexes in India. With most of the members offering a voluntary service to their apartment residents as a management committee member, the personal life of an individual gets quite affected in dealing with apartment maintenance issues.

At times it becomes difficult for new management committee members to understand which areas to concentrate on to offer their residents a superior experience of staying in the apartment.  Five quick tips for management committee members for better apartment management are: 

Automate Society Billing & AccountingFinancial matter often becomes a bone of contention between committee members. Accounting and book keeping, income and expense tracking, penalty calculation should be streamlined as soon as possible. Try to reduce your reconciliation efforts and try to 100% automate your billing and collection effort. The best option is to employ a software that incorporates tools such as Income Tracking, Penalty Calculation, Maintenance Charges Payment Reminders, Metered Utilities and Payment Gateway offering significant effort reduction without disturbing your current accounting practices and to help you in better apartment management.

Resolve Resident Complaints Efficiently – Resident complaint management is one of the toughest areas one has to deal with as a management committee member. Ensure you set up a system as soon as possible for central tracking of resident complaints, suggestions and requests. The whole process of residents filing a complaint and committee members resolving and closing the issue needs to be automated. Use a software that will help you track the complaints at various stages with an auto escalation mechanism to escalate unresolved complaints. This will increase the resident satisfaction and enhance their faith in the management committee.  

Communicate effectively with your Community – Effective communication with your community is very important. Use community collaboration tools to post notices and reach out to everyone, securely share photos of community events within the society, have healthy discussion on any topic via discussion forums, send important messages/emails to other committee members or residents. Create and publish articles like Policy on Pets, Waste Management Guidelines, Diwali Celebration Tips, and Monthly Newsletter for residents – the list is just endless. For better apartment management, it will be an intelligent move to use a software that offers the facility to use all these communication tools at one go and create a strong communication link with your community.

Manage Apartment Facilities & Staff Smartly – Residents often complaint about how the apartment facilities are not maintained well by maintenance staff etc. Save yourself from the pain of manually overlooking asset tracking, inventory management, parking lot management, maintenance staff and service staff management. Offer superior experience to residents by empowering them to book an apartment facility online! Maintain a central record of visitors visiting your apartment for security purposes. Managing and keeping a check on all the above mentioned areas is a herculean task. What you need is an apartment management software that does it all for you and help you manage all apartment facilities smartly.

Proficiently manage society data – Maintain directory of owners, residents and flats in your apartment in a systematic manner for reaching out to them easily. Maintain list of office bearers and committee members for communicating with them in an effective manner. Centralize all your society data in one place for your own convenience. Create an online presence for your complex and provide details such as amenities available, directions, location of the complex to visitors or interested parties outside the complex.

It’s time for you to move away from countless number of confusing spreadsheets and remember to become a management committee member you don’t need to learn about accounting and facility management anymore. A good apartment management software can do all that for you. What you need to focus on is creating an inclusive culture so that residents collaborate with you to manage your apartment in a better manner.

Don’t just be a complex, be a smart apartment complex. Get your Society on – Today for free!

Habit #7: Effective management committees always cooperate

CooperateIn this blog post, we are going to emphasize on the seventh and last habit of highly effective management committees to always cooperate with each other. Effective management committees understands change is natural and no one can hold a position forever and hence, move on and give a smooth handover to the next person taking over. In our earlier blog post, we talked about Habit 6: How effective management committees create an inclusive culture. Read more…

Pointers for committee members to always cooperate with each other:

Do not cling on to the committee post – Management committee members when get elected need to understand and prepare themselves that no one can hold a particular position in the committee forever. Elections will be held every year and one has to step down for the new members. Don’t cling to your committee posts. Honestly, it never helps!

Understand change is natural – Change is a natural process. As Socrates said – “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” While stepping down from the committee or moving to a new role, always cooperate with other committee members. Do not try to take revenge from a resident or a committee member who opposed you in your earlier term. Understand all the discussions happen for well-being of the apartment residents.

Give a smooth handover – A smooth and systematic handover or transition is very important for the apartment operations to go on smoothly. Old committee members should ensure that new committee members are given a proper handover so that they can operate smoothly after the transition. It is your duty and responsibility to give a smooth handover to the new committee members.

Extensively support as an ordinary resident – After you step down from the committee, do not part your ways from the new committee members. You can still extend support, give suggestion/advice to the new committee members. Become a part of the sub-committee or the task force and help out the new members. Do not sabotage against them with other residents. It will really bring their morale down!

Try to help out and cooperate with the new committee members as much as you can and create a healthy environment for both the committee and the residents in an apartment. 

Do the management committee members in your apartment complex always cooperate with each other? Do let us know by commenting on our blog. You can find blogs on all the seven habits of highly effective management committees on

How technology ended the door to door maintenance collection saga?

Door-to-door maintenance collection

Door-to-door maintenance collection

The vicious cycle of maintenance calculation, payment dues, reminders and door-to-door maintenance collections kept most of the apartment management associations on their toes a few years back.

Keeping a track of the defaulters, reminding the defaulters to pay the maintenance and then finally collecting the same made the already difficult job of managing an apartment even tougher for the apartment associations. Also, since there was no way of ensuring whether a resident has read a maintenance fee reminder notice posted on the apartment notice board, the only way out for the RWA (Resident Welfare Association) was to reach out to residents and collect maintenance on a door-to-door basis. This was a highly painful and a time consuming process. In addition, one had to depend excessively on manpower for this activity, which increased the costs as well.

Thanks to technology, long gone are the days when apartment management associations were reaching out to residents on a one-to-one basis to collect maintenance. Management associations now use sophisticated apartment management software to simplify their maintenance collection process to an extent of a single mouse click!

One of the misconceptions that most of the apartment management associations had was about apartment management software being very costly. This misconception was cleared, when a lot of apartments started using ApnaComplex, a cost-effective subscription-based leading apartment management software with zero hardware costs and an ongoing support. The cost of the software is directly proportional to the number of units an apartment has, making it more economical than ever for the apartment management associations.

How apartment management software helps the management associations in timely collections?

Timely reminder for payments – The apartment management software instead of sending reminders to each and every resident one by one, empowers the management association to now send automatic reminders to all residents at one go via email/SMS. Residents don’t mean to default on maintenance payments, it’s their hectic schedules and absence of a mechanism to remind them in a timely manner that makes them miss out on submitting the maintenance charges on time. A reminder system reduces the default rate up to a great extent.

Ease of paying maintenance charges – The software comes with a payment gateway that empowers the residents to make their payments online and directly crediting the amount to society’s bank account. The payment can be made via credit/debit card or net banking as per resident’s convenience. This eases the residents from the whole ordeal of coming to the society office just to drop a cheque or pay in cash and in the same time saves the management association from the entire reconciliation effort.

Reduces manpower costs– The software automates the entire process of collections and reduces the requirement of any manpower for collections. The notices/reminders are sent in a timely and periodic manner to the residents and there is absolutely no requirement for a person to conduct door-to-door collections or inform residents about payment defaults.

Filter the list of defaulters – The apartment management software enables the management association to filter the list of defaulters. The entire process gets automated and a list of residents whose maintenance payments are due can be easily drawn out along with the penalty to be charged from them. This helps the management association to identify the exact number of defaulters to be contacted. Emails/SMS to be sent out to defaulters is also automated through this software reducing the manual work up to a great extent.

Meets expectations of both apartment management association and residents – A lot of times a warning message posted on the apartment notice board about maintenance default provokes residents to get into a verbal spat with the management associations. A timely reminder via SMS/email can cause lesser disputes, higher collections for management associations and lesser defaults on behalf of residents ensuring their harmonious living in the apartment.

Sun City Apartment Owners Association (SAOA) managing an apartment of 1200+ apartment units revealed that using ApnaComplex, a cost-effective subscription based apartment management software has led to a quicker collection cycle and much lesser defaulters in their apartment. It has enabled online payments with about 55% payments now happening online reducing the manual effort of reconciliation up to a great extent. The association now has a much clearer view on individual resident account and collection of long pending dues has been possible only because of ApnaComplex.

Maintaining a full-time staff or volunteers who lack expertise/time while dealing with maintenance collections or collecting default payments can become a very expensive as well as tiresome process. Use apartment management software to relieve your association from the painful process of door-to door maintenance collections today!

Log onto for more information

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Managing Committees | Better Apartment Management

At the Better Apartment Management Conference held on Nov 15th 2014, Raja Sekhar, Co-founder of presented “7 Habits of High Effective Managing Committees” of Apartment Associations.

The presentation itself is packed with things that Managing Committees should be doing to be most effective and the talk was peppered with real life examples and scenarios that a typical managing committee member faces. The talk also offered guidelines on how to be a better committee member of the apartment association.

The presentation is a first of its kind focusing on Managing Committees of Apartment Associations. The talk delves into how Highly Effective Managing Committees are different from others and bring amount a positive and visible increase in quality of life in the Apartment Complex during their tenures. The characteristics of these Highly Effective Managing Committees have been grouped into 7 different habits which should help any managing committee and apartment complex to become better.

Below is the updated presentation that was delivered at the conference:

Have a question or need more information on the habits? OR Have some more Habits to share? Comment below and get the conversation going!

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ApnaComplex’s Better Apartment Management Conference – A Satisfactory Take Away for all the Participants

Better Apartment Management conference covered different aspects of managing Apartments more efficiently and offered tips for Managing Committees

Managing Apartment Complexes is a tough job – Managing them efficiently is even tougher. Significant part of the problem lies in the fact that the people who manage the apartment complexes are volunteers with no formal background in dealing issues surrounding the apartment management.

Better Apartment Management Conference conducted on November 15th 2014 by ApnaComplex was aimed to bridge this knowledge gap for Managing Committees. We have brought together experienced folks from various apartment complexes who have been there, done that to share with rest of the audience the secrets of managing apartments in a better way.

Representatives from various associations, facility management firms, even property developers have attended the conference and every one has some learning to take away at the end of the event.


  • Welcome
  • 7 Habits of Effective Committees – By Raja Sekhar, Co-founder at
  • How to Select a FM Agency – Prashanth, Committee Member at Concorde Manhattans
  • Best Practices in Apartment Management, Rohit Talukdar and Ipsita Bose, Committee Members at Alpine Eco Apartments – a 810 flat complex
  • Best Practices in Apartment Management, Shubho Banerjee – Core committee member at L&T South City – a 1998 flat complex
  • Key Metrics to monitor in Apartment Management – Satish Rajendran, Director at Cushman & Wakefield
  • Apartment Social Responsibility – Meera K, Co-founder at Citizen Matters
  • Panel Discussion – Time Permitting

7 Habits of Highly Effective Managing Committees

Rajs, Co-founder at ApnaComplex welcomed the audience. Rajs, being part of managing committee in several capacities for 5 years and have personally been part of several hundred committee meetings of various apartments, spoke about “7 Habits of Highly Effectively Managing Committees” which all the managing committee members in the audience could relate to and benefit. The presentation covered Seven Habits that a Managing Committee could follow in order to effectively manage their Apartment Complex.

Raja Sekhar, Co-founder of ApnaComplex presenting 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managing Committees

Raja Sekhar, Co-founder of ApnaComplex presenting 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managing Committees

The presentation covered on various topics like working as a team, importance of listening to members, transparency, not resigning for minor issues, responding with facts with no emotions, including every one, not clinging on to the committee posts and so on. This was very well received by the audience with lively interactions.

Lively audience from various apartments

Lively audience from various apartments

Selecting an Facility Management Agency – Concorde Manhattans

This was followed by an idea rich presentation by Prashant M, Committee Member from Concorde Manhattan on ‘Contracting/ Outsourcing Process to FM Vendors’ covering

  1. Preparedness prior to handover date
  2. Track record
  3. Transition phase
  4. Critical points for selection:
    • Staff expertise
    • Checklist and reports
    • Clarity of scope
Mr. Prashanth - Committee Member of Concorde Manhattans, a 1200 unit complex talking on "How to select a Agency for Facility Management?"

Mr. Prashanth – Committee Member of Concorde Manhattans, a 1200 unit complex talking on “How to select a Agency for Facility Management?”

He closed and stressed on the points

  • Selecting a firm marks the starting point in facility services.
  • Periodic checks on performance are a must to ensure resident satisfaction.

Concorde Manhattans is a 1200 flat apartment complex and has been using ApnaComplex portal for one and half years. It was time for a short tea/coffee break to buck up the energy levels of participants.

Best Practices in Managing Apartment Complex – Alpine Eco

Immediately after the break was followed by an energetic presentation from Mr. Rohit Talukdar and Ms. Ipsita Bose committee members of Alpine Eco Apartments, on “Best Practices in Apartment Management”. Alpine Eco is complex with 800+ apartments located on Outer Ring Road. Alpine Eco has been using for 3+ years. Rohit and Ipsita shared their best practices implemented at Alpine Eco managing the apartment complex and making life better for all the residents.

Rohit Talukdar and Ipsita Bose, committee members of Alpine Eco sharing Best Practices on Apartment Management

Rohit Talukdar and Ipsita Bose, committee members of Alpine Eco sharing Best Practices on Apartment Management

They shared few Thumb Rules along with examples which has helped them in Better Apartment Management:

  1. Don’t be afraid to use the right tool for the right task
  2. Train your staff. Then rely on them.
  3. Cheaper ain’t better
  4. A tool is only as good as the committee that’s using it. Most people dismiss tools before using it.
  5. Prefer people in your team who say “I will” as against people who say “We should…We could….Do it”
  6. Execute->Delegate->Automate->Monitor.

The presentation also included how ApnaComplex portal is playing a role in managing the apartment better.

Best Practices in Managing Apartment Complex – L&T South City

Then came Mr Subhranshu Banerjee, Co-founding Member, South City Group Housing Apartment Owners’ Association who gave insights and experience on managing ~2000 apartments and covering the following challenges.

  1. Cash flow (no corpus), big ticket capital expenses & maintenance collection
  2. Residents info. & info. dissemination
  3. Complaint handling
  4. Safety & Security – ID, parking discipline
  5. Waste recycling & disposal
  6. Water – quantity & quality
  7. Lift & DG up-time, breakdown handling
  8. Common Area Electricity Bill
  9. Fire safety & evacuation during emergency
Mr. Shubo Banerjee committee member of South City - a 2000 flat complex sharing Best Practices on Apartment Management

Mr. Shubo Banerjee committee member of South City – a 2000 flat complex sharing Best Practices on Apartment Management

Shubho also mentioned how ApnaComplex portal is helping in managing the apartment better. The Q&A session did not stop for a long time post this presentation and we had to request the audience to take further questions later.

Approach to Managing Large Residential Properties – Cushman & Wakefield

Mr Sathish Rajendran, Associate Director, Cushman & Wakefield took up the charge of sharing knowledge on “Key Metrics / Approach to Managing Large Residential Properties” and touched upon how life styles have evolved for humans and the expectations of residents living in Large Apartment Complexes at present. Sathish touched upon the key concept of quality of life in an apartment vs cost of maintenance and suggested some basic guidelines for management:

  • Maintain day-to-day operations
  • Supervision of staff
  • Study local laws, regulations and bye-laws
  • Communication with residents / MC / service partners
  • Cost Optimization
Mr. Sathish Rajendran from Cushman & Wakefield talking on points to consider for large apartment management

Mr. Sathish Rajendran from Cushman & Wakefield talking on points to consider for large apartment management

Sathish stressed on how all of PEOPLE, PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY, and MEASUREMENTS should work in tandem to achieve Better Apartment Management.

Apartment Social Responsibility – Citizen Matters

The last presentation was on the topic “Apartment Social Responsibility” – a phrase coined by Raja Sekhar, Co-founder of ApnaComplex. “Apartment Social Responsibility” is coined from Corporate Social Responsibility phrase and refers to collective responsibility of people residing in Apartments towards the neighbourhood outside their “gated” community. This topic was aptly covered by Ms Meera K, Co-founder, Citizen Matters who nudged the audience pick up the responsibility of doing more to make the neighbourhoods and city much better place. Meera shared case studies on Kasa Muktha Bangalore on how few citizens coming out of the comfort of their apartments are making a difference to the city, and about few special interest groups working on Lake Rejuvenation across several lakes and making city a better place to live. She urged the audience to actively participate in various ward committees, liaison with authorities to improve things like roads, traffic and other aspects.

Meera K, co-founder of Citizen Matters talking on "Apartment Social Responsibility"

Meera K, co-founder of Citizen Matters talking on “Apartment Social Responsibility”

With all these running in everyone’s mind all the participants were interacting amongst themselves and with the speakers at the networking lunch. We asked for feedback on the event and every one gave thumbs up to Team ApnaComplex for organizing one of its kind event and wanted more such events that will help managing committees. All of them felt they had few takeaways which they could consider implementing in their apartment to manage it better – now that’s what is Better Apartment Management conference is all about!

We have also captured the videos of all the sessions and feedback on the session which will be shared soon on our YouTube page.

The entire team of ApnaComplex thanks the speakers for their time and knowledge sharing and we look forward for more such support in the near future.

Soumyadeep Sur Grabs the ApnaComplex Ganesh Chaturthi Contest

Takes away Flipkart voucher worth Rs 1,000 by participating in the ApnaComplex Ganesh Chaturthi Contest.

Starting this week we ran an exciting Ganesh Chaturthi contest on our ApnaComplex Facebook page. It was an open contest for all. Participants had to tickle there brains, come up with an environmental friendly idea to celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi and post the same on our facebook and twitter pages. Soumyadeep Sur has provided the most practical Eco-Friendly idea, which is not just interesting but worth considering by all. ApnaComplex is excited to reward Soumyadeep Sur with a Flipkart Gift Voucher worth Rs 1,000.

The contest started on August 25, 2014 and concluded on August 28, 2014 at 2pm. We got some encouraging ideas from across which definitely shows that our fans are concerned about environmental safety. We would like to share few interesting ideas with all, you never know you might implement the same in the future. So lets hit it —

Detailing the celebration process

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 5

Say no to colors and think of poor

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 1







Ganesha loves food

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 2




Art will speak it all

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 3






Eco-friendly water Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 4






Why not Ganesha from the leaves

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 6



Summing up for an environment friendly Ganesh Chaturthi celebration

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 7














Ganesh – the Plant to worship

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 9





Some Sincere Prayers to conclude

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 contest comment 8












It was indeed a very fruitful contest.

Did you miss this one, don’t worry we have our next one coming up right away. Share your Ganesh Celebration photos with us on our Facebook and the best photo can win exciting goodies from ApnaComplex.

ApnaComplex team wishes everyone a Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

# # #


Announcing Personalization of your Apartment Management Portal

Change color, menu style and widen the screen space of your apartment management portal today

‘Personalization’, new feature from ApnaComplex allows the community heads and apartment owners to customize the look and feel of their portal. Choose different colors for dashboard, choose a style for the drop down menu or increase your screen space.

Log-in to your complex portal, provided by ApnaComplex – your Apartment Management Software provider. An orange setting button on the right hand-side top corner allows you to customize and personalize your portal.

Personalization Button without options






On your click it will show you 3 options as shown below—

Personalization Button with options







Detailing the features

1.     Choose Skin

This option allows you to choose different colours for your portal. Just click the colour box and you will be allowed to choose one of the four colours for your dashboard. For example if I choose maroon colour then this is how my portal is going to look

Personalization color option














2. Submenu on Hover
This option will allow you to choose on how your sub-menu will appear, drop-down or hover(appearing sidewise) on a click. Choose to stay on the drop-down style without clicking the Submenu on Hover button. Check-out the ‘Forums’ sub-menu below

Personalization Submenu option















Click the Submenu on Hover button to change the sub-menu style from drop-down to hover. Check-out the Forums hover style.

Personalization Hover option in Apartment Management Portal














3. Compact Sidebar

Increase your screen space with compact sidebar button.

The classic way – your left side menu bar appears the wider way

Personalization no compact sidebaroption














Click Compact Sidebar button and you get a wider screen space. Check your left side menubar, it gets collapsed. With this option the Sub-menu on Hover also gets selected automatically helping you in maintaining the wider screen space.

Personalization compact slider option

So what are you waiting for?

Log-in now and personalize your portal.

# # #

Add Frequently used Pages to ‘Apna Favorites’, Access them Quicker at your Apartment Management Portal

Mark your Favorites of the many Features provided by ApnaComplex, Access them Faster and Save Time.

  • Are you the treasurer or from accounts office, frequently accessing a specific screens like Bank Reconciliation, or Approve Member Payment screens etc?
  • Are you responsible for managing the facilities and more frequently log complaints or view action items?
  • Are you responsible for handling the online notice board of your complex?

Do these set of activities fall into your kitty and you frequently visit these pages?, then just add them to your ‘Apna Favorites’ tab and access them quicker.

Its easy to get lost at times in the vast set of functionality ApnaComplex offers. Its not uncommon for us to keep getting support calls only to find out how to navigate to a particular functionality. The newly introduced ‘Apna Favorites’ functionality now allows you to access your more frequently used pages on your Apartment Management Portal, provided by ApnaComplex – the Society Billing and Accounting Software for apartment complexes, quickly.

It takes you just one click to add your frequently used page to ‘Apna Favorites’. You can add more than one page into the Apna Favorites tab. Lets have a detailed look

Identify your frequently used page which may usually take 3-4 clicks for you to reach there. Click the ‘Star’ button in the tool bar located on the top right hand-side of your apartment complex portal.

Apna Favoraites star button







A pop-up window will appear and allow you to name the page with your favorite word that best suits you to remember the page. Give a name and click ‘Save’. Like I named the ‘Log a new complaint’ page as ‘New Complaint’ and saved it. 

Apna Favoraites name change














Similarly, you can add any number of pages to the ‘Apna Favorites’ tab.

Now you can quickly access these anytime from the ‘Apna Favorites’ tab located on your left hand-side dashboard. Just click the Apna Favorites button and you will see all your added pages there.

Apna Favoraites Submenu














Click on your favorite page from the sub-menu and it will lead you that page. Like when you click ‘Complex Facility’ it leads you to that page

Apna Favoraites Selected page














It is time you define your favorites and reduce the extra time you use to spend searching for a frequently used page.

Go ahead and favorite it.

# # #

Major Enhancements to Complaint Tracking in ApnaComplex

Can one improve that is already the best? We just did!

Complaint box – ApnaComplex’s most widely used feature – with its all powerful capabilities around complaint logging, tracking, auto-escalations, complaint analytics, highly configurable bunch of options – is surely the best in the business.

We have just released a bunch of enhancements to the complaint box to make it better than the best 🙂
Following capabilities are now part of the Complaint Box for all our customers:

1. Suspend SLA calculation / Ability to put Complaints “On Hold”: Quite a few customers have expressed a need to suspend SLA calculation for complaints on a need basis. This is especially to handle complaints where there are external dependencies like procurement of new material, or ordering of a new contract etc. To cater to these scenarios we now support a ‘On Hold’ Category as one of the statuses a complaint can go to. By default the “On Hold” option is not available for complaints. This can be made available by modifying the setting in Complex->Settings->Complaint box.

When a complaint is moved to ‘On Hold’ status – the SLA calculation will be stopped and it will resume once the complaint is moved off the “On Hold” status. All reports are enhanced to take the ‘On Hold’ Status into consideration.

2. Ability to de-commission Complaint Categories – This feature would come in handy if you have created many categories and do not want all these displayed when members are raising complaints. Go to Complaint Box->Setup Categories – you can see a new icon in the actions column called “Inactivate this complaint category”. Once inactivated a complaint can never be logged against a decommissioned complaint category.

3. Edit Category Name and Delete complaints: ApnaComplex now supports editing of a category name and also an ability to delete complaints by relevant admins!

Apartment Management Monsoon Maintenance – How to Clean the Swimming Pool

It goes without saying that a beautiful property with a well maintained swimming pool is always a delight to witness. However, proper thought and care should be put in when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool, especially during the monsoon.

Maintaining a pool

Why Monsoon Maintenance is Essential

A swimming pool in a housing society needs to be maintained throughout the year and this can be done changing the water regularly and adding the right sanitizers that are eco-friendly.

This is truer during the monsoon season as there’s a greater chance of moss growing on the slabs around the pool during this time. This can be mainly attributed to the moist weather and the ever damp surface around the pool.

During the monsoon, the pH levels of the water in the pool need to be maintained as the rains can play havoc and affect the pH value by introducing dirty and contaminated water. An imbalance in the chemical composition of the pool water may rise during the rains.

Acid rains can especially be quite dangerous as harmful and toxic substances from the atmosphere may get mixed with the pool water due to such rain. The rains will also bring along a lot of organic materials and pollen that will get accumulated in the pool. Within hours of the first shower of the monsoon, a significant variation in the pool water’s pH level will be easily noticeable.

Maintaining the Pool During the Monsoon

The swimming pool can be maintained well if the right filtration systems or chemical treatment programs are adopted and implemented.

  • Brushing the Pool Walls

Brushing the floor and walls of the pool helps in eliminating the wild shrubs that grow within. Metal rakes can be used in order to remove any fungal or mossy growth on the tiles that surround the swimming pool. You should hose down the mossy spot once you remove the plants using the rake.

  • Regular Chlorination

Adding chlorine to the pool water through specially designed chlorine tablets will help in preventing the growth of algae. Routine chlorination should be done as it helps in preventing health hazards like ear infections, Legionnaires Disease, gastroenteritis and athlete’s foot, which are quite prevalent among people who frequent unclean water bodies.

  • Using Algaecides

An algaecide will also be effective in clearing algae from the pool. You can try using both ammonia as well as metal based algaecides. Ammonia based varieties are more effective and can be used to clean the pool in a stain-free way.

During the rains, the water in the pool tends to get discoloured; so it is important to treat it with ammonia based algaecides to prevent further discoloration. Generally, balancers, stabilisers and shocks are used for pool cleaning.

  • Using Pool Filters

A filter should be attached to the pool and the water should be cleaned on a daily basis during the rains so that the debris and dirt can be completely cleared. Also, it helps in circulating the fresh water well. The filter also needs to be cleaned regularly by the maintenance personnel and dead algae should be removed, as it will solve no purpose otherwise.

An unclean pool can be dangerous to swimmers and the filtering system as well. It can cause eye irritation or skin problems in swimmers. You can help the apartment maintenance crew with cleaning the pool or simply carry out the steps yourself with other residents.

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